Best Cloud Storage For Personal Use

In this article, we will discuss some best cloud storage for personal use android as well as any devices. Choosing one cloud storage is very difficult out of all. There are many cloud storage services providers with remarkable functions and unique features. There is vast competition among MEGA, pCloud, Dropbox, Genie9, or many other companies to prove their product is best and easily available at any location. It also offers a safe and secure form of storing and sharing your files. With the depth analysis of various cloud storage, there are some best and topmost priorities of cloud storage.

Top Best Cloud Storage For Personal Use 2024

Here are some of the best cloud based storage for personal use.

MEGA – Most Free Storage With End-to-end Encryption

It is the most reliable and secure cloud storage with easy transfers. In this, you can also create a free account to conveniently store and share your files. Also, your MEGA files and chats are end-to-end encrypted with control by you. You can do secure communication to exchange files, docs with MEGA’s encrypted chat. It also provides 20 GB of free storage.

Here is the MEGA pricing table which shows it reasonable price.

PLANAvailable Storage Available TransfersPrice per month
Pro-Lite 400 GB1 TB$ 5.41/ users
Pro I 2 TB2 TB$ 10.84/users
Pro II8 TB 8 TB $ 21.69/users
Pro III16 TB16 TB$ 32.54/users
Business 3 TB3 TB$5.43 at 3 users

Above three pro plans are only for individual purpose and the last one is for business prospective. It is the best cloud storage for free.

pCloud – A Secure Storage With Lifetime Subscription 

It is secure and best cloud storage for personal use free that is easily accessible on any device. In this, you can easily store, share and collaborate your files with unbreakable security. It also offers powerful media sharing and playback tools with lifetime license availability. It also provides 10 GB of free storage.

Here is the pricing table of pCloud at some affordable price.

PlanAvailable storageFile versioning/ Trash historyPrice/ monthUsersPrice Yearly
Premium500 GB30 days$ 4.99One$ 49.99
Premium plus2 TB30 days $ 9.99One$ 99.99
Family2 TB30 days$ 500 (life time only)Upto Five    –
Business1 TB/ user180 days$ 9.99Unlimited

It will be the low price when you taking yearly subscription in comparison to the monthly payment. Because of its cheap price and lifetime plan, that becomes the Best Cloud Storage For Individuals and business use.

Dropbox – A leader In File Sharing Over The Cloud

It is one of the best cloud storage for personal use india experience. That’s also providing you with secure access to all files and makes it easy to share and collaborate. It gives massive third-party app support, plus integration with Windows and macOS. It also provides 2 GB of free storage.

Here is the fixture that shows dropbox pricing plans.

PlanAvailable StorageFile recovery and version historyPrice/month       &Price/yearly        Users
Plus2000 GB30 days$ 11.99 / $ 9.99One
Family2000 GB30 days$ 19.99 / $16.99Upto Six
Professional3000 GB180 days$ 19.99 / $ 16.58One
Standard5000 GB180 days$ 15 / $ 12.50Three +
AdvancedAs much as  you need180 days$  25 / $ 20Three +

In the above table, you can clearly show that the benefits of taking yearly subscription in comparison to monthly payout.


By reading this blog, you can know easily which is the best cloud storage for personal use reddit. All the above 3 cloud storage is the best cloud storage from personal as well as business perspectives. This contains various features like storing, sharing becomes easy, Data recovery, disaster maintenance, low cost, and data backups or many features as you like. And also that contains minimal drawbacks. Therefore, here are some personal use cloud storage with maximum advantages and features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the best cloud based storage for personal use as well as business perspective.

Which Free Cloud Storage Is Best For Personal Use?

Here is the best cloud storage for personal use mac which is MEGA, pCloud, Dropbox, Genie9, One Drive, zoolz, degoo, google drive, and so on.

What Is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is the computing model or system that allows you to store and share files easily as well as securely. It also helps in data recovery and minimizes the loss of data theft.

Is Cloud Storage Is Safe For Personal Use?

Cloud storage is safe for personal as well as business use. It securely safe your data from any kind of mishappenings or cybercrimes because it makes a copy of the saved data.