ExpressVPN vs KeepSolid VPN

ExpressVPN vs KeepSolid VPN – Which One Is Better?

ExpressVPN is a well-known VPN provider for a very long time, while KeepSolid VPN got fame in recent days. Both ExpressVPN and KeepSolid VPN offer amazing features and services to their users. But the main question that always remained unanswered is which one is the best ExpressVPN or KeepSolid VPN? So let’s compare features, price, and various things or both VPNs in this Express VPN vs KeepSolid VPN comparison.

Is ExpressVPN Better Than KeepSolid VPN?

It would be no lie that both virtual private networks have the same features to offer. But there are still a bit differences between both of them. On some points you might find KeepSolid VPN better while on others ExpressVPN can perform better. So there is no way to answer this question without getting a good comparison between KeepSolid VPN and ExpressVPN.

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Compare ExpressVPN and KeepSolid VPN Unlimited

ExpressVPN vs KeepSolid VPN

In this KeepSolid VPN vs ExpressVPN post, we will look at the all differences between both VPNs side by side. So without wasting any time here let’s compare ExpressVPN and KeepSolid VPN.

  • Servers: KeepSolid VPN has 500+ servers in 50 locations. While ExpressVPN has only 160 locations in 94 countries.
  • Ease of use: If you compare both of the VPN interfaces then ExpressVPN has a better interface than KeepSolid VPN for users.
  • Bandwidth: ExpressVPN gives you unlimited bandwidth service that KeepSolid VPN does not provide.
  • Geo-restricted content: By using any of the VPN from KeepSolid and ExpressVPN you can get access to any geo-restricted data.
  • Free-Trial: KeepSolid VPN allows you to use its services free for 7-days as a trial. But ExpressVPN does not have any trial service for its users.
  • Netflix streaming: KeepSolid includes dedicated servers for users to access Netflix and other streaming sites. On the other hand with an ExpressVPN you might not be able to access that easily.
  • Connections: You can connect up to 10 devices with KeepSolid VPN while ExpressVPN only offers you to connect 3 VPNs.

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Is ExpressVPN Worth it?

Price Difference Between ExpressVPN and KeepSolid VPN

Price Difference Between ExpressVPN And KeepSolid VPN

When it comes to comparing VPN Unlimited and ExpressVPN in terms of pricing then you can easily see the huge difference between them.

Cost of KeepSolid VPN Plans:

  • KeepSolid VPN one-month plan will cost you $9.99 per month that is its first plan.
  • Its one-year plan will cost you $4.99 per month only where you have to pay $59.99 yearly as a one-time payment.
  • KeepSolid VPN last and lifetime plan costs $99.99 which will give you access to this VPN for always.

Cost of ExpressVPN Plans:

  • To buy ExpressVPN’s 1-month plan you have to pay $12.95 per month that is so expensive for a VPN.
  • Its 6-months plan will cost $9.99 per month where you have to pay $59.95 every 6 months.
  • ExpressVPN’s 1-year plan can be a better deal because it has a great deal. If you buy this plan then you have to pay $6.67 per month and $99.95 as a single-time payment for a year.

Now you can easily see the difference between KeepSolid VPN and ExpressVPN pricing where KeepSolid VPN is a clear winner. Now moves furthermore with us in this ExpressVPN vs KeepSolid VPN comparison and know a bit more about both of them.

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Customer Support Services | KeepSolid Vs ExpressVPN

When it comes to solving a query of any customer then both companies can be your ideal. Both KeepSolid VPN and ExpressVPN have 24/7 E-mail and live chat support which is enough to make any customer feel good.

You can get an answer to any question after discussing your problem with experts with a live chat service. The company will assign your separate expert regarding your problem to provide you an easy and best solution.

Torrenting Services | ExpressVPN or KeepSolid VPN

Unfortunately, ExpressVPN does not provide you enough service for torrenting. But on the other hand, with a KeepSolid VPN, you can torrent whatever file you want without any issues.

Torrenting can be a better way to transfer your file without uploading them to the main network. But ExpressVPN is not enough to torrent peacefully. So it is best to buy KeepSolid VPN services with a KeepSolid VPN Coupon Code to do torrenting at a cheap price.

Which Is Better ExpressVPN or KeepSolid VPN?

After comparing both VPN services step by step we have to say that KeepSolid VPN is better than ExpressVPN. Price is the first thing that makes KeepSolid VPN better than Express VPN in this comparison. There are also other things too like torrenting and Netflix streaming that make KeepSolid VPN better.