6 Solutions for Creating an Efficient Organizational Work Schedule

6 Solutions for Creating an Efficient Organizational Work Schedule in 2023

Do you feel exhausted after creating your employee shift schedule?

No one would blame you, and those who understand what it takes to create an employee shift schedule might be empathetic. Setting up shifts and taking all variables into account is mentally exhausting. 

And the icing on the cake is when you complete it and your employees keep rolling in change requests. When employees’ personal lives collide with their schedules, your efforts go for a toss. 

No one likes to perform a job that requires constant babysitting, including your resource or hiring managers. Therefore, companies turn to Microsoft Excel and tech solutions to create an efficient organizational work schedule.

These solutions save time and ensure employees are scheduled according to their preferences and availability. They are the perfect answer for companies looking for an organized work schedule.

In this article, we provide you with top solutions for creating an efficient organizational work schedule.

6 Solutions for Creating an Efficient Organizational Work Schedule

Apart from understanding how to make a shift schedule in Excel, you need to know the top work scheduling solutions that can ease your life, reduce stress for resource managers, and ensure employees work in the schedule they prefer.

6 Solutions for Creating an Efficient Organizational Work Schedule


Agendrix is a fully-online and robust employee scheduling software that helps you better manage and support your employees and improve retention.

With Agendrix, it becomes easy to drop the antiquated Excel spreadsheet.

This one-of-a-kind solution makes it a breeze to build an online employee schedule and instantly share it with your team.

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Using the platform, employees centralize all availability, leaves, preferences, constraints, and replacements in a convenient place. All your employees do is create and submit their requests using the Agendrix platform, and HR managers review and approve those.

When a shifting conflict occurs by accident, Agendrix lets you know immediately.

Interestingly, it helps you create schedules that better respect your employee’s work-life balance. 

When companies provide flexible schedules, it makes them happier at work, increasing the employee retention rate.

Pricing: Charges are $2.75 per user per month, and their pro-plan starts at $4 per user per month.


The next tool on our list is ScheduleAnywhere, which combines every aspect of scheduling, helping you save time and money while improving workplace efficiency and team communication. 

From creating custom schedules and reports, these tools help make employee scheduling easy. 
Everything you require to schedule your employees is right at your fingertips. Assign shifts, shift rotations or patterns, or even schedule time off as requested by employees.

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Using the platform, you include tags, notes, and other information to ensure employees know what to do and where to work as per their schedule. You even create complete schedules for a particular location, department, or custom group of employees.

The free app allows you to manage staff schedules and employee requests from any mobile device. Make seamless last-minute changes without disrupting the workflow.

Pricing: Contact the customer service team of ScheduleAnywhere to know the pricing.


Another functional work and shift scheduling software ideal for small, medium, and large businesses is Planday. Planday is an effortless scheduling system that makes scheduling easy for companies with five to 500 employees. It’s a user-friendly tool that is incredibly easy to learn and master. 

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It’s your go-to solution because it helps you manage your team. If you have multiple locations or separate business sections, Planday helps you create independent schedules.

What makes Planday special is that it allows you to assign each employee a skill. Only employees with those skills claim a skill-specific shift. For instance, employees with chef skills can only claim chef skill shifts.

Pricing: Their starter plan starts at €2.49 per user per month, and their plus plan starts at €4.49 per user per month. 


WorkSchedule.net is a fantastic employee scheduling software for efficiently scheduling your employees in the cloud. 

Because of the automation feature, hiring managers create a schedule around employees, and it empowers employees to swap shifts or sign up for any open shifts.

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The tool even sends alerts of changed schedules and reminders, which helps them keep track of their shift.

Another helpful feature of WorkSchedule.net is its incomparable time block editor, which creates schedules three levels deep and empowers you to create multiple schedules simultaneously.

Interestingly, the app offers a unique feature that allows you to call a phone number that alerts the mobile app to read your schedule aloud while driving. 

Apart from helping with work and shift scheduling, this tool helps you track staff attendance and allows employees to clock out and clock in, allowing the creation of paperless timesheets.

Pricing: Their monthly plan starts at $3.49 per user, and their yearly plan starts at $3.14 per user per month.


Deputy is an easy-to-use employee scheduling, time clock, and timesheet solution. Their intuitive rostering application calculates overtime and provides capabilities to schedule 


When a team member cancels their shift, managers send a shift request to their next available employee and fill the empty shift space.


Another exciting feature is its ability to integrate with payroll software, point-of-sales (POS) systems, and providers to automate invoicing and billing. It lets your team members request time-offs, helps you track shifts, and allows you to send essential updates. 

It even automates compliant employee shift swapping. Deputy even allows you to auto-schedule to create AI-powered schedules.

Deputy incorporates other features, including a communication platform allowing you to make announcements in a single space for all employees. Excellent customer service support is another feature that differentiates Deputy from other work scheduling solutions.

Pricing: Offers a 31-day free version and their scheduling software costs $3.50 per user per month billed annually.


Homebase is another scheduling software suitable for retail, beauty, hospitality, healthcare, and retail industries. 

Using the smart scheduling feature, Homebase allows you to run your team efficiently and productively. As the solution tracks the availability of each employee, you don’t have to spend hours creating a schedule manually. 

The auto-scheduling feature helps optimize your shifts. It also helps avoid scheduling conflicts.


Apart from helping you optimize your employee’s schedule, it ensures your team always works in sync.

After publishing your schedule, your team automatically and instantly gets notified in text, email, and the application. Interestingly, hiring managers receive notifications when employees see the updated schedule. It’s a tool you’ll never repent spending money on.

Pricing: Offers a free basic plan for one location and unlimited employees; their paid plan starts at $20 per month per location.

Features of a scheduling software

Here are some features to look for in staff scheduling software:

  • Schedule management
  • Employee management
  • Shift management
  • Absence management
  • Multiple-manager logins
  • Automatically track hours
  • Payroll integration
  • Notify employees of schedule updates and changes
  • Logs changes

The presence of these or most features ensures you don’t regret or repent your purchase. It’s important because it’s not every day that you purchase or use scheduling software.

Changing staff scheduling now and then makes it difficult for HR managers to learn and implement the solution. Plus, you have requested staff members to change the scheduling solution and make it a part of their daily schedule.

This is a cumbersome and tiresome process; employees might resist a change every now and then.

Create a work schedule like never before

Work and staff scheduling solutions have paved the way for businesses to schedule efficiently and cost-effectively. 

It’s created with an intent focus that helps keep employees and managers happy. The manager’s scheduling becomes easier and makes the entire process far more reliable and fast-forward. As it even allows you to streamline the solution with other business processes, including payroll and time-tracking. 

Apart from helping employees gain autonomy over their work and shift schedules, these solutions make the workforce more productive and efficient. Companies that provide employees with a transparent and fair scheduling environment are better at improving employee morale and increasing employee retention rates.

So, it’s time to bid adieu to manual time tracking, shift scheduling, and payroll processing. 

Transitioning to software helps your business earn brownie points from employees, and when the employee remains happy, their work productivity keeps your customers happy.

Whether you’re a start-up, small business, or medium business, choosing the right work schedule solution helps you increase productivity, enhancing your bottom line.