Error Code 279 In Roblox

What Is Error Code 279 In Roblox? [Fix Error Code 279 Roblox]

Roblox is a popular online multiplayer game where players are able to connect to a server where they can create their own games, worlds, and rules. The reason why Roblox currently has 43.2 million daily users is that it lets its users develop and control what to do.

Along with all the amazing things Roblox also has certain problems that its users have to go through. Currently, the What is error code 279 in Roblox query has been generating all over the internet as more and more users are having this problem.

Below is the article, we have answered your questions, after going through it you’ll know what error code 279 in Roblox means and how you can solve it.

Errors are somewhat common in Roblox and are seen widely. As a player, you should know what is the Roblox error code 279 and how to fix it. But If till now you are unaware of the nature of this error code then the next section will help you in understanding error code 279 and dealing with it. 

What Is The Error Code 279 In Roblox?

This error means that something on your PC is blocking or interfering with your connection to the game. Known as error code 279 in Roblox occurs because of connection issues between the internet connection of players and the Roblox servers.

Thinking about what is the Roblox error code 279 you need to take a look at your internet connection and the device’s setting.

Caused by interference the error code 279 prevents a user from connecting to the Roblox server. Now that you know what is Roblox error code 279 you should find out what causes the error 279 in Roblox. After which you can find out how to fix the Roblox 279 error code.

What Causes The Error Code 279 In Roblox?

You should know that there are three variations to this error. The problem you’re facing can be caused by any of the reasons mentioned below. 

  • Slow Internet Connection

Roblox allows you to enter a massive open world virtual reality world where a lot of things are possible, it requires its players to have a reliable internet connection. If your internet connection is unable to handle all of the data which needs to be processed then that can result in an error 279.

So the next time you’re wondering what does error code 279 in Roblox means then you should take a look at your internet connection. 

  • Server Errors

You’ll find that in Roblox a lot of times players are unable to connect to the server, but the reverse is also possible. Being a cause for error code 279, it is possible that a server may not be able to comprehend all the data of the users who have joined. 

After going through the process of determining what is error 279 in Roblox you have understood what it is. Now you should take a crucial step in understanding how to fix the error code 279 in Roblox.

  • Firewall Error

Next, your windows firewall may end up being the reason behind you searching what is error code 279 Roblox. A lot of games can run fine without any need for windows firewall configuration. Online games like Roblox sometimes experience conflicts with the firewall and sometimes it may need the firewall’s configuration to process the data and protect your device.

It goes both ways with windows firewall and online gaming. Going through error code 279 Roblox and how to fix it you should take a look at if you need to enable the firewall’s configuration or disable it. 

Ensuring security while playing a game like Roblox is a big task, if you want to be extra secure then should take a look at some VPN for gaming.

How To Fix The Error Code 279 In Roblox?

Now that you have progressed through your previous query about what is error code 279 in Roblox you should understand what you need to do to fix this problem.

  • Disable The Windows Firewall

Your firewall may be the reason why you’re seeing the error code 279 instead of playing Roblox. When this happens you should disable your firewall and see if the firewall persists.

You can then enable it again to see any changes.

If you’re worried about your device’s safety then you should look for a VPN for windows as it can greatly uplift your protection and privacy.

  • Use A Roblox Friendly Browser

The reason you have to check what does code 279 mean in Roblox is that your browser doesn’t support this game. While you can always download this game, if you prefer to play Roblox on your browser then you should make sure that it supports Roblox. 

  • Disable Third Party Add-Ons

After knowing what is error 279 in Roblox and what causes it, you should know that having any Add-Ons on your browser can be the cause of this interference. 

  • Turn Off Third Party Antivirus

Your antivirus can also cause problems while playing Roblox. Any third-party software including Antivirus can interfere with the connection and make it harder for Roblox to process smoothly. Seeing error code 279 you should try disabling your antivirus and then checking if Roblox is available.

If you’re worried about your protection then you should invest in a VPN. You can easily find the best VPN in the market through some research.

You can try any of the solutions we have given above if you’re seeing code 279 while playing Roblox.

Why Do I Keep Getting Error Code 279 On Roblox?

After knowing what is error code 279 in Roblox and understanding what does error code 279 mean in Roblox you must be wondering why you have to go through this problem so much.

You should know that error code 279 occurs whenever there is any interference or blocking of any type. So if you’re having this problem or keep having this problem then you should take a look at your internet connection. Also knowing how capable your device is and how suitable it is for Roblox can answer your question and give you a solution.

Below we have included some frequently asked questions related to what does error code 279 in Roblox mean. If you’re interested then you can read it to answer some related queries.

Why does my Roblox say failed to connect to the game?

This problem usually happens when Roblox is blocked by the firewall or poor internet connection.

How do I fix error code 279 ID 17?

Turning off your firewall is the first thing you should do. Overall checking your internet connection is also advised.

What does 279 mean in code?

Code 279 is usually connected to connection issues that prevent players from accessing a server or an online world.

You can also other error codes such as Liftmaster Error Code 4-6, and Hulu Error Code P-DEV 320.