Clip Studio Paint Worth It

Is Clip Studio Paint Worth It?

For every artist who is either a professional or is aspiring to be an artist, clip studio paint is the most preferred option. It is a very famous application which comes with a lot of tools and features which are a paradise for the artists. But many of the buyers are eager to know Is Clip Studio Paint Worth it or not.

Yet, you might be confused about whether clip studio paint is the perfect choice for you or not. In this article, we will do a detailed analysis of Clip studio paint, so that you can finally make up your mind. 

Features Of Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint Worth It Or not

The features of Clip Studio Paint worth it for users. It is easy to use and makes your digital painting more interesting. 

Variety Of Painting Styles

Clip studio paint comes with an unlimited collection of painting styles for the users to choose from. Styles such as oil paint, watercolour, sketches, shading etc. help the users to draw different types of paintings and drawings with one tool only. 

In-Build Pre-Sets

the list of pre-set tools available in clip studio paint is a long one. In-built tools including brushes in a large number help the user in creating different styles. 

AI Colourisation

The colourisation technique in clip studio paint, which is based on artificial intelligence, makes sure that not even a spot in your drawing is left un-coloured. 

Selecting Colours 

Selecting colours for your drawing is quite easy with clip studio paint, as you are provided with six colour palettes so that you can mix and match and choose relative colours for your drawing. 

Pen Pressure

Here, you are given the option of adjusting the pressure of the pen according to your needs to put the perfect impact on the drawing. 

Wide Range Of Materials

clip studio comes with a library of materials for e.g., 3d models, brushes, patterns etc. 

Vector Lines

Creating vector lines with clip studio Paint comes with the same effect as drawing it on paper. You can draw vector lines and edit the brushstroke to give the perfect effect. 

Great For 3D drawings

If you are drawing a 3d object, clip studio paint. Helps you with its 3d objects and tools for the same. You can use other images as references and can view your final drawing from all angles for the perfect effects. 

For Comics and Webtoons

clip studio paint is undoubtedly one of the best apps for the creation of comics, cartoons etc. it comes with tools that help you to paint efficiently, and create complex lines with a stroke. Its pre-set templates make the creation of cartoons a very easy task. 

For Character Art

some tools and features of clip studio make it a great option for the creation of character art as well. With its pens, markers and brushes, you can draw your imagination into reality. It’s AI and 3D primitives let you create 3D characters with no scope of mistakes. 

Therefore, we can see that clip studio paint is a versatile app, which can be used for the creation of drawings, cartoon making, character building, 3D modelling, illustration and animation etc. Its great set of tools and features make it one of the best applications for professionals. It’s easy to use interface make it a good choice for beginners. 

We will now read about some of the specifications of the clip art studio.

What are the prices of Clip Studio Paint?

Prices Of Clip Studio Paint

The prices of Clip Studio Paint Ex and Pro are affordable for users. You can use the services of the Pro version for beginners and Ex for professionals. 

Clip Studio Paint Pro

It is an application which is specialised in the creation of character art, concept art and illustration. It is a good option for learners. Its subscription will cost you $49.99, which is a one-time payment.

Clip studio paint Ex

It is a more professional version of clip studio paint ex. It comes with all the features of the paint pro, in addition to its own features, which are advanced and are made for the creation of manga, comic, webtoon and animation designs. It comes at a price of $219, which is also a one-time subscription fee. 

Clip Studio Paint is a one-time purchase. It doesn’t matter which version of software you are going to buy you only have to pay one time to own its services. However, you can grab amazing Clip Studio Paint discount to get this software at very low price.

Support Services Clip Studio Paint

In order to help its customers regarding any query, clip studio paint has its own forum “ASK”, where you can find relevant questions, or even post your own question. There is also a library of tips and tutorials, which can help you get handy with clip studio paint. However, if your issue is still not resolved, you can seek help from its support team through the medium of email. 

Compatibility Of Clip Studio Paint Ex And Pro

You can use any version of clip studio paint on either Windows OS or Mac OS. However, there is yet no version that is supported by mobile phones or any other device. 

On the basis of these specifications, you might be clear if clip studio paint is the app for you, according to your budget and device. Yet, if you want to be sure before buying it finally, we will read about the pros and cons of clip studio paint

Pros Of Clip Studio Paint

  • It is easy to learn which is because of its interface as well as the tutorials given along with the package. 
  • It is much more affordable, in comparison to other apps. It only costs a one-time fee, after which you can use it for a lifetime. 
  • It comes with many tools and features which help you draw your perfect art piece, and that too with a lot of ease. 
  • It is a powerful app, which is widely used by professionals around the world, and yet is lightweight and easy to learn. 
  • Its special features such as 3D capability and AI technology make it one of a kind. 

Cons Of Clip Studio Paint

  • Clip studio paint might initially be a little overwhelming for you with its features and options, if you are a beginner. 
  • It needs a lot of customisation sometimes, which might not suit you if you have no or very little knowledge in this arena. 
  • There is no provision of support through phone call or through online chat in order to help the users. 
  • There is no app for mobile phones or tablets, and so you have to use it on PCs only. 

Conclusion – Clip Studio Paint Worth It

Therefore, we have now deeply analysed all the features, pros and cons of clip studio paint. Now based on your requirements and expertise, you can figure out if clip studio paint is with it for you or not.