Top 5 YouTube Channel To Study Web Development

Top 5 YouTube Channels to Study Web Development Online

Programming and web development have become new trends in the field of self-education. Millions of people with access to computers and the Internet can start learning coding, testing steps, and website building. You don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get into any university. Modern employers don’t care about your degree. They are aimed at finding professionals. That is why you should educate yourself. Here are the top five YouTube channels to study web development online.

1. Programming Knowledge

And here is the first channel that is worth your attention! Programming Knowledge is a digital treasure trove of hundreds of videos on building web interfaces, compiling websites, and analyzing databases. The creators of this channel have created perfect tutorials for dozens of programming languages ​​and analyze new frameworks every week so that newcomers can quickly integrate into the community of programmers.

But the main plus is a simple language and maximum friendliness to those who have just started learning the basics of programming. Watch several videos a day, and you can learn a lot of important information. But what if you don’t have time and have to write dozens of papers? You should delegate some assignments and find reliable writing services. Read the reviews, and you’ll probably know where to start.

2. Net Ninja

Usually, beginners need simple examples to understand typical programming patterns and general concepts. So you should visit the Net Ninja channel to see dozens of React, MongoDB, and other tutorials. The main advantage of this web channel is that each video is a mini-lesson with examples and detailed explanations. That is why beginners can quickly master new frameworks and digital technologies.

Net Ninja allows you to bypass all the gray areas and find the key programming combinations that work great. And you can count on over a thousand videos and dozens of playlists. Detailed sorting of video lessons will help you avoid losing important data in the information flow.

3. TheNewBoston

Bucky Roberts created this channel back in 2008 as a place for beginners to learn everything about the programming world. Let’s say you want to learn everything about coding and frameworks. Here, every beginner can count on detailed guides and analysis of programming tools. Moreover, even professionals can find valuable tips and hacks to improve their code. Surely you will be able to create perfect projects thanks to the tutorials published on this channel. Plus, Bucky Roberts shares important information in the newsfeed, so you shouldn’t miss out on updates.

4. Web Dev Simplified

And here is one of the most useful YouTube channels you should visit. Since 2018, comprehensive guides and tips have been published here for those who consider web development the goal of their life. The main advantage of the channel is the concept of “fast learning” and the constant search for new information.

Here you will learn the secrets of programming, new frameworks, effective methods of data management, and popular trends. In a way, Web Dev Simplified is like an online course that you don’t have to pay for. And don’t forget that the channel owner adds monthly videos with detailed analytics and key web trends that will be especially important for beginners. Surely you will find something interesting here.

5. DevTips

How about learning all the SASS, jQuery, CSS, and Ruby secrets? Surely you want to find good advice and not tons of meaningless information. That is why you should subscribe to the DevTips channel. Every week these guys add new content writer should know about web development and cover important web topics. Here you will learn how to experiment with new patterns and interfaces. In addition, the content authors have created a unique educational style that is equally understandable to beginners and professionals. And do not forget that the channel has hundreds of videos that will help you choose a new programming language or a direction that will allow you to open new horizons.

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Which of These YouTube Channels Is the Best?

The main advantage of all the above channels is that you do not have to prioritize. All five options are equally useful for web developers who want to learn more about frameworks, new development techniques, and feature implementations. You do not have to waste time choosing one channel because they are all worth your attention. Make a schedule of announcements, and you will not miss all the new videos!


As you can see, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to learn new programming techniques. All of the above channels are well suited for those just taking their first steps in web development. Nevertheless, even professionals can find something interesting here. Find the playlists that interest you the most and start your homeschooling. Surely you will be able to achieve the first results in the shortest possible time.