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How to Improve Your VPN Company Digital Marketing in 2024

The pandemic led to a surge in demand for VPNs, as ‘virtual’ became the new way of working. Since employees started working from their homes using their personal devices, the risk of cyber attacks also increased. 

As a result, more and more companies started offering VPN and cybersecurity services—and the number still keeps growing now that hybrid work culture is being adapted everywhere. 

How do you make your company stand out and establish yourself as the thought leader? Your digital marketing efforts help you make a mark for your VPN company and make more sales for your services. 

In this article, we’ll go through five different ways to improve your digital marketing in 2024. 

Use videos to strengthen your brand messaging

Videos are the future of digital marketing as they help create an instant connection with your target audience and say a lot more in less time. Particularly, short-form or ‘snackable’ videos are meeting viewers’ expectations today. 

Influencers are the best people to learn this from—they regularly create fresh content on different topics around their niche and come up with multiple variations to present their ideas. You can follow a similar approach for promoting your VPN services.

  • Share stories from happy clients who were able to implement hybrid work culture in their company because of your VPN services.
  • Share best practices for your existing or potential customers to stay clear of cyber or phishing attacks.
  • Share tips on how companies can make the best use of their VPN.
  • Provide tips on selecting the right VPN services to strengthen their security.
  • Showcase how your VPN works by showing a demo of it in action. 

While these are just some content ideas to get you started with video creation, there are many ways you can leverage videos to increase your brand awareness and drive product sales. 

  • Create video ads to reach a wider set of audience: This could be Google ads or Facebook ads, depending on where your target audience is. Create short, creative, and informative ads to showcase what your brand stands for and why people need to use VPNs in today’s day and age. 
  • Publish videos on multiple channels: Leverage YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., to spread the word about your VPN business. Make sure to create targeted videos for customers at each stage of your sales funnel. 
  • Send personalized videos when outreaching a prospect to form an instant connection with them and improve the chances of conversion. 

Focus on SEO to drive organic traffic to your site

Ignore all the ‘SEO is dead’ myths circling around the internet since that is so not true, especially now that Google has rolled out the ‘helpful content update’. SEO sure is not the same as it used to be about a decade ago, but it has evolved for good. It’s now more inclined to serve the searchers on Google and help them find the exact info they’re looking for. 

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This means, generic and substandard content pieces stuffed with keywords are no longer relevant—and high-quality and thought-leadership content is gaining an edge. 

  • Make a list of high-ranking and less competitive keywords around—cybersecurity, cyber attacks, phishing, work-from-home best practices, security on public WiFi, data privacy, data privacy laws, smart devices, safe browsing, etc
  • Create content (read blog posts and website pages) around these keywords and create in-depth and informative content 
  • Distribute these content pieces on different platforms and create a strategy about subtly promoting them through different means.
  • Let the Google algorithm do its magic and crawl your content based on search intent relevancy and usability. 
  • Aside from on-page SEO, focus on off-page SEO techniques such as link building. Try to get websites with high domain authority to link your site. 
  • Troubleshoot any technical errors on your site, such as linking problems and 404 errors, and make sure every page loads quickly. 

Outsource SEO to a SaaS agency

If SEO seems like a big responsibility to you, you can also outsource some work to an SEO agency for SaaS companies that does the heavy lifting for you and help you get good rankings on Google. 

Either outsource a specific part of SEO or have them fully manage all your SEO channels. This way, you’ll have a team of marketing experts at your beck and call working to help you get better rankings and achieve your KPIs. 

Leverage artificial intelligence

AI has already made its way into many industries, and the VPN industry is not devoid of it.  

AI helps digital marketers process masses of data and help you with highly specific info, such as who to target and when to target. Take an example of ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, which is helping marketers automate many tasks today. 

ChatGPT is a tool designed to support the creative development of marketers and produces human-quality responses to your specific queries. 

Another example of AI in digital marketing would be tools that perform predictive analysis to make future predictions about how an ad creative will perform if designed a certain way. The AI application, in this case, compares the creative with past creatives and calculates the estimation of success based on past records for these creatives. 

As for your VPN business, you can use AI in multiple ways:

  • Understanding your audience at a deeper level—their likes, dislikes, preferences, and their requirements when it comes to data security
  • Analyzing how an ad would perform on multiple platforms and pivoting your strategy accordingly
  • Creating on-point messaging for your brand to create brand awareness and have many loyal followers down the line
  • Reporting and analyzing what works best in your marketing strategy and what needs improvement
  • Automating redundant tasks in your business, such as onboarding new customers, sending a thank-you email after purchase, or sending product updates
  • Analyzing trends in content for the VPN industry and understanding what performs the best at a given time

Seek influencer collaboration opportunities

With the current popularity of VPNs in the internet world, brands have started turning to influencers to spread awareness about their services and help them gain more customers. 

Influencers, on the other hand, turn to VPN services because they want to keep their location hidden from online lurkers and stalkers. Promoting a VPN service doesn’t only benefit them but their subscribers too, who might need a VPN for other reasons. 

  • Of all people, influencers and content creators best know the struggle of keeping their data safe from mysterious lurkers online. This is why they’re the best people to collaborate with.
  • Since the concept of VPNs is a bit on the technical end and not easily understood by all, influencers make the concept easily understood. By using simple language that their audience understands, influencers can explain the significance of VPNs in the most effective way.
  • An audience connects more when they’re able to associate a product with real-life examples, and that’s where influencers come in with their personal anecdotes and stories. When their audience sees a VPN being used in a real-life scenario, they feel the urge to try it out themselves. 

Reach out to influencers who somewhere are related to the tech world or share reviews on their socials or YouTube channel. Communities, where crypto, NFTs, and other digital assets are greatly discussed, are also good places to seek influencers to market your VPN brand.

Target GenZ and meet their needs

The GenZ generation has pretty much lived their whole life in the presence of the internet—naturally, they’re quite adept with the latest technologies and keen to learn more. 

In a world where GenZs are constituting a majority of the workforce today, it’s only a given that your messaging should target them. GenZs are your main target audience as a VPN company, and it should be your primary focus to sway them with your marketing. 

  • Use visuals and videos in your marketing content to say more in less time and woo them
  • Prioritize authenticity and relevance and create helpful content that meets their needs
  • Understand what their security concerns are when it comes to using the internet and leverage that information in your marketing material
  • The fear of not being accepted is one of the biggest fear in GenZs, and that’s where you can educate them on the importance of digital privacy 
  • Conduct polls around topics like social media privacy and digital safety with the GenZ audience and understand their opinions and current stance on the matter

Take your digital marketing efforts to the next level

Digital marketing doesn’t have to be a drag when you know your way around it. Regardless of your industry, if you follow the trend and stay relevant in this dynamic world, everything will fall into place. 

Create a strong digital marketing strategy keeping these trends in mind, and watch out for anything new popping up in the VPN industry. Moreover, keep a close eye on the competition and observe how they roll.

Before you know it, you’ll be all over the internet, registered in your target audiences’ minds and making customers.