Why Students Need A VPN

Students and VPNs: 4 Reasons You Should Care

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a generic term used to define technologies that enable lapping one or more network connections over another network, for example, the Internet.

Based on this general definition, you might think that VPN isn’t one of those tools a regular user might need. But in fact, that’s not true. In today’s world, using a VPN can be very important for a comfortable web experience. And it is especially crucial for students.

Want to know why? In this article, an expert essay writer from the top writing service EssayService and an expert in technology and cybersecurity fields is going to help you grasp the importance of VPNs for students. Let’s dive in!

Safety and Anonymity

Probably the biggest perk of using a VPN for students is that it provides the highest level of security and anonymity on the web. This technology protects your personal information from being leaked or stolen. It allows you to take control of your privacy, which is especially important for students who, as we all know, tend to connect to numerous public Wi-Fi spots every day. But that’s not all.

Apart from protecting your identity and ensuring anonymity, VPNs also secure your browsing history. Getting yourself a VPN with a strict no-logs policy will ensure that no one will even know what you are doing on the web. Furthermore, a VPN will hide your internet activity from your Internet Service Provider. That is, you will be able to do whatever you want on the web without being afraid that someone will be able to track your activity.

Access to Blocked Websites

Having certain sites blocked on your campus Wi-Fi can sure feel unfair. But anyway, it is a common practice for schools to ban entertaining and distracting websites from their networks to ensure that students don’t get distracted from learning. And this is one more reason why you need to get a VPN as a student.

Access to blocked websites is one of the core features of every VPN service. By having it at hand, you can freely access any website or service wherever you are. Now, imagine being able to freely get academic writing help from any paper writing service online, watch Netflix, browse Facebook, or access other banned sites right from your college. That all becomes real with a VPN as it grants you access to the web without constraints.

Improved Internet Connection

Have you ever felt like your internet connection and speed are suspiciously bad? You are not alone there! The truth is that many Internet Service Providers deliberately slow down your bandwidth when they see that you’ve gone over a set data limit. Also, ISPs can do this to urge you to upgrade your monthly or yearly plan and pay more. In any case, this is a common practice called “throttling,” and a VPN can protect you from this.

As we already mentioned, VPNs hide your online activity so that ISPs can’t see it. As a result, your provider won’t be able to know that you’ve exceeded the limit and, respectively, the quality and speed of your Internet connection can improve.

Protection from Malicious Sites

While VPNs are known for granting you access to some blocked websites to ensure limitless internet use, some VPNs still block certain sites and other online sources. More specifically, some VPNs have an additional safety feature – they blocklist malicious websites, trackers, and ads that can potentially download malware to your devices.

Therefore, by using a VPN, students can have unlimited access to the biggest part of the Internet, remain safe and anonymous, and improve their Internet connection and speeds. And at the same time, they will be protected from dangerous malicious sites and ads.

The Bottom Line

We’ve told you about the most significant reasons to use a VPN as a student. As you know now, such tools can contribute to your security and anonymity on the web and also rid you of the limits and blocks that might be there.

At the end of our article, let us give you a few tips on how to find the right VPN for you. Here is what you should be looking for when selecting the perfect tool:

  • An automatic kill switch;
  • A no-logs policy;
  • 256-bit encryption;
  • DNS and IPv6 leak protection;
  • Extensive server coverage;
  • Multiple simultaneous connections;
  • Optimized servers.

Focus on these criteria when looking for the best VPN for yourself, and enjoy a secure and enjoyable online experience!