Norton 360 Deluxe VS Premium 2022 [Detailed Comparison]

Norton 360 deluxe & premium are the best antivirus software in the market. These both are the products of the same company. Norton has the most to offer as an antivirus company. Antivirus software is in great demand right now. Most people use antiviruses like Norton deluxe security, Norton premium security, etc. But people keep on searching for the Norton 360 deluxe vs premium.

Norton 360 Deluxe 2022 Complete Features

It is one of the best feature-rich antivirus software from Norton. The Norton premium vs deluxe is in huge demand. So, we trying to provide you with the right information about them separately. The deluxe is best as it has most features same as that of Norton 360 premium but the difference between Norton 360 deluxe vs premium is not much. Its price is half of the price of the Norton 360 premium. The features of Norton 360 deluxe are mentioned below:

  • 100% Device Protection: It offers 100% guaranteed protection to the device with its amazing ransomware & malware restriction technology. 
  • Supports Multiple Devices: It supports up to 5 devices at a time which helps to provide you with a secure ecosystem around you.
  • Cloud Storage: This version of Norton antivirus software offers us extra storage up to 50 GB of cloud storage.
  • Secure VPN: The Norton 360 deluxe not only provides the antivirus service but also provides you with a secure VPN for safe browsing.
  • Dark Web Monitoring: It also does dark web monitoring for us. This feature checks the dark web for found out about your information is on sale or not. And alerts about this threat so that you can take some action about it.

Norton 360 Premium 2022 Features

The best antivirus from Norton security for big families or circles is the Norton 360 premium. The Norton 360 deluxe vs premium is people’s demand so, we decided to provide you the information about them separately. Above we have mentioned the Norton 360 deluxe now you will know about the Norton 360 premium. The difference between the Norton 360 deluxe vs premium is not huge, they almost have the same features. Some of the main features of the Norton 360 premium are mentioned below:

  • 100% Guaranteed Protection: The Norton 360 premium provides the same security features & provides the 100 % security of your device from ransomware, and malware attacks.
  • Secure VPN: The Norton 360 premium also provides a VPN service for online surfing & streaming.
  • Cloud Storage: The Norton 360 premium provides extra storage up to 75 GB of cloud storage.
  • Multi-Platform Support: This plan also supports multiple devices it can be used on 10 devices simultaneously.

Difference Between Norton 360 Deluxe VS Premium (Comparison)

DifferencesNorton 360 DeluxeNorton 360 Premium
Multiple device protectionYesYes
Support DevicesUp to 5Up to 10
Supported PlatformsWindows, Android, Mac, IOSWindows, Android, Mac, IOS
Defends against viruses, spyware, malwareYesYes
Secures multiple PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets with a single subscriptionYesYes
Includes premium family safety features to help your kidsNoYes
Automatically backs up your photos, financial files, and other important documents of your choice on your Windows PCNoYes
Includes 25 GB of secure cloud storageNoYes

You will get very minimal dissimilarities between both of them. We have tried to provide valid differences between them. These are the main points of Norton 360 deluxe vs premium based on our observations that are mentioned below:

Availability Of The Service

Most of the Norton security products you will get on its official site are like Norton 360 deluxe. However, it is a bit complicated for the Norton 360 premium. The Norton 360 deluxe is available on the official site & also on the official affiliate partner’s site. But the Norton 360 premium is available on retail sites like Amazon, etc. It is not available on Norton US but it is, however, available on the Norton UK, etc.

Supported Devices

The Norton 360 security softwares are made in such a way that your whole family can be secured by choosing any plan depending upon the size of the family or the circle. The Norton 360 deluxe supports 5 devices at a time. And the Norton 360 premium supports upto 10 devices. Both of them are compatible with Windows, MAC, IOS & Android, etc. 

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a very important aspect by which you can easily store your important files securely. Both of the plans are providing reasonable storage according to their price. You will get up to 50 GB of storage with the Norton 360 deluxe & with the Norton 360 premium, you will get up to 75 GB of storage.


The price of the Norton 360 Security service is reasonable also, but I preferred to use Norton 360 deluxe as it is more value for money. The Norton 360 premium is double the price of the Norton 360 deluxe. It costs you $24.99 yearly & the premium will cost you $49.98 yearly.

These are some main differences that you should consider between Norton 360 deluxe vs premium while purchasing. 

Common Features Of Norton 360 Deluxe VS Premium

For a correct & non-biased comparison between Norton 360 deluxe vs premium, we should see their both similar & dissimilar aspects. Here, we have provided the common features between the Norton 360 premium vs deluxe:

  • 100% Guaranteed Protection: Both versions ensure a safe & secure ecosystem for their users. They both provide safety to the users from ransomware & malware attacks.
  • Secure VPN: Both of these Norton products provide a secure VPN for safe & secure browsing on the internet. But if you want a fully fledge VPN with a huge discount then you can use the Norton VPN coupon code to save up to 50% money.
  • Password Manager: Both versions of the Norton 360 provides the password management service to their users & also remember these passwords for them.
  • Dark Web Monitoring: Both of these versions do dark web monitoring for you. This helps in providing the information about your identity is safe or it is available on the dark web for sale. So, it alerts you in case of any danger.
  • Parental Control: The Norton security versions provide the parental control feature. This feature helps you to track your child’s activity.

Why You Should Use Norton 360 Security Plan?

Because of online threats and scammers, antiviruses are our first preference for security reasons. But the main thing is most antivirus companies are just making money by providing cheap features. So, here comes the Norton 360 security antivirus software with great features at a very cheap price. Norton 360 deluxe vs premium is a hot topic right now on the internet. Both provide almost the same features at a very rate. Norton 360 plan is the market’s leading plan that saves you lots of money & provides you with the features that people are looking for.

Which is The Best Between Norton 360 Deluxe vs Premium? 

Both the products are very nice, but if you talking about our choice then according to our team Norton 360 premium is the best choice if you want complete security from various online threats like malware, trackers, hackers, snoopers, etc. Because it provides the complete features. But if you are running out of money and your budget is a little bit tight then you can use Norton 360 deluxe. It is also a good choice. 

Our aim is to provide the most genuine and unbiased information for our users. Hope this Norton 360 deluxe vs premium will help you to make your decision. 

Is Norton 360 Premium worth it?

Yes, the Norton 360 Premium is worth the price. It is best for the big families & wants to secure the whole family from any threats. It can connect up to 10 devices & provides you the 75 GB of cloud storage.

Is Norton 360 Deluxe A Good Product?

Yes, no doubt about it Norton 360 deluxe is a good product. It provides value for money features and protects from any threats.