Bitdefender VS K7

Bitdefender Vs K7 2023 – Which One is Better?

Bitdefender and K7 both are high-level security provider companies. Both are helpful to secure the information that contains your device. You know that both companies are useful in their own way. But if you don’t know how to analyze them with each other. Then have look at the Bitdefender vs K7 because it shows the comparison easily. Their products are useful to protect your information from CyberThreats, Malware, Phishing, or Ransomware Attacks.

Features Of Bitdefender Vs K7 2023

Bitdefender and K7 are the best Antivirus companies that’s why you are looking for a comparison. But both brand has different features to protect you from Cyberthreat or Viruses. Now, you can see that how Bitdefender vs K7 company has differed features from each other.

Features of Bitdefender

  • Anti – Malware
  • Protect from Ransomware, Trojans, etc
  • Secure Browsing 
  • Safe Files
  • 24/7 Live & Chat Email Support
  • Provides Password Manager
  • Helpful for Parental Control
  • VPN Facility
  • 200MB/Day Online Privacy
  • Show Anonymous
  • Secure from Public Wi-fi
  • Useful for Online Banking

Pros And Cons of Bitdefender

Features of K7

  • Anti-Scanning
  • Secure from Malware, Spyware, and Ransomware
  • Useful Firewall
  • Email Support
  • Parental Control Support
  • Web Protection

Versions of Bitdefender vs K7 2023


  • Total Security
  • Family Pack
  • Premium Security


  • Antivirus Premium
  • Total Security
  • Ultimate Security

Name of Products of Bitdefender and K7 2023

Products Of Bitdefender Vs K7

There are differences between the Bitdefender and K7 Products which are available by the company.

                              Bitdefender                                       K7
Gravity Advanced Business SecurityK7 Antivirus Premium
GravityZone Business SecurityK7 Total Security
GravityZone Elite SecurityK7 Ultimate Security
Endpoint Detection and ResponseK7 Antivirus for Mac
GravityZone Ultra SecurityK7 Mobile Security – Android & iOS
GravityZone Ultra Plus SecurityK7 Business Security
GravityZone Managed Detection and ResponseK7 Antivirus Security (With Firewall)
GravityZone Enterprise SecurityK7 Mail Security for MS Exchange
Security for Virtualised Enterprises 
Security for Endpoint 
Network Traffic Security Analytic 
Security for Exchange 
GravityZone Sandbox Analyzer 
Security for Mobiles 
Bitdefender Hypervisor Introspection 
Browser Isolation 
Bitdefender Security for AWS 
Cloud Security for MSP  
GravityZone Email Security 
GravityZone Security for Storage 
Patch Management 
Full Disk Encryption 

Bitdefender vs K7 – Suitable Devices

Suitable Devices Bitdefender & K7

Now let’s have look at Bitdefender vs K7 software and which devices they support the most. 

Bitdefender can be installed in Windows, macOS, Ios, and Android to protect these devices. While Mac, Android, and iOS are most suitable for K7.

Compare Prices and Number of Devices – Bitdefender vs K7

If you want to get more security from Cyber or Hackers’ attacks then you should have to pay more. Let’s see a table that contains the Prices of both Bitdefender and K7. Here is the Price Comparison of Bitdefender Total Security vs K7 Total Security

Price of Bitdefender 

BasisTotal Security (Personal)Total Security (Family)Bitdefender Total Security (Ultimate)
Cost          $39.59/Year        $77.99/Year          $86/Year
Number of Devices                     5                  15                  20

Price of K7

The cost of K7 Total Security is $16. It is easy to use and budget-friendly software for all the users. 

FAQs – Bitdefender vs K7

Is Bitdefender worth paying for?

Yes, Bitdefender charges a high price and provides full service against the cost. It because this offers a VPN facility too with the Bitdefender Antivirus Software. Now grab the two benefits at the cost of one Software to Secure from Hacker/Prying Eyes or Ransomeware, Malware, etc.

Is K7 good for Windows 10?

Yes, it is good and supports Windows 10. Install this software on your device and enjoy the service by securing your information from Viruses and Ransomware.

Does Bitdefender or K7 offer any Trial?

Bitdefender Vs K7 30 Days Free Trial

Users of Bitdefender and K7 can grab 30 Days MoneyBack Guarantee before purchasing the subscription of Antivirus. This is helpful to satisfy the users before purchasing the Antivirus Products.

Which is better K7 or Bitdefender?

Now we have discussed the Prices, Features, and Products of both Bitdefender and K7. According to the Price, K7 Total Security can come in your budget as compared to the Bitdefender. But when you compared according to the Products and Features then Bitdefender won. This is easy to decide that which Bitdefender vs K7 is best to use. After reading this, you can easily decide which is useful for you. Bitdefender company gives high-quality rich – features and VPN service with the Antivirus.

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