How to Delete OnlyFans Account Completely 2022 [Easy Steps to remove onlyFans Account]

OnlyFans is an open-source social media platform. That is subscription-based. With this platform, any user can let sign up and follow their preferred creator, with a monthly subscription cost. It has revolutionized the way to connect the creator to fans. Users can even send messages directly to creators and have an intimate conversation with them. To follow the celebrity it takes charges to watch their content. But if don’t want to follow these creators anymore then you can also delete OnlyFans account, and save your money. 

Why You Should Delete the OnlyFans Account?  

The platform welcomes creators and artists of every genre and allows them to earn money from their work while building genuine relationships with their fans. People commonly subscribe to many creators with recurring monthly subscription fees since OnlyFans is connected with adult content. Hence, the cost of each subscription varies, with some being fairly pricey depending on the developer, and all of the subscriptions are renewed automatically by your bank account, debit card, or credit card over time. 

As a result, you should cancel your subscriptions and consider permanently canceling your OnlyFans account. Thus, you will save a significant amount of money and will be able to invest your time and money in other beneficial activities or a new interest.

Can You Save Data of OnlyFans?

No, there is no way to save your Onlyfans account data. At OnlyFans users can’t allow taking screenshots or screen recordings, along with this there is no download button. Hence, if you delete OnlyFans account there is no option to recover that data again except if you re-logging in. 

How to Delete OnlyFans Accounts?

Learn how to cancel your OnlyFans subscription or completely deactivate OnlyFans account by following an easy process.

  1. Log-in your account 
  2. Go to your Profile icon
  3. At the bottom page, there is “Delete” account
  4. Tap & Fill authentication passcode
  5. After confirming, select YES

How To Delete OnlyFans Account on Mobile? 

On mobile, OnlyFans is available in the form of applications hence if you want how to delete OnlyFans Profile then the procedure of that is:

  1. Go to your OnlyFans application
  2. At lower foot, there is a profile icon 
  3. Choose Account 
  4. Scroll Down & click on “Delete account”
  5. Permanently delete by evidence code.

How To Delete OnlyFans Account Without Logging-In?   

If you don’t use OnlyFans services with their application then delete your OnlyFans account in some other way like Customer Support. Thus, they solve your problem and delete your account with any baseless questions. So, without log-in cancel your OnlyFans subscription by email via If still, you have confusion then below is detailed Customer support help for delete Onlyfans subscription or account.

How To delete my OnlyFans Subscription on the PC 

Close an OnlyFans account on PC, as there are so many ways to cancel the OnlyFans account but the simplest is: 

  1. Access your OnlyFans account.
  2. Unsubscribe the creator you want to.
  3. Off the Auto-Renewal option.

After that, if you want to remove your OnlyFans account, select setting < find Onlyfans < right click on it < and uninstall it simply.

How To delete my OnlyFans by contacting Customer Support

If you are experiencing trouble in deleting your OnlyFans account manually, then the task manager of OnlyFans means Customer Support can do it easily. First, connect through email to support service and they will assist you in permanently how to delete OnlyFans account. To delete your account, simply follow the easy steps outlined below:

1: Go to your OnlyFans account’s valid email address. 

2: Write an email to Customer Support at

3: Enter “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT.” on subject

4: This might take a while to deactivate your Only Fans account.

5: You will get a confirmation email here click the confirm button

What Should I Do If My Wallet Still Has Money?

Must make your wallet empty by spending that existing money because after delete OnlyFans account you can’t get any type of refund. Onlyfans don’t follow any non-refundable policy so in action to cancel OnlyFans you lost your money. As a result, the best step is to use all your wallet money and then deactivate your credit card or payment method ways to didn’t get renewed again.

Alternatives of OnlyFans

If you don’t need it anymore and want How To Delete OnlyFans Account. Or, if you wish to get the same content in the future, you can utilize an internet service to do so without creating an account. Get updated content of some of them similar OnlyFans alternatives, that acquire all of their stuff from the official site and deliver similar content. 

  1. Patreon: It delivers content creators business tools for running a subscription service. It enables innovators and artists to make a monthly income by rewarding and enticing their users.
  1. FanCentro: A subscription-based platform where all creators can share and live their content for their fans.
  1. ManyVids: It includes live streaming and video hosting and bills itself as a “one-stop shop” for your audience, as well as a platform for creators to directly communicate with their fans. 

Is there an OnlyFans app?

Onlyfans has now available for mobile devices in form of applications. With no pornographic content available, the app will focus on safe-for-work content. For services you need to subscribe to any account you want.

Does OnlyFans delete inactive?

It will stay inactive until all of your account’s subscriptions have expired. When you disable a profile, no one can establish a new subscription to it. Once all of your subscriptions have expired, OnlyFans will permanently terminate your account.

Why can’t I delete my OnlyFans account?

If Onlyfans refuses to remove your only fans account, please contact customer support. Ask How To Delete OnlyFans Account they will assist you in canceling the Only fans subscriptions and profile.