Best Cloud Storage For PC To Use In 2024

Today, we are living in a digital era that enhances and performs many works online. Every work is automatically done online whether that is your data storing. If you also want to store and secure your data in the best cloud storage for pc, which includes important files, photos, videos, and documents. 

Previously, all data was stored in your computer’s hard drive or USB. But, today your data is stored in a cloud computing system which includes cloud storage. 

Choosing one cloud storage is very difficult. That’s why there is some best cloud storage free in which all your data is stored and accessible at any time and at any location.

Top Best Cloud Storage For PC 2024

Here is some Best Free Cloud Storage For PC, in which all your data is stored and secured with encryption.

pCloud – Secure Storage With Lifetime Subscription

If we are talking about the best free cloud storage for pc that covers all-in-one features of ideal cloud storage, then pCloud is the name that comes first in our mind. By the way, there are various features of pCloud, but the feature which makes it unique and attracts more people is lifetime subscriptions which include a one-time fee.

In this, you can also choose where you want to store your data, either in the EU or US server. It is also one of the best cloud storage for pc with the rarest features of pCloud crypto (only in pCloud), which secures your data with a premium of $ 4.99 per month. 

It is the best cloud storage for Personal use as well as business perspective. It comprises fast file syncing, a dedicated media player, and heightened security.

Pros of pCloud:

  • You can use encryption to protect and secure your data from any kind of mishappening.
  • It consists of a virtual pCloud drive.
  • Get Free up to 10 GB of Storage.
  • It was introduced with a user-friendly interface and features.
  • With it, you can easily store files from one to another device.

Above mentioned pros or advantages clearly shows that pCloud is the best cloud storage for pc as well as any kind of device.

Cons of pCloud:

  • It doesn’t provide all features in free versions. You have to pay for it.
  • No full zero-knowledge encryption and paid subscription for pCloud crypto.

If you want to know the pCloud pricing plan, then there is a lifetime subscription of $ 175 for 500 GB and $ 350 for 2 TB. You can easily know the yearly and monthly plans on its official website.

MEGA – Most Free Storage With End-to-End Encryption

In MEGA, you are never required to worry about its privacy. It provides its users zero-knowledge encryption for sharing files, links, and any other content. MEGA is one of the best cloud storage for pc as well as mac users because it is very easy to use, and contains a drag and drop interface.

It is also known for its recovery key by which if you forget your password, then you can also go back into your account and change your passwords.

Your data is located on various servers which are in New Zealand, Canada, and Europe, there is no involvement of an American server for storing data.

Pros of MEGA:

  • It provides its users with zero knowledge of encryption.
  • You can also share links with encryption. 
  • It also gives large free plans and great privacy.
  • It is the best cloud storage for pc which provides up to 20 GB of free storage.
  • No involvement of the US server.

Cons of MEGA:

  • It gives below-average work speed.
  • It doesn’t support live chat and phone.
  • There is always an ownership concern with it.

If we are talking about the pricing structure of MEGA, then the prices start from 400 GB at $ 5.85, 2 TB at $ 11.71, 8 TB at $ 23.43, and 16 TB at $ 35.15 per month. For more plans and prices, you can go to its official website.

Dropbox – Work Better, Safer, Together

One of the main things which attract people and many businesses to dropbox is its collaboration. It is the best cloud storage for pc for collaboration purposes. In this, you can easily launch and collaborate on both Microsoft and Google documents with dropbox. 

In this way, you can easily share your large files in no time. Its security is quite impressive because all files are encrypted at rest and in transit with end-to-end encryption.

It also reduces switching between tools, transforms your files, and folders, and collaborates at any time and at anywhere.

From my point of view, it is the best cloud storage for business users. 

Pros of Dropbox:

  • It is so simple to use and contains a smart sync feature.
  • In this, users have the freedom to choose third-party applications.
  • Dropbox is the best cloud storage for pc it’s a free plan and cost-effective price with long-term perspective.
  • You can easily collaborate both with office and google users.
  • Not any interruption of US servers.

Cons of Dropbox:

  • There is no backup feature.
  • It doesn’t provide pure zero-knowledge encryption.
  • Not the cheapest one.

Here is the starting price of Dropbox basic for 2 TB at $ 11.99 per month and $ 9.99 per year. There is a family plan of 2 TB at $ 19.99 per month. If you want to know more plans and their pricing, then you are welcome to the official site of Dropbox.

OneDrive – Best for Microsoft users 

Microsoft OneDrive is the best cloud storage for pc microsoft users. Although it offers its customers the ultimate solution for storing and sharing files on Windows 10 and Microsoft 365. The Microsoft cloud storage is also available for MAC, Android, and iOS users.

This comprises high-quality storage with unbeatable security and has a functional user interface. It also enables you to take away any kind of file or folder on your desktop and access any other device. You can also edit your files directly on the cloud, there is no need to download them.

From a security point of view, there is a personal vault feature that secures safe and locks your files via 2FA and BitLocker encryption.

To know whether it is the best cloud storage for pc or not? Here are some pros of OneDrive.

Pros of OneDrive:

  • It helps in integrating with Microsoft and windows.
  • It comprises good collaboration tools.
  • It also provides 5 GB of Free Storage.
  • Also, give comprehensive support.

Cons of Onedrive:

  • More useful for window users rather than other platforms.
  • It does not provide zero-knowledge encryption.
  • It only allows the syncing of specific files or folders.

There are the familiar pricing of One drive:

  • For an Individual, 1 TB at $ 6.99 per month.
  • For a family, up to 6 TB at $ 9.99 per user per month.
  • From the Best cloud storage for pc with a Business perspective, get a business-standard plan up to 5 GB at $ 12.50 per user/month. 

Google Drive – For Google And Its Workspace Users 

Once, if you open and create a new account on google, it gives you almost 15 GB of free storage. It comes with google workspace which consists of google docs, sheets, slides, and photos. After that, google drive also lets you edit, create, store, view, and sync your files and folders.

It is generally known as Google Cloud Storage which is just the same as one drive. In this, you can collaborate in real-time using google docs, leaving comments and roll-back changes. It’s no doubt that google drive is the best cloud storage for pc users for google based users. There is no other competitor of google drive in collaboration except dropbox and one drive.

Its web interface is easy-to-use and also very attractive. It provides desktop-to-desktop applications for windows and MAC users which is the same as one drive. It also relly their customers that his data is never shared from any ad personalization.

It is also the best cloud storage for photos and is always a good choice for photographers also.

Pros of Google Drive:

  • It provides you with 15 GB of free storage on signing up.
  • Comprises Android, Chromebooks, and its workshop together.
  • It is the best cloud storage for pc because it is Simple-to-use and fully featured syncing of the cloud.
  • Its collaboration tools are good and great integrated apps.

Cons of Google Drive:

  • There is no end-to-end and zero-knowledge encryption.
  • In this cloud storage, there are always privacy and security concerns.

Get the best plan of 2 TB storage at $ 9.99 per month and $ 99.99 per year for up to six users.


In this article, we have seen the top best cloud storage for PC with its pros, cons, and pricing. Ideally, good cloud storage is that which contains remarkable features, maximum no. of pros, and will minimize cons from time to time. Sometimes, cloud storage is also decided by its price tags, so it automatically becomes another aspect of choosing cloud storage. 

So I am listing some cloud storage providers which cover almost every aspect of ideal cloud storage. 

I hoped that this article and its content would help you to choose the Best Cloud Storage Providers For PCs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the queries related to the best cloud storage for pc.

Is there cloud storage for PCs?

Yes, there is always paid or free cloud storage for pc whether you have taken a subscription or not. Some of them are pCloud, MEGA, Dropbox, Onedrive, Google Drive, and so on.

How much does 1TB of cloud storage service provider cost?

There are the different costs of 1TB storage on different best cloud storage free.

  • – $ 4/month 
  • pCloud – $ 4.17/month 
  • Ice Drive – $ 4.17/ month
  • Google Drive –  $ 4.17/month

Which is the better cloud storage between OneDrive or Google Drive?

In terms of money, one drive is a little better and less expensive in comparison to google drive. So I am researching all aspects of both cloud storage and found that one drive is a little better compared to google drive.