How to Get Netflix Free Trial 2022 – Stream Netflix for Free

Netflix is the king of the streaming platforms, especially in 2022. Netflix offers various famous movies & series to watch like The Stranger Things, Elite, Marvel Moonknight, etc are part of the Netflix Free Trial. But recently Netflix has stopped its free trial services for most countries. The Netflix plan was discontinued in various countries like India, USA, etc. Netflix is bringing a new plan for non-subscribers that allow the viewers to take the advantage of Netflix’s free trial experience at a very cheap rate. 

Netflix Free Trial – 30 Day Trial

Netflix was first founded in 1997. Since that time it has come so far in advancement because of the internet. Netflix is loved by millions of users in the world. Its revenue is increasing year by year as it gains new subscribers every day. Netflix has much more to offer in the form of movies & series. But people keep on demanding the Netflix 30 day free trial so that they can enjoy it without paying the money. We have heard rumors about Netflix’s low-budget plan for non-subscribers. This plan includes various shows like The Stranger Things, Elite, etc.

Which is the Best VPN to Get Netflix Free Trial?

These are some best VPNs available in the market for getting Netflix free trial.

  • NordVPN (Fastest VPN for Netflix): It costs you $3.99/month on NordVPN 2 year deal and the NordVPN 1 year deal cost is $4.99/month.
  • ExpressVPN (Best Streaming VPN for Netflix): Its 12+3 months deal cost is $6.67/month. 
  • Surfshark (Most Flexible Netflix VPN): You can save up to 81% money on Surfshark 2 year plan which per month cost is $2.49.
  • IPvanish (Highly Secured Netflix VPN): Get 63% off on IPvanish 2 year plan. Pay just $109.98 to avail this offer.
  • CyberGhost (Most Reliable VPN for Netflix): The biggest CyberGhost discount offer 82% is currently available on CyberGhost 3 year deal in just paying $2.29/month. 

How To Get Netflix 30 Day Free trial with Complete Access?

Getting a Netflix for free for 30-days is not rocket science. The free plan of Netflix is only applicable for 30-days after that you have to pay for the subscription to continue the service. You can easily get Netflix free trial code by just following these steps;

  1. Visit the Netflix Website or open its application.
  2. Enter your email address & Signup up.
  3. Click on “Try it for 30-days”.
  4. Create your Netflix password.
  5. Click the see the plan button.
  6. Choose the plan that suits you the best.
  7. Insert your payment details.
  8. Click on the start membership button.

How Can I Get Netflix 30 day free Trial Again?

Unfortunately, you are not able to get the second Netflix free trial code. Netflix provides only one 30-day free trial per user. Single user has a single email-id, which means Netflix offers a free trial per email address. So, it offers one month’s free trial per email. This is on the users that they will signup again with a new email or buy the Netflix subscription by paying the price. If you have several email addresses for yourself then you should use them to get more free trials of Netflix.

Does Free Netflix Trial Auto-Renew Itself?

Yes, Netflix 30-day free trial renews itself. But unlike others, OTT platforms Netflix email you a reminder about get Netflix free trial 3 months plan. It provides the information when just 3 days are left of your free trial to end so that you can easily cancel it. And can save you from being charged for the subscription. But if you want to continue the service then you should complete the payment & start enjoying it continuously.

In Which Country is Free Netflix Trial Available?

As we all know Netflix’s free trial code is removed from various big countries like USA, Australia, Canada, Thailand, etc. But there are also some countries where Netflix offers a free trial for its users, and these countries are Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. But we are not 100% sure that you definitely get a free trial from these countries.

How Much do I Have To Pay To Get Netflix Free Trial for 3 Months?

Netflix comes with the three basic plans that will apply for Netflix application. The three plans are as follows:

  • Basic Plan: It will cost you about $8.99 per month.
  • Standard Plan: This plan costs you $11.99 per month.
  • Premium Plan: It will cost you about $15.99 per month.

These are the plans that we get with the Netflix subscription. These are not the cheapest but the best plans for users from around the world.

What Features Do I Get With The Netflix Plans?

Available Features Basic PlanStandard PlanPremium Plan
No. of connectionsOne TwoFour
Unlimited watch-listYesYesYes
Free TrialYesYesYes

How Can I Change My Current Netflix Plan?

All the plans that you get with the Netflix subscription, are great. But still, if you want to make up your mind to change your current subscription follow these steps:

  • Go to your account page.
  • Click on the change plan button under the plan details category.
  • Now opt for your new plan.
  • Select the update option or continue.
  • Click on confirm.

After following these simple steps you can easily change your current Netflix plan.

Will Netflix Offers Its Free Trial Again?

I don’t think that Netflix will bring the 3 months free Netflix trial ever again. It has over 221 million subscribers so don’t think that it will happen.

Is Netflix 30 Day Free Trial Still Available?

No, the Netflix 30 days free trial is not available right now. But still available in Kenya you can use the VPN to get the 30-day Netflix free trial.