Filmora X vs Filmora 11 – Which One Is Worth To Buy?

Wondershare Filmora is one of the top video editing programs that offer its users a variety of impressive features. It is easy to use for novices and professionals too. There are a variety of Filmora versions and the majority of users are confused between Filmora X vs Filmora 11. The parent company for both programs is Wondershare but still, they have some differences between them.

Filmora 11 is the most recent version of the software launched by Wondershare and comes with improved and new features. On the other side, Filmora X is the older version of Filmora. Let’s find the difference between Filmora 10 and 11 to determine which one is more suitable. Moreover, don’t worry about the price tag because it can be down to their minimal value by using our great Filmora 11 coupon codes.

What Is The Difference Between Filmora 11 Vs Filmora 10?

The features of both Filmora X vs Filmora 11 are partially identical, however, with Filmora 11 you will get these more up-to-date functions. We have listed some of the most important features that allow you to easily distinguish between Filmora X and Filmora 11.

1 Minute Quick Review of Filmora 10 vs Filmora 11

FeaturesFilmore XFilmore 11
Easy To UseFor BeginnersFor Professionals
EffectsYesMore than 900 Video Effects
Drive and SyncOnly colorsAutomate Sync
Split ScreenYesYes
Motion TrackingYesPlugs-in Too
Screen, Audio, and Music RecorderYesYes

Use Of Filmora 11 and Filmora 10

Those two programs are created to serve different functions to the users. You can see that Filmora 10 and 11 are the most recent versions and the ideal choice for professionals is Filmora 11. While the X program is great for beginners and the major goal of each software is to fulfill the user’s requirements.

In Filmora X vs Filmora 11, Filmora 11 offers more freedom to personalize your videos professionally. Thus, their Advanced features can create attractive videos effortlessly, so professional and intermediate users choose it from Filmora X and 11. 

On the other Hand difference between Filmora 11 and Filmora X is usage which is better to get recognized from the Filmora X side. It is an ideal choice for those who are just beginning and the best feature is to make YouTube videos. At last, ideal for those who want easy and quick to master software for video editing from Filmora X vs Filmora 11.

What Are The Latest New Features In Filmora 11?

Wondershre Filmora 11 always update their basic or actual issues to improve the video editing experience with their go-to tools for creators. In conjunction with their capabilities, you get intuitive speed, video effects, and inventory Footage like functions enhancement addons.


To create a video with additional eye-catching effects, including animation. Make your videos and photos look more realistic by giving them realistic effects using the animation effects. 

  • Motion Tracking, Animation, Reduce or eliminate the effects, Pan & Zoom

Advanced Editing Modes

With the editing feature, users will have access to options for editing videos. In Filmora X vs Filmora 11 there is no limit set, you can explore your creative ideas and video editing abilities with the following:

  • Unlimited Tracks, Advanced Editing, Automatic Stabilization, Built-in Screen Recorder

Sound Editing

Introduce your story using clear, perfect audio, you can make use of the powerful enhancing device for audio in Filmora11.  Perform 

  • Automatic Audio Sync, Audio Compressor, Noise Reduction, Audio Transitions 

Auto Beat Synchronisation

It’s no wonder that every film requires a perfect audio mix, making it ideal for the video. Keeping this in mind and ensuring that the audio is perfectly blended with the auto beat synchronization feature can be extremely efficient. The special thing about Filmora X vs Filmora 11 is even if you’re not an expert, you can create a professional-quality video using the latest Filmora 11.


Filmora 11 consists of 24 templates with presets that help you can create a higher rate video. Thus, with the 24 templates available there is the one that suits your needs and begins creating videos immediately. Additionally, the easy drag-and-drop feature helps make it easier to manage and create videos.

Create Movie Magic with Effects

A large library of effects to personalize your videos to suit your needs and desires. With this library, you’ll receive amazing effects that will make your videos look more appealing. 

  • Text and Titles, Flares and lights, Warp and Distort, Masking

Wondershare Pricing: Filmora X vs 11

The Filmora X, as well as the 11 software, are compatible with all devices. Most users use Filmora in Windows along with macOS devices they can feel the high performance while using Filmora video editing. The software packages for macOS along with Windows software are equal. However, it is now possible to upgrade to Filmora 11 which is the most recent Filmora X model.

Filmora XFilmora 11
Monthly: $51.99Monthly:$9.99 /Month
Unlimited Access for Life: $79.99Annual: $49.99
Plan Perpetual: $79.99

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The Last Words: Wondershare Filmora X 11

In the following analysis of Filmora 11 vs Filmora X, the main difference between Filmora x and Filmora 11 are that the Filmora 11 offers greater features as well as video effects. However, Filmora X is an older version and consequently pretty acquainted for beginners. In Filmora X vs Filmora 11 pricing context, Filmora 10 is more affordable in comparison to Filmora 11 and can operate with fewer requirements for a system. If you’re a professional video editor, you should select Filmora 11 but for beginners and intermediates, we suggest buying Filmora X. 

Can I Upgrade Filmora X To Filmora 11?

You can easily upgrade up to Filmora 11. You will see an update prompt appearing on your screen, allowing you to just upgrade Filmora 11. You can upgrade without charge to Filmora 11 by clicking on the “Free Download” button.

Which Is Better To Purchase? Filmora X Vs Filmora 11?

The value of the program depends on the individual users. It is said that If you’re just beginning your journey, then you should try FilmoraX. The software was designed in accordance with the needs of beginners and pockets.

So, if you’re professional, then Filmora11 is the best option for you. Due to its more sophisticated features and high quality.

Are Filmora 11 vs 10 Available For Free?

Anyone can avail of the features of Filmora video editor software at no cost. If you’re using the free version, you’ve encountered a few drawbacks like Duration limit, Watermark, and fewer features on Filmora 10 vs Filmora 11 free version. 

Is There A Way To Purchase Filmora 9 Vs Filmora 11?

There is no way to purchase Filmora 9 as well as Filmora X they aren’t currently available for purchase, since Filmora is now updated to version 11. Furthermore, if you’re confused about Filmora X vs Filmora 11 then I highly recommend purchasing Filmora 11. However, it offers incredible features too at an affordable price with a Wondershare coupon to get Filmora 10 and 11 instantly.

Is Wondershare a Chinese Company?

Yes, Wondershare Technology Group Co.Ltd previously Wondershare Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese firm that is principally involved in the research and development of software, as well as sales of software for consumers, and provides the necessary technical support.

Does Filmora X Vs Filmora 11 Offer A Free Trial?

Yes, you can use both of these video editing programs as free trials for 30 days. With this trial, you can test its limitations and use watermarks in your video.

Which Filmora Version Should I Buy?

You should go with the Filmora 11 version which has the latest features and video editing tools