Improve Your Photos With These Luminar Tips & Tricks

Improve Your Photos With These Luminar Tips & Tricks

Creating amazing pictures in post-processing is an art. However, it is not possible to edit images per your requirements without using an editor with the features readily available. To ensure that creators and professionals create the perfect images, hundreds of editing tools are available. An exceptional photo editing toolkit available for Mac users is Luminar. With its extensive range of features, including filters, top-notch presets, and enhancements. The app facilitates users to make instant tweaks to their photos and creates unrivaled images. It has all the tools to refine and enhance any photograph you want. In this content you will know how to Improve Photos With Luminar Tips.

Tips to Enhance Your Photos Using Luminar:

Now that you have an idea about the power of Luminar and its features, here you will know how to Improve Photos With Luminar Tips:

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Use Luminar’s Accent AI 2.0 Filter

According to Forbes, Artificial Intelligence is already transforming photography. Luminar offers several AI-based features that can enhance images in unthinkable ways. For instance, its Accent 2.0 tool, in addition to enhancing your images, helps you save serious time during photo editing. The AI-driven filter facilitates improved recognition of faces and objects, thus providing a more realistic-looking picture. Moreover, it lifts the shadows and brings out the colors of the images, which is immensely impressive since all it takes is a single click to implement the feature. 

Stick to the Workspace that Enhances your Workflow

One of the most valuable tools present in Luminar is the “Workspaces” section. Here, you can find the right menu to apply the filter you need. It drastically facilitates time-saving because you do not have to forage through tons of menus and options. The menu collects the right tools based on the style of editing you wish to implement. For instance, if your interest lies in drone-based photography, the “Aerial Photography Workspace” will feature all the tools you need to ensure that your picture is flawless. The best part is – you can manually select the filters you use the most and create your customized workspace.

Make your Image Stand Out By Applying a Luminar Look

“Luminar Looks” are basically filters, and you can add them to your picture with a single click. The tool makes a significant difference in how your image turns out to be. There is a slider present using which you can adjust the intensity of the editing that gets implemented. There are numerous looks you can choose from as per your preferences. You can also browse through different categories to find the right fit for your images. You can also opt for a Luminar preset that enhances your image and adds perfection to it.

Try out Luminar’s RAW Develop Filter

Using the application’s dazzling RAW Develop filter, you can make even the dullest of images into appealing masterpieces. The filter offers all the tools a native RAW developer has, including options that help you tweak the shadows, adjust the white balance, highlights, contrast, etc. Moreover, you can also add additional filters and furthermore adjust your RAW-developed picture. The “Lens” tab present in the module offers tools to fix chromatic aberrations and distortion of the lens. You can also de-vignette or de-fringe your RAW photo file if you want.  

Enhance Portraits Using AI Skin

Luminar AI Skin, paired with its portrait enhancer, turns any portrait shot into a well-processed, flawless piece of art. The app features advanced tools that use AI to tweak your photograph and refine it to the maximum extent. It accentuates even the littlest elements to provide a spot-on image. 

Remove Unnecessary Objects Using Luminar’s “Erase” Tool

When capturing a photo, it is not always possible to remove everything and everyone from the background. With Luminar’s handy “Erase” option, you can easily remove any unwanted object or person from your image without spoiling it. In this way, the nonsensical object is removed, and your picture’s relevancy stays intact. 

Enhance the Sky Using Luminar’s “AI Augmented Sky” Feature

If you want to create an image that takes the breath of admirers away, the “AI Augmented Sky” tool is the feature you can use to create a picture that is out of the world. The tool offers a plethora of effects, such as adding fireworks, lights, and even the moon to your picture. 

Highlight the Details that Matter Using Luminar’s “Explore Smart Contrast” Option

Everyone likes a vivid picture that highlights all the critical elements of the photo. However, simply maximizing the brightness makes the image look unnatural. With the help of Luminar’s “Explore Smart Contrast” feature, you can easily enhance your image, all while preserving its colors and details to ensure that the photo looks realistic. 

Luminar is a powerful tool for creatives who wish to take their post-processing skills to a new level. It is filled with features that make an image’s appearance better and enhance the minutest of elements present.