Delete DraftKings Account

How To Delete DraftKings Account? – Permanently Remove Account on Draftkings

Are you more involved in sports betting and contests than you are familiar with Draftkings? Might be you are having an account on Draftkings. Because the sign-up process of DraftKings is quite simple. But most people don’t know How to Delete the DraftKings account when they are not too much engaged in its activity. Here you will get easy steps to delete DraftKings Account without facing any kind of trouble.

5 Steps to Delete My DraftKings Account 

Let’s go with the process to remove DraftKings account;-

  1. Go to your email section and create a new mail
  2. Add in the send email address
  3. Add Subject “Request to Delete DraftKings Account”
  4. Now start writing your mail
  5. Send it to the support page

Note:- You can also write “request to Deactivate Draftkings Account or Remove.

To delete the account of DraftKings you only need to request the support team to delete your account through the mail. The official mail of the DraftKings is mentioned on the privacy policy page on the official Draftkings websites. To close your DraftKings account send your username and email address through which you created your account. 

The step is to create a straightforward email to deactivate Draftkings Account and mail it to the support team.

Structure Of Mail You are Sending to Delete DraftKings Account

Mail Structure To Delete Draftkings Account


Subject: Request to Delete DraftKings Account

Your Message

Hello DraftKings Team,

I am not using the DraftKings account for a very long time and now I am deciding to remove it. So, I will be glad if you delete my account permanently. Would you please Delete my DraftKings Account?

Details of my Draftkings account:-

(Your Username) 

(Your Email)

Kind Regards,

(Your Name)

Within a few hours, you will receive a mail from the DraftKings Team. You will get the final results that your account has been deleted permanently. They will also inform you that your email is unsubscribed from their emails. 

Delete DraftKings Account Through the Official DraftKings Website

If you don’t want to follow the lengthy above-mentioned steps then follow the below mentioned one.

  1. Navigate to page
  2. On the contact us page, you will see a section “Want to Send Us Message”
  3. Select “My Account” Add “Username” & Add an Email that is connected to your DraftKings Account. 
  4. In Subject, Section adds Subject “request to delete DraftKings Account” & adds the valid reason to remove DraftKings Account.
  5. Once this is done click on the submit button and begin the deleting process.

How to get a withdrawal from Draftkings account before deleting it?

You can easily withdraw the amount from Draftkings Account. The procedure is:-

  1. Open the game page and sign in by entering username and password
  2. At the right side section select “My Account”
  3. Choose the option of “WithDraw From my Account”.
  4. Enter the amount that you want to withdraw
  5. Click on request withdrawal

Just in simple 5 steps, you can withdraw the amount from the DraftKings account. The amount will hit your account within 2 o 7 days approximately. The amount you will receive in your Paypal account or in others you have selected while requesting a withdrawal.

Can I permanently delete my DraftKings Accounts?

Yes, you can delete your DraftKings account permanently anytime. The support team is always active for its users. Just send the mail or request from the contact us page and deactivate the account easily.

Can I change my DraftKings email?

Yes, you can change your Draftkings email anytime. Easily request to the support team by sending mail just like we mentioned the information to delete the account Draftkings.

Is DraftKings Safe?

Yes, DraftKings is a legal and safe platform for all kinds of users. It is officially an authorized platform for betting.

Why Do Users Face Restriction Issues Sometimes In DraftKings?

If someone logs in to your account from another IP Address then your account is restricted for a short time. As we mentioned that it is safe to use that why this feature is available in it.

Conclusion- Delete DraftKings Account Permanently

We have mentioned two simple steps to Deactivate Draftkings account permanently from your account. Easily get rid off of it without facing any kind of issue through our guidance.