Best Cloud Storage For Android

In today’s world, Without cloud storage, no one can store your data safely and securely. There are various types of data storage service providers available in the market with their quality features. Many people want to know which is the Best Cloud Storage For Android, and also be safe. Here are some best cloud storage such as pCloud, MEGA, Dropbox and Genie9, degoo, and so on.

In 2017, an estimated almost 1.8 billion users worldwide are using cloud storage for sharing and storing data. And in 2023, around 50 percent of all corporate data is stored in the cloud. Almost 94 % of companies are using cloud storage for storing your data securely as compared to local storage.

Here we will know the best online storage app for Android Cloud.

Top Best Cloud Storage For Android 2024

There are many kinds of cloud storage service providers for android which provide their customers with good and unique features. If we are talk about the Best Free Cloud Storage For Android, which is find to be very difficult because every cloud storage provider has its unique feature. With the deep analysis of many cloud storage websites, here are some of the 5 best cloud storage services providers that provide their customers safe and secure ways of storing and sharing data.

pCloud- The Most Secure Cloud Storage

It is the personal cloud storage provider that is accessible for any device with unbreakable security. It is a desktop application that creates a secure virtual drive on your computer, by which you can easily store your data. 

It is one of the best cloud storage which offers a range of affordable storage plans and secure data with the zero-knowledge of encryption.

Over 20 million users are using pCloud as cloud storage. Here are some features that show it is one of the best cloud storage for android photos.

Features/ Benefits Of pcloud

  • Get 10 GB of free storage– By signing on to the pCloud account, you got 10 GB of storage at no cost.
  • Unique apps with lifetime plans– These are only the cloud storage providers that provide their customers with a lifetime storage plan. By taking a lifetime storage plan, you will get good benefits in comparison to annual and monthly plans.
  • Easy to Share and collaborate– By using pCloud, it becomes very easy to store, share and access your own files and docs. That makes it easy to send, receive and collaborate files with others. 
  • Zero-Knowledge encryption – It keeps your private files confidential with a high quality of zero-knowledge encryption and pCloud crypto.

Here we can also know the pricing fixture of pCloud Storage. 

PlanMonthly PriceYearly PriceLifetime  (OnePayment)Storage available
Premium 500 GB    —$ 49.99 (save 17 %)$ 175 (save 65 %)500 GB
Premium Plus 2 TB    —$ 99.99 (save 17 %)$ 150 (save 64%)2 TB
Family    —        —$ 500 (save 64%)2 TB
Business$ 9.99$ 7.99/ month        —1 TB

From the above table, after doing analysis, taking a lifetime payment subscription is the best choice for cloud storage in comparison to a yearly subscription.

It is the best cloud storage for Android Reddit because it is easily available for android users at a low price with maximum features. You can also get lifetime plans in which you will be saving 64 % off the price.

MEGA-  The Most Trusted, Best-Protected Cloud Storage

It offers reliable and secure storage with fast transfers. It also provides secure communication and privacy with end-to-end encryption. It takes the security of your company’s data and communication with MEGA end-to-end encrypted business solutions.

It also gives 20 GB of free storage without any pay.

In this, you do not need to sign up for your account to download the file, you can easily go through it from the links. There are some features that make MEGA the best cloud storage for android.

Features / Benefits Of MEGA

  • MEGA S4 Object Storage – It is a MEGA S4 beta program in which a limited number of participants are registered to become a beta tester and get 84, 254 rupees, worth of storage for free.
  • Security & Zero-knowledge Encryption – All of your data on MEGA is derived from the encryption i.e your password. Using a strong security password protects your data from hackers.
  • Collaboration – By it, you can share your file from anywhere, anytime, and get collaboration with your team on the end-to-end encryption privacy guarantee.
  • Secure Chat – You can also exchange messages, share your files, have video and audio calls with MEGA end-to-end encryption chat.

As per the 2023 report, Over 230 million users are using MEGA to secure cloud storage.

Here is the pricing fixture of MEGA cloud storage.

PLANAvailable Storage Available TransfersPrice Per Month
Pro-Lite 400 GB1 TB$ 5.41/ users
Pro I 2 TB2 TB$ 10.84/users
Pro II8 TB 8 TB $ 21.69/users
Pro III16 TB16 TB$ 32.54/users
Business 3 TB3 TB$5.43 at 3 users

In the above table, you can clearly see and know that the prices are very low and easy to afford. You can easily get the storage space you need at a reasonable price.

It is true that MEGA is also a Good option of best Cloud Storage For Android users by giving various kinds of features.

Dropbox- Bringing Our Work And Teams Together 

It is also a cloud storage service provider that allows you to backup and sync your files on multiple devices. It gives secure access to your files and also keeps all files securely stored and accessible on any device and at any location.

You can also do many things such as storage, e-signature, and many more with the new Dropbox professional + e-sign bundle.

Over 600 million users are trusted on dropbox for its services.

Features / Benefits Of Dropbox

  • It is easy to store and access your various kinds of files from anywhere and at any location.
  • It helps in bringing all your content together in less time and also at a low cost. You can also edit, and accurately file your work directly on dropbox.
  • By using this type of cloud storage, you can work Smarter from your desktop in a few clicks and waste less energy.
  • You are always informed about our updates and to-dos added to descriptions.
  • It also helps in Connecting your tools to dropbox.
  • Dropbox paper puts everyone on the same page.

It proves it is the cheapest and best cloud storage for android. Dropbox plans and prices fixture:

PlanStorage availableUsersMonthly PriceAnnually Price
Plus (Individual)2000 GB1$ 11.99$ 9.99/ month
Family (Individual)2000 GBUp to 6$ 19.99$ 16.99/ month
Professional (Business)3000 GB1$ 19.99$ 16.58/ month
Standard (Business)5000 GB3+$ 15 per user$ 12.50 per user/ month
Advanced (Business)As much space as needed3+$ 25 per user$ 20 per user/ month

By seeing the above table, you can easily know that the prices are very familiar and affordable in the monthly price. I also prefer that whoever goes with the annual price gets in profit at the end. It is also proven that it is the Best Cloud Storage For Android And iPhone users.

Genie9 – Local Backup Products For Home And Business Users

It is an award-winning local backup and cloud, storage provider. It also gives 30 days of guarantee for money pay-back with ultra-secure payment. The companies’ suites include data backup solutions for home users to SMB and enterprise users along with disaster recovery solutions.

It was created to help everyone protect their android data and back up their data securely at one location. 

Over 3 million people are using genie9 to store, share, and access their data. Genie9 is best cloud storage for android because it provides various facility to android users.

Features / Benefits Of Genie9

  • Security – The main reason for shifting Genie9 is to secure your files and data from hackers and easily recover your deleted and lost files.
  • Cost-efficient – In this cloud storage, you can choose the cheapest plans as per your needs with affordable price plans.
  • Convenient – In this, it is very easy to use, convenient and accessible on any device at any kind of location at a low time.
  • Automation – You would get notification regarding the file software up-gradation and with automatic file processes.

Pricing: Starting 100 GB at $ 15/ month.

             1 TB with unlimited users/ server starting at $ 19.99/ month.

             $ 50 for a single PC, $ 115 for three PC, and $ 180 for five PC.


By reading the above lines, you can clearly know which is the Top And Best Cloud Storage For Android 2024. In this article, we understood about top free cloud storage and also its features which tell its worthiness and its unique functions.

Today without free cloud storage apps, no one can securely work on their data personally as well as from a business perspective.

I hope you got all kinds of information in this article that you want.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some queries related to best cloud storage app free.

Does Android offer cloud storage?

Ans. Yes, Cloud storage is also available for android users’ phones. There are some individual apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive, pCloud, and many others which are best cloud storage services and apps for android.

Which is the best cloud storage for Android?

Ans. Here are some of the best cloud storage apps for Android i.e. 

  • pCloud
  • MEGA
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Genie9

Which app gives the free and best cloud storage for android?

Ans. Google Drive is the best free cloud storage for android which gives free around 15 GB storage. It is the topmost application for android users.