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Microsoft Advertising Promo Code 2022 – $100 Off Bing Ads Credit

If your business is online then you must need to promote it online from different sources. That’s the reason we have brought to you Microsoft Adverting Promo Code and even you can also use Bing Ads Promo Code by which you can promote your business at the lowest price.

By the use of the Microsoft Advertising Coupon Code, you will get up to $100 to $200 bing ads free credit for your marketing campaign.

Upto $200 Bing Ads Free Credit

Grab the latest Microsoft ads coupon with our exclusive deals and offers. The users will get to enjoy the Microsoft Advertising Promo Code to get upto $200 for the marketing campaign. The bing ads credits is available for first-time users.

Microsoft Advertising Promotional Code Upto $200 Credits

How Do I Use Microsoft Promo Code?

By using Microsoft Bing advertising promo code, you will be redirected to an official site. Where you can apply for free credits.

  1. Sign up on Bing Account
  2. Vist menu, Then navigate to Tools > Billing & Payments > Billing summary.
  3. Enter Microsoft Ads promo code ads credit promo code, then select Save.

After following the above step you, have successfully applied for the promotional code.

Just select the deal that you want and sign up in the Bing Ads with your email to avail yourself of the bing ads free credit. If you still have any confusion then follow the steps described on our deals & offers site.

About Bing Ads

Bing Ads works on a pay-per-click model very similar to Google Ads. It is used to advertise the business on the search engine for maximum reach. Bing Ads was rebranded as Microsoft Advertising in 2012 after Yahoo and AOL dubbed into Bing.

Advertisers who use SEM for promoting their business then Microsoft Advertising are a great option for them. Bing Ads will appear on the top of the SERPs after the search bar.

How Can I Advertise For Free on Bing Ads With Promo Code?

You need to have some Microsoft ads credit in your Microsoft Advertising account to advertise on Bing. The good thing is that by using Bing Ads Coupon 2022 you can easily advertise free on Bing Ads with credits.

Benefits Of Using Bing Ads Credit

Undoubtedly, Google is the first name that comes to mind when it comes to online marketing. By this most of the people ignore Bing which is the second largest search engine with more than 900 million daily searches. So by using the Microsoft advertising promo code, you get the Bing ads credit you can reach more audiences in lesser time.

Top 5 Benefits Of Microsoft Bing Advertising

Benefits Of Bing Ads

Here are some of the top 5 benefits of using Bing Ads for business and to the advertisers.

  1. Low Competition – Bing is used by fewer users as compared to Google. There are chances that the competitors of your same niche are not on Bing. That way there is a chance to rank easily on the Bing search engine and get more engagement. It is good to promote the business on Bing as soon as your competitors.
  2. Higher Growth Potential – No doubt Bing is used by a limited number of users from around the world. But it is growing tremendously with more than 12bn worldwide monthly search traffic.
  3. Cost-Effective – Microsoft Advertising is very cheap and offers great ROI with lower CPC. Bing CPC is 35% cheaper than Google AdWords.
  4. Easy Device Targeting – With Bing Ads, you can target a specific audience based on their device type. It provides the option to set the ads for the specific OS of mobiles.
  5. Compatible With Google Ads – Microsoft Ads lets you import your Ads easily from Google AdWords with just a few clicks. This saves your time and you can run a campaign that is already performing well in Google.

So, it’s time to use Bing Ads for your next marketing campaign for maximum audience reach.

Microsoft advertising promo code 2022 – FAQs

Can I Use The $200 Bing Ads Credit From The Existing Email ID?

You can sign up in your Bing Ads account with your existing email address to avail yourself of the free credit.

Will I Get Bing Ads Free Credit Again after using Microsoft Advertising promo code?

Once you availed for the bing ads free credit then you can’t use the same email ID again for more free ads credits. It means you need a unique and new email address whenever you want bing ads free credit worth $200 with Bing Ads Promotional Code.

Do Microsoft Advertising Offers Any Student Discount?

Bing Ads or Microsoft Advertising does not offer any deals for the students. The discount on Bing Ads Promo Code is valid for the advertisers who want to promote the business for maximum reach.

Is A $250 Bing Ads Voucher Available In Real?

No, there is no such deal available & just clickbait to attract the visitors. You must use the deals only from the official affiliate partner with Microsoft Advertising. You can get $100 to $200 free credit in your Bing Ads account from our deal.