VPN For PC 2022 (Get best VPN Service For Computer)

According to recent research, most of the users are using Windows or MacOS on their PC. As we all know that the data of users and their web browsing is recorded on various websites as well as search engines. It destroys your privacy, and freedom, and also manipulates your judgment, so people choose VPN for PC.

If you face any issue regarding your security and you want to overcome all these problems then you need the best quality VPN for PC whether it is free or paid. So don’t worry, we have compiled an overview of the top 7 VPN services available for Windows to improve your online privacy and many more.

If you’re a Windows operating system user, then the majority of VPNs are available. If you use other OS systems on your PC then we mentioned all of that too. 

Best VPN For PC : [Paid & Free PC VPN]


Whenever you are looking for an encrypted connection at an affordable cost that safeguards your PC’s data, then PC VPN is your first option. It can be used anytime, anywhere, and for an indefinite time. So, the best VPN for PC will make your device security algorithm compatible and protect your devices too. Other than all these features, there are also some advantages of VPN, that you never know. A VPN is your best friend in terms of security issues.

When we sort list the VPN for desktop we considered their performance using an of everything. Including their connection speeds and easy P2P support, clearly defined and transparent privacy policy, and many more. The VPN for PC suggestions supports windows & macOS browser internet connections. 

#1 NordVPN (Fastest PC VPN)

A handy platform that performs all tasks in just a few steps, this is an easy-to-use VPN for PC. NordVPN can quickly connect by widget extension and secures data even on WI-Fi. Thus, this best PC VPN has a fully customizable option too, so that it can fit in your desktop screen. Users can try their topmost services at a risk-free deal with 30 days straight money-back guarantee assurance. After using its 30 days trial if you are satisfied with its services, and you are ready to buy this VPN service using then you can use the NordVPN coupon code to get a huge discount. One of the most important features of NordVPN are :

  • Threat Protection
  • Split tunneling 
  • Geo Bypass
  • Smart Play 

And set up that VPN along with all features in just 3 How to set up the Desktop VPN for PC app steps and packed your PC’s privacy with an affordable NordVPN 3 year deal for $3.14*.

#2 SurfShark (Reliable VPN to Windows connection)

Now, your PC will get fast internet speed even though your PC doesn’t have any high specs. So, enjoy as an anonymous, hide location, and use the internet uncensored. However, by getting a cost-effective deal at Surfshark coupon code just sign up, install PC VPN and get their blazing services. SurfShark VPN is the most compatible VPN for android, Windows, IPhone, Mac etc. You can use it in any device. Because of its high prices many users can’t be able to afford SurfShark VPN that’s why we provide the SurfShark discount code to make this VPN service affordable for our users. Features come with the best VPN to PC

  • Unlimited devices
  • Kill Switch
  • Modern protocols
  • Blazing speeds (up to 10Gbit servers)

If you’re planning that this VPN for PC cracked now, stop here is a 7-day free trial also that provides all features & services properly. Enjoy the benefits of using a PC VPN at a low price tag with the Surfshark coupon code. 

#3 ExpressVPN (Best VPN for PC)

One-Click connection with a safer internet server and access worldwide content easily on your PC. Hence, this PC VPN is available for all users who want their PC performance fast & safe. So, avoid throttling through this VPn PC unlimited bandwidth can also be delivered. However, with VPN for PC free games be work faster in a low ping VPN service. ExpressVPN has the biggest advantage that it is a multipurpose VPN, which means you can use this VPN for torrenting, streaming, gaming, surfing, etc. It can handle all the tasks very easily.

As a beginner, you want a proper introduction to VPN services here ExpressVPN comes that delvers you all features for 7 days free of cost. On the desktop, there is an in-built free VPN to PC that only connect you with third-party VPN providers. ExpressVPN ticks all the boxes perfectly except its high pricing, and that’s why we provide ExpressVPN promo code so our user can enjoy their favorite VPN service within their budget.

#4 TunnelBear VPN (Worldwide Accessible VPN for PC)

Your PC can sync with any location hence connect to anywhere and unblock all restricted content with unlimited bandwidth and server. Best PC VPN for windows that you can rely safely on and bypass local censorship so, don’t suppress your limit anymore get a PC VPN. TunnelBear has the various features that make it the best in class VPN for iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, etc. This VPN PC can perform a lot of tasks for their users. 

  • Engineered for speed
  • Connectivity 
  • Security assurance 
  • Strong encryption

#5 IPVanish VPN (Most secured Windows VPN)

Whenever you connect with a local area network or Public WI-Fi then the LAN Blocking feature will defend your data. For the topmost security layer, this VPN for PC counter the blockade also because sometimes the OpenVPN connection is terminated. There is no doubt that IPVanish is one of the top player in the VPN industry, and this is not just because of its features, in fact IPVanish also provides an amazing IPVanish voucher code to provide up to 89% discount for their users.

  • Zero Logs
  • Kill Switch
  • IPv6 Leak Protection
  • WireGuard Speed 

There is no need for PC VPN specs, users get an advanced protocol that supports all OS with AI encryption. Try an IPVanish risk-free deal in more than 75+ locations with 30 days money refund policy. 

#6 Hotspot Shield (Download Free VPN for PC)

No matter your PC operating system, with Hotspot shield, your all devices can protect simultaneously. Moreover, if you apply in a router then all internet connection is passed under experts encryption algorithm to provide muti advanced security. Its extension makes your work easier by using PC VPN best safety. If you made your mind to buy this VPN service then use Hotspot Shield coupon code to save up to 77% money on your plan. Features that might you look for on a VPN for Windows PC 

  • Global Access
  • Hydra protocol
  • 24/7 live tech
  • Unlimited bandwidth

This VPN offers there services at a massive discount you can check at the Hotspot Shield Coupon code. Also, there is a risk-free trial option according to which you can claim your money back 45 days after purchasing. 

#7 PrivateVPN (Free VPN For PC)

Be undetectable even with the best free VPN PC but only for a limited time. So, don’t miss that opportunity now and enable 1-click setup VPN To PC free connections. For more Private VPN functions you can upgrade to its Paid versions that are available at a discount too. After using the PrivateVPN coupon code this plan becomes very affordable for you.

  • ZERO Data Logging Policy
  • Port Forward
  • 10 Simultaneous Connections

PrivateVPN can provide you the complete freedom to access worldwide content, in terms of gaming, streaming, torrenting, etc. It also has the biggest advantage that PrivateVPN is a very cheapest VPN service. This means it can easily be accessible to middle-class people. You can also use the PrivateVPN promo code that we provided earlier to make this deal in the budget.

Conclusion : Which is the Best VPN for PC ?

Now with all this information about VPN for Windows PC. However, a VPN gives windows, an anonymous new IP, a way to keep your browsing data safe and unblock streaming, and pages that are restricted in your region.

If you are looking for the best VPN for your PC, then according to our research team NordVPN can be a nice choice because of its high speed and simple UI. In NordVPN windows clients are easily accessible by anyone and you will get so many locations in it.

Lastly, you also have the option to choose a free VPN too if you are not willing to buy and just wanted to explore, then Private VPN is the best VPN For PC Free.

What VPN to use in PC?

Every PC has different specs and according to the OS system, it may vary. For a clear VPN, you can use NordVPN. It is the first preference of various companies and professionals.

Does PC have a Free VPN?

Windows offer a platform from this users can add a third-party VPN server for protecting their devices. But if you listen our advice then we can not recommend you to put yourself in danger, According to our testing team, NordVPN is the best VPN for PC.