Tenorshare icarefone Coupon Code

Tenorshare icarefone Coupon Code 2021 for UpTo 78% for WhatsApp Transfer Discount

Tenorshare icarefone is a well-known program to take control of your iPhone files and data. With this software you can delete, transfer, add, or de-duplicate files on iOS with so ease.  Tenorshare Company also avails you Tenorshare icarefone coupon code & promo code 2021 to get maximum discount. This offer is so beneficial for customers who want to save money on icarefone software.

With Tenorshare icarefone, you can also transfer, restore, and backup WhatsApp data effortlessly. You just have to click once to transfer your files between Android and iPhones. You can also use Tenorshare icarefone for WhatsApp transfer coupon code to get some discount on it.

Upto 78% Off Tenorshare icarefone Coupon Code for Huge Savings 2021

To get a discount on Tenorshare icarefone you have to use official coupons accepted by its company. These Tenorshare icarefone Vouchers can avail you of up to 78% discount on one of the best iPhone data management software.

If you use Tenorshare icarefone coupons then the company will surely give you a discount even during any sale time too. So you can get benefits of icarefone coupon and festive sale at the same time to save money.

Features of Tenorshare icarefone Software

Tenorshare icarefone Software Features

There is no doubt Tenorshare icarefone is the best software to manage your files from one phone to another. But without looking at icarefone features anyone will never want to buy it.

  • Smart and free IOS data backup to your computer.
  • Can transfer media files between iTunes and iDevice without limit.
  • Single click photo export to PC/Mac
  • Manage data like contacts, photos, videos, apps, bookmarks, messages and so more.
  • Can run smoothly on IOS/IPasOS 14 and all variants of iPhone 11 & 12.

Tenorshare icarefone can also help you to recover or backup your WhatsApp data or files. So you can also buy another version called icarefone for WhatsApp transfer to manage your WhatsApp data.

How Much Price Will Minimize If you Use Tenorshare icarefone Coupon Code 2021

Price Of Tenorshare icarefone

Tenorshare icarefone has 3 kinds of a plan by which you can buy icarefone for 1 month, 1-year and life too. All plans of icarefone have different prices and accept icarefone coupon code to provide some discount.

The pricing of Tenorshare windows and Mac version is a bit different. But you can easily use the Tenorshare icarefone discount on both of them to get a 78% off.

Plans Tenorshare icarefone for Windows Tenorshare icarefone for Mac
1 Month $119 $199
1 Year $139 $249
Lifetime $149 $299

One month and one year plan of Tenorshare icarefone has same features to offer. You will get 1 Pc & 5 devices allowance, auto-renewal, and cancel at any time offer. Icarefone lifetime access gives you a lifetime free upgrade as an extra service to use updated software always.

Benefits of Using Tenorshare Icarefone for WhatsApp Transfer Coupon Code 2021

Now you already might know Tenorshare icarefone for WhatsApp is a different program to manage WhatsApp data. This software has its own features and pricing which is different from Tenorshare icarefone software.

Tenorshare icarefone for WhatsApp transfer can be used on both Windows and Mac operating devices. Both variants have different prices and accept Tenorshare icarefone for WhatsApp transfer coupon code for discount.

Plans icarefone for WhatsApp Transfer (Windows) icarefone for WhatsApp Transfer (Mac)
1 Month $96.95 $89.95
1 Year $79.95 $109.95
Lifetime $149 $159

Using icarefone for WhatsApp Transfer Promo Code can give you a discount of up to 78% on this software. This is the best way to buy icarefone for WhatsApp at so cheap price without having any problem.

Icarefone for WhatsApp Transfer Features

Icarefone for WhatsApp Transfer Features

  • Easily transfer files of WhatsApp and WhatsApp business between android and IOS.
  • Single-click data restore of apps like WhatsApp, WhatsApp business, Kik, Viber, WeChat on IOS & Android.
  • Compatible with the latest IOS 14 and Android 10.
  • Export WhatsApp messages and links to HTML.

Is Tenorshare icarefone Free to Use?

Yes, you can also use icarefone for free but with limited features. If you use the icarefone free version then it will not allow you to IOS repair and social app transfer features. So it will be so better to use Tenorshare Icarefone promo code 2021 and buy this software at so cheap.

Paid version not only will allow you to its all features but you can use it on 1 PC and 5 devices too. The prices are a bit high but using the icarefone coupon will be a wise decision for sure.