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Automated Salesforce Testing: All You Need To Know

Automated Salesforce has been the world’s leading customer relationship management solution for nearly a decade. Market analysts predicted that the company’s market share will rise to 23.8% in 2024. This is five times greater than Salesforce’s nearest competitors, SAP and Microsoft.

Because it is extensively configurable and interfaces with so many apps, frequent releases and upgrades make full Salesforce deployment testing practically impossible. Attempting to undertake this level of testing manually introduces additional complications.

In this piece, we will go over how automated Salesforce accelerators can help you get the most out of your CRM investment by speeding up the testing process. We will also go through how to choose the correct test automation solution to produce consistent, accurate, and faster testing results, as well as how Opkey reduces common Salesforce testing pain points. 

What Do Salesforce Accelerators Do?

Accelerators are defined by Salesforce as “packaged services delivered by dedicated specialists to assist customers in getting the most out of their Salesforce investment.”

Salesforce test accelerators automate the testing of regular changes, allowing IT departments to test them more quickly and efficiently. Accelerators enable Salesforce customers to take advantage of new capabilities immediately, increasing productivity while ensuring the CRM functions properly with other integrated business apps via automated end-to-end testing.

How do Salesforce testing accelerators work?

Salesforce test accelerators work by automating various forms of testing, including performance, regression, and end-to-end testing. They also enhance overall CRM performance.  

Salesforce accelerators provide several advantages. Along with it, you can also search and read what are the 10 ways to encourage employee creativity and innovation to become a good employee of the office.

  • Enhanced productivity and cost savings: Salesforce deployment necessitates a substantial time and financial investment. Test accelerators accelerate the testing and development process by relieving teams of tedious and repetitive manual testing duties, allowing them to concentrate on more vital work.
  • Reduced time-to-market: Salesforce accelerators automate the entire development and testing process and minimize launch time, providing businesses with a competitive advantage over those who perform Salesforce testing manually.
  • Scalable testing framework: Salesforce accelerators provide a scalable test automation framework for a wide range of technical platforms, resulting in significant cost savings.
  • Improved CRM performance: Automated Salesforce testing decreases the possibility of human error in manual testing while increasing test coverage, resulting in fewer defects and process breakdowns across all connected applications.

How Opkey can help?

Opkey understands the challenges of Salesforce testing. Opkey’s meta-data driven test recorder delivers 8-point SFDC object identification and 200+ SFDC keywords to let you test Salesforce with confidence, whether it is a seasonal release or new integration with a third-party application. 

Here are a few more ways Opkey may speed up your Salesforce testing. 

  • Automate seasonal platform changes and cut manual testing efforts by 80% on both Salesforce classic and lightning editions.
  • Manage testing for all of your Salesforce modules—Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, CPQ, and Billing—from a single interface.
  • With a single click, you may develop the test cases you require and convert them to automated tests.
  • Get an automated Change Impact Analysis report for every Salesforce update so you can detect changes and maintain processes to adapt them automatically.
  • Diagnose failed Salesforce tests easily, self-heal broken tests, and escalate defects to the appropriate individuals.
  • With each application change, perform automated regression testing.

The best test accelerator guarantees the most return on investment for your Salesforce setup. And Opkey is the best at handling testing for Salesforce.