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Basic Services of Internet

In this technological world, we are bent on using the basic services of Internet and have become netizens. There are unlimited services which are given by information superhighway (internet).

Everybody loves to spend most of the time on social media platforms even it has become a trend and a part of our daily life but despite that, we are not familiar with the amenity of networks. So today I am going to make you aware of the basic services of Internet.

But first, we talk about “what is Internet”?

What do you understand by the word “Internet”?

“Internet “ these eight letters connect the entire world with one chain. We can compare it with a small bomb and a huge explosion. It is a kind of network that provides millions of unlimited variety of information and communication uses standardized communication protocols of interconnected networks. By using the internet anybody can share information and have a word with anybody from anywhere with an internet connection. All the people are connected on the internet just by wire of cable which goes through from oceans, air, lands, etc.

Who Invented Internet?

In the beginning, the internet was invented by two computer scientists Vinton Cerf and Bob Kahn. firstly, it was used by the Advanced Research Projects Network agency funded by the defense department of the United States of America.

5 Interesting Facts About Internet

  • More than 5.1 billion people use the internet every day.
  • There are over 1.86 billion webpages on the internet.
  • The Internet would weigh around 2 ounces (50 grammes) if it were weighed.
  • Every minute, YouTube uploads 500 hours of video content
  • The average annual increase in internet users is 8.2 percent.
  • Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world, with 65.9% of internet users using it.

What are Basic Services of Internet?

If we talk about the most used basic services of internet so you can say that internet is a storehouse of services and thousands of basic utilities are provided by the internet in different fields and regions. The very basic thing is services of Internet can be classified into many categories.

Some basic services of Internet are given below:

  • Communication services
  • Information services
  • World Wide Web
  • Web services
  • E-commerce
  • Automatic network address configuration
  • Network management
  • Time services
  • Usenet

Communication services

communication internet services

Communication is all about having a word for anybody. The internet provides some communication services to their users for having a conversation so that they can have a communication with their friends, family members, colleagues, business partners, etc. By observing these things internet gives some communication services of instant messaging, e-mail, internet telephony, video-conferencing.

  1. Instant messaging – It is a form of service on the internet where people can have an online chat and become a part of a single conversation. It is a text-based communication process. There are many applications that provide instant messaging features such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, skype, and many more.
  • E-mail -Email is a method to their users for exchanging messages between people using electronic devices. An email can be sent to multiple users at once. You can use these basic services of internet without any cost only you need an internet connection.
  • Video Conferencing – Video conferencing is also the best service on internet that provides face-to-face meetings and video calls whether you are in any corner of the world. You can enjoy this service with your family, friends or anybody.
  • Internet Telephony – In the old-time, we used to use traditional telephony but in this modern ERA  we can take the benefit of internet services. We can go through by internet telephony where we can send phone calls, faxes, voicemails, and many more things are in the feature of internet telephony.

Information services

information on internet

It is a kind of software program that deals with the storage evaluation of information from document repositories, especially textual is the technique of obtaining information that can be stored in an unorganized nature.

For example – information retroviral can be when a user enters a query into the system. this service includes FTP, SFTP, SSH, telephony (remote computing).

  1. FTP – The full form of FTP is file transfer is a service of basic internet services by which we can upload and download assists the sharing of computer files, folders, software and helps to transfer large data properly.
  • SFTP – SFTP means secure file transfer protocol. It is more reliable than FTP. it has authentication features and a protection protocol. both FTP, SFTP is file transfer service of the internet.
  • Telenet – Telenet is for telecommunication network. Telenet is a service of cyberspace for remote terminal access and command supports a user command transmission control protocol for creating sessions.
  •  SSH – It is a network communication protocol that helps two computers to communicate. It gives a mechanism for authenticating a remote user, exchanging inputs from the client to the host.

All parts which have been mentioned above are part of the information service of the information highway.

World Wide Web – (Most Important Basic Services of Internet)

world wide web - most important basic services of internet

World Wide Web or WWW is a virtual online space. This is the major and most significant service of the information highway. It has features of sharing content, in the form of blogs, images, videos, or other networking sites. Due to this facility of www, today WEB plays a very significant role in anyone’s life. it has become a major part of our daily routine.

Some top uses of the web are given below:

  • For communication
  • For professional work
  • Selling products on the online platform
  • Grow your business
  • Get worldwide news at any time.

Web Services

internet web services

With the help of web services various applications talk to each other and share data, services among themselves. Web services are used to make application

Platforms and technology independent, by software programs written in a variety of programming languages such as Python, HTML, ML, etc.



Nowadays, e-commerce services have boosted the market because you can run your business in cyberspace and earn money. It has become the livelihood of thousands of people where they sell goods and services. The purpose of e-commerce service is especially for business and trade.

Automatic Network Address Configuration

Automatic network address configuration is called is a mechanism of automatically assigning IP addresses to networked computers system and printers

Network Management 

network management 1

It is all about managing networks and all the problems which are related to networks like – to monitor, preventing, diagnosing, and resolving all the issues regarding the network.


These are mainly significant for setting the computer clock with considerable precision and synchronizing. These services work basically as background services running in your system.


It is also called a users network. It is one of the earliest services where files can be posted to news servers and other people can obtain them.

All the major and basic services of Internet have been mentioned above. Hope you find it informative and have cleared all your doubts.