Best Free Unlimited VPN For Android

5 Best Free Unlimited VPN for Android In Year 2022

Are you an android user and searching for a free VPN for android app? If yes, then you came to the right place. As well as internet users are increasing day the day online privacy is getting a big concern. Most internet users don’t want to get watched by anyone while browsing things on the internet. This is why they want a good virtual private service for their devices. 

According to the studies, the number of android users is more than any operating device on the globe. But when it comes to buying a VPN for Android devices we don’t want to spend money on it.

Getting a good VPN for android is easy but they all come with a restriction on usage. So in this article, we will discuss all the best free unlimited VPNs for android that you should use to browse anonymously.

Quick Guide Of Best Free Unlimited VPN For Android – APK

List Of Best Free Unlimited VPN for Android
  • RusVPN: RusVPN has come up with in few past days affordable and amazing plans. Ultimate speed, torrenting, 7-days free trial, cost-effective, user-friendly. Also, allow RusVPN Coupon Code to users for additional discount.
  • Private VPN: Secure, unlock geo-restricted content, support various operating devices, and unlock Netflix. Provide a 7-days trial on any operating device to use its services. Participate in festive sales to provide the best deals to its users. 
  • Zenmate VPN: Free services for every operating device with bit restrictions. Dedicated servers for Netflix, great customer care support, participate in festive sales and offer Zenmate Promo Code for additional discount.
  • Express VPN: Fast, 30-days money-back guarantee, Netflix servers, No-logs policy. Affordable prices and discounts on long-term plans.
  • KeepSolid VPN: Fast, various servers and locations, unlock Netflix content offer lite version as a free service with amazing features. Provide a discount on plans on festival days and allow everyone to get a discount with KeepSolid VPN Coupon Code.

Users Query: ExpressVPN vs KeepSolid VPN

Does Free VPN services Provide Safety?

Does Free VPN services Provide Safety

Free VPNs can be both for you, they can provide you with good services and bad services as well. But having an additional layer of protection on your android device is much better than no protection. Choosing any of the local VPN-free services can fall you at risk easily. But if you choose from any of the mentioned above VPNs then you can get good online privacy at zero cost.

Are There Any Free Unlimited VPNs For Android Users?

Yes, there are various virtual private networks available in the market that are free and offer unlimited use. You can choose from the top ones which are ProtonVPN, KeepSolid VPN, and Windscribe VPN. 

Now you might know KeepSolid offers another software that is free and called KeepSolid VPN lite. Proton VPN allows you to use its free services but only in 3 countries. If we talk about the windscribe VPN then it provides you 460 hours of usage every month for free. 

Are free VPN Any Good?

It can completely depend on the company from whom you choose the free VPN. But in major cases, free VPNs are not powerful enough to provide good services. You might face connectivity problems or sometimes they only work on browsers. 

But for then who don’t have enough money free VPN services are a better option. So you just have to choose wisely when download free VPN for Android device.

Things To Consider When Choosing Unlimited Free VPN For Android?

Same as buying a paid VPN you should consider some things when you go to download a free VPN for an android device of yours.

  • What do I have to lose: Many of the free VPN services offers you free services to use on your device? But they keep your activity logs such as what content you have seen and what keywords you were searching for. So before using any of the VPNs first read their privacy policy or page where they mention their data policies. 
  • You have to sign up with your identity or anonymously: Having a provider that lets you sign up with your email account can be the best choice. While some of the VPN providers demand your card and other details to sign you up for free services.
  • What the company’s business model is: Some of the VPN companies use their free versions as a marketing tool to attract users. Once they get satisfied with the free versions they can shift to the paid ones. On the other hand, local VPN providers provide good VPN services but they store your logs to sell to third-party buyers. So check properly if your VPN provider does keep logs or not.
  • Customer Reviews: When you open any store to download your VPN. First of all, read the reviews of real customers and know if your VPN really works or not with the Android system.

Which Is The Fastest Free VPN?

At the end of this article, let’s conclude which is the fastest; best free unlimited VPN for android. After researching the data of all VPNs we have to say that the services of Express VPN are faster than any other services.

If it may not look

as a fair decision then you can also go with KeepSolid VPN lite.  It is also a good option to choose from as a free unlimited VPN for Android 2022.