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InterServer Reviews 2024 – Features & Prices

InterServer is fully based on cheap web hosting service with fully-featured add-on services. It provides all the supporting services which you need to grow your online work at cheap rates. According to InterServer Reviews 2024, the user prefers to work with InterServer. Basically, it is a New Jersey-based company founded by Michael Lavrik and John Quaglieri in 1999. Starting from virtual hosting to shared, VPS, Dedicated and Co-location hosting, InterServer proved his efficiency level of work to their users. Also with cheap rates they provide free SSL certificate and 365-days customer support service with VPS and Dedicated server. The cheap services in which you have to pay only $5.00/mon. Top-quality hardware is used by InterServer to provide you excellent performance and uptime.

Pros Of InterServer

  1. Reliable: The unbelievable uptime performance of web hosting service is provided by InterServer with 99.99% or above. Most of the web hosting companies pretend to provide uptime performance up to 99.99% and also they provide but not all the time. Their web hosting service is not as stable as you needed for your continuous work. But Interserver proved by performing uptime 99.99% or above with stability.
  2. Price Lock Guarantee: The major initiatives of Interserver is Price-Lock Guarantee. Price lock guarantee is started with a slogan of trust and commitment. The slogan “While times may change, our commitment to our customers never waivers” made the great trust of customers on InterServer. It means the price of customer signs up for with InterServer is their guaranteed lifetime locked price, with zero conditions.
  3. Free Site Migration Service: The service that enables InterServer customers to transfer their website onto InterServer account with zero downtime. InterServer helps those customers also who want to migrate from another hosting company due to the crackdown. You can easily migrate by backing up your data from your previous hosting.
  4. Server Capacity: InterServer helps its customer by providing full support to them with their 50% of high-performance resources.
  5. Easy to Use Control Panel: Cpanel of InterServer in which you don’t need to know much about of it. But you can use it easily by performing and managing the whole task of administrator.

Cons Of InterServer

  1. Limited Use Of Unlimited hosting: InterServer provides you the clear guidelines of limitations of server usage printed in ToS.
  2. Non- Techie VPS Hosting: If you are using shared web hosting from InterServer but now plan to go with InterServer VPS hosting. First, you have to know about some technical skills like learning curve and setup process.
InterServer Coupons Codes & Deals

Does InterServer Offer Free Domains?

No, Interserver Offers domain at approximately negligible costs of $1.99 or less with InterServer Coupon Code and Promo Codes but not free.

Does InterServer Web Hosting Has Downtime Issue?

No, InterServer has the capability to absorbs downtime and provide clear uptime up to 99.99% with stability.

Does InterServer Offers Unlimited Storage Capacity?

InterServer offers you unlimited storage space on Web Hosting with Zero downtime and proper guidelines of limitations mentioned on ToS. If you need more storage, you have to pay some extra charges.

Unlimited Vs Fixed Storage Space

InterServer provides you the unlimited Storage space on standard web hosting without any issue of performance and speed.

Fixed storage is mainly for those customers who work on a limited amount of resources without any probability to grow their cap.Post navigation