Hola VPN Free vs Premium

Hola VPN Free vs Premium 2021 – Comparison of Free & Premium Hola VPN

Hola VPN is one of the best freemium virtual private network software in the industry. It is used by over 230 million users from around the world. The VPN offers free and the paid plans for the users. If you are also landed on this page to know Hola VPN Free vs Premium plan then you are at the right place.

But before that, it’s better to know about Hola VPN in brief.

What Is Hola VPN?

Hola VPN is the biggest community-powered VPN that works on the P2P model. This means that users using this VPN help each other by sharing their IP address with each other to browse the internet. It supports all the major operating devices and different platforms.

Difference Between Hola VPN Free vs Premium

There is a lot of difference between the two plans of the same software. Let’s find out it,

Hola VPN Free

Hola VPN free is free to use and you don’t have to pay even a single penny for it. The plan comes with certain benefits and limitations and some of them are as follows.

Pros Cons
Free to use Access to only 1 hour a day
Browse the internet anonymously Can’t access to many of the content on Netflix
Unblocks many of the sites online No privacy policy
Available for only a single device
No email or call support

Hola VPN Premium

Hola VPN Premium Plan provides you with the top security features to protect you against data hackers.

Top Features Of Hola VPN PRemium

Top Features Of Hola VPN

  • Best-in-class security & encryption
  • Access to 1000 servers
  • Unlimited data
  • No logs policy
  • Connected with 10 devices
  • Email support

Hola VPN Premium Plans

Plans Of Hola VPN Premium

  • Monthly plan- The Hola VPN 1 Month Plan costs $14.99/mo*. The plan is a bit expensive for the users but versatile to test the Premium Services.
  • 1 Year Plan- The Hola VPN 1 Year Plan is the best plan at reasonable prices. The plan cost $7.69/mo* with a saving of up to 49%.
  • 3 Years Plan- The three-year bumper discount offer for all the users. It cost $2.99/mo*. with a saving of up to 80%.

You will get a 30-days money-back guarantee with these plans. So, that means you can use the Hola VPN premium plan for 30-days.

Also, with Hola VPN Promo Code you will get a special discount of up to 85% off on these plans.

Hola VPN Free vs Premium – Comparison of Free And Premium Hola VPN

Basis Free Premium
Servers Default 1000 to select
Device Connection Single 10 Devices
No Logs Policy Not available Available
Bandwidth & Data Limited only Unlimited
Kill Switch Not available Available
Customer Support FAQs Email support
Price Free Starting from $2.99/month

Supportable Devices With Hola VPN

Hola supports different operating devices that are mentioned below,

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Huawei
  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Xbox
  • Playstation
  • Consoles
  • Routers
  • Apple TV
  • Smart TV

Hola VPN paid plans to support all these devices.

Hola VPN Free vs Premium – General FAQs

Can I Use Hola VPN Premium Free For PC?

If you are wondering to use Hola VPN premium free PC then let me tell you that it’s a paid plan. However, you will get the 30-days money-back guarantee on the Hola VPN premium plan for free for 30 days. Moreover, with the Hola VPN Coupon Code, you can get a special discount on the plans of the Hola Premium.

So, whatever devices you are using if you want to use the Hola VPN premium then you have to pay for it.

Is Hola VPN Premium Extension For Chrome Safe?

Hola VPN premium extension for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge is safe to use. Hola Premium with its security features provides you with the best security and privacy on the internet.

You can use Hola VPN for chrome and with other supportable browser extensions.

Is Hola VPN Free Good?

Hola VPN free is good for beginners and for those who just want to use a virtual private network. With Hola VPN free you can unblock different websites and online content. Moreover, you can browse the internet anonymously and privately with Hola VPN free plan.

Is Hola Premium Worth The Money?

Hola VPN premium service is the top of the line of this software and lets you surf the internet with full anonymity and privacy. With 256-bit of encryption, you get the high-end security of your online data.

Hola VPN premium worth the money and if you want to use a VPN then it’s good to go.

Does Hola hide my IP address?

Hola VPN works on a P2P model that means a user helps another user by exchanging their IP address with each other. This is how you can use the internet using the IP address of some other users on the same network. However, someone else can browse the internet using your IP address as you do.


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