Best Bug Tracking Tools List

In today’s world, bugs are the most irritating thing which enhances damage to your system. For dealing with these issues, here is the best bug tracking tools list. By knowing about bug trackers, you can easily tackle your system issues. A bug tracking tool can help you to record, report, assign and track the bugs in software and system development projects.

It allows you to categorize, summarise, and know which thing is decreasing the flow of the system as well as software. Before knowing the list of best bug tracking tools, it is necessary to have knowledge of why you need a bug tracking tool?

Why Do You Need A Bug Tracking Tool?

There are the following purposes for which it is necessary to have a best bug tracking tools List.

  • When bugs arrive, there are too many irresponsible and spam emails or information without any information in your systems.
  • It also creates a lack of real-time visibility when you discover bugs and check the status of your work process.
  • It also creates irritating issues while working on assignments.
  • There is a lack of central storage or repository because of too many folders, release-wise and also module-wise.
  • There is a gathering of unwanted files and a junction of default stats.

Best Bug Tracking Tools List 2024

If we are talking about the best bug tracking tools Free, then there are many possibilities. With my knowledge and going through different types of bug trackers and knowing almost every aspect. Here are the best 5 bug tracking tools.

1. Backlog – Best Bug Tracker For Most Work

2. Bugherd – Best For Website Bug Tracking

3. Jira – Best For The Team’s Agile Workflow

4. Airbrake – Best For Detecting Automated Errors And Activities Tracking 

5. Spirateam – Best For Organizing And Syncing Process

There are only five, but many of them are also good. These bug tools are good from my point of view. Let’s discuss these tools of the Best Bug tracking tools list one by one in a brief explanation.

Backlog – Best Bug Tracker For Most Work

It is trusted by over 10,000 companies including OMRON, SoftBank, Adobe, and WISE are some big names. It becomes an all-in-one popular platform for clients, developers, designers, or teams to work on interconnected platforms.

Due to using backlog bug tracking, you can keep your system bugs and issue tracking under a roof. Anyone can easily collaborate on and release code, tracking every single step through pull-request right in issues. It is also known for the microsoft defect tracking tool.

It is easy to access at a glance with some visuals like boards, Gantt charts, burndown charts, and git graphs. By using it, you can also store and track your team knowledge from wikis, custom fields, and file sharing. It includes everything which ensures your needless workflow like wikis, boards, Task hierarchy, Gantt charts, custom fields, and also file sharing.

Price Of Backlog 

  • There is a free plan of 100 MB of storage that includes 10 users in One project.
  • Paid plan starts at $ 35 per month with 1 GB of storage that includes 30 users for 5 projects.
  • The most popular standard plan is starting from $ 100 per month at 30 GB of storage which covers unlimited users for 100 projects.

For more plans for the backlog Best bug tracking tools list, you can visit the official website.

Bugherd – Best For Website Bug Tracking

It is proof of 10,000+ companies, 350,000+ users across 172 countries. Some big names from them are amazon, AKQA, Deloitte, GoDaddy, and yells. Increasing popularity in marketing agencies, QA and UAT, eCommerce, and also for web development agencies.

For many developers, it is a bug tracker project website development tool that saves them much time in QA and UAT. It is also a bug tracking tools open source that makes simple website feedback for designers and project managers.

Simultaneously, it reports website bugs and lets you log a blog in seconds. In this, your feedback and comments are pinned and your team can easily be accessed directly from the webpage.

It is not just a bug tracking tools in software testing, it also provides metadata that you need, web browsers, operating systems, URLs, and also screen solutions. By applying it, your team is simply getting all the website feedback received, captured, and stored in one place.

Price Of Bugherd

  • Get a free plan for a 14 days trial.
  • Getting a Standard plan starts at $ 39 per month with 10 GB of storage.

For more plans, go to the official website of Bugherd. The next tool in the Best bug tracking tools list is Jira.

Jira – Best For The Team’s Agile Workflow

It has 65,000+ customers worldwide with some supported companies like Square, eBay, Spotify, Cisco, and Airbnb. By using it, you can easily set up, clean up and manage your most genuine projects workflows.

Also, you can use these bug tracking tools jira in new roadmaps to sketch out big pictures, communication plans with your stakeholders. At that time, you can also ensure your team stays on the same page as well.

With this, you can keep up-to-date your all file’s details in a centralized place in real-time. By which it can freely flow across the peoples, teams, and tools. It quickly captured, assigned, and prioritized bugs with Jira software.

Price Of Jira

  • Available a free trial with 2 GB of storage.
  • The standard plan starts at $ 7.5 per month with 250 GB of file storage.
  • Getting a premium plan starts at $ 14.50 per month with unlimited storage.

For more plans of Defect tracking tools Jira, you can visit the official site of Jira, and your choice of plan.

Airbrake – Best For Detecting Errors And Activities Tracking

Airbrake is  next in the best bug tracking tools list, a capturing tool that captures, reports, and manages your data on bugs that occur in software as an error. By using it, you will notify when bugs come instantly and allow you to easily review them. You can tie the bugs with the individual piece of code, and trace the effects back to recent changes.

It helps in enabling easy categorization, prioritization, and search for errors, when bugs occur, you can quickly find the root cause. In this, the advanced feature of deduping algorithms helps in filtering out the noise to present only significant error messages.

It simplifies debugging in the following ways:

  • You will immediately receive notification alerts for new errors in your system’s communication tool.  
  • You can monitor all the history of errors or bugs which means when, where, and how the error has occurred. It is also called error diagnostics.
  • Determine the scope and priorities of errors by gaining access and URL breakdowns.
  • You can always keep an eye to find out how the errors are changing over time.

Price Of Airbrake

  • Get a 30 days free trial.
  • Tier 1 starts at $ 19 per month for 25k errors under error monitoring.
  • Tier 1 starts at $ 19 per month for 750k events under performance monitoring.

For more plans, check out its official website.

Spirateam – Best For Organizing And Syncing Process

It is a bug tracking tools in software testing. However, it detects errors automatically and reduces the noise by grouping errors into issues error type and message, and stack trace. You can also know when, where, and how the error evolved. Always receives time-to-time alerts when new issues arise in real-time. Also, get the alert when previously fixed issues have again arisen.

You can also investigate errors down to lines of code minification of Javascript, Simplifying problems of android crashes, symbolizing the iOS crashes. When you have detected the root cause of your errors, you can easily tackle them through Datadog’s integrations.

You can also get a full-stack eye on the high-quality interrelationship of frontend, backend, and mobile data. Also able to navigate backend traces and log in with a single click.

Price Of Spirateam

Spiraplan of $ 43.20 for a concurrent user.  

I am very confused about the Spira plan because its pricing structure is unique, so please find your type of plan through the official site.


Choosing the best bug tracking tool or software is a very difficult task. Today, there is a world of competition, so every company wants to increase its productivity, popularity, and standard. To increase your brand value, they provide remarkable features, give free trials for every user, decrease price value, and so on.

In this article, we have already discussed the best bug tracking tools open source one by one in a detailed manner with their short pricing. 

If you are facing any problems regarding how to choose the best bug tracking tool, then I have already created a separate topic for it. If a bug tracking tool has ticked all the factors that I mentioned, it is the best bug tracking tool for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related To Best Bug Tracking Tool List 2024

Q.1 Which is the best tool in our best bug tracking tools list?

Ans. There are various types of best bug tracking tools free. Backlog, Bugherd, Jira, Airbrake, and Spirateam are some top examples of the bug tracker. However, you can know about it in the above bug tracking tools list. 

Q.2 Is Aim a bug tracking tool?

Ans. Yes, we can say that Alm is a bug tracking tools in software testing because it contains a robust integrated bug tracking mechanism. Although we have not included it in our best bug tracking tools list due to limited features.

Q.3 What is bug tracking software?

Ans. Bug tracking software is an application that helps in keeping a track of reported software bugs in project development. However, it reduces bugs or viruses risk and enhances your system’s quality. Therefore, you can select it from our Best bug tracking tools list.