CCleaner Vs Advanced SystemCare

CCleaner Vs Advanced SystemCare 2022

To enjoy the speed of the PC or any other device, you need to clear its cache or logs. It is necessary to install some devices that can be helpful to boost up the speed and storage capacity. This is because if you want better performance of the device then, remove wastage data. If you are here, it means you know that both CCleaner and Advanced SystemCare brand is best. But still, you don’t know which is best for you?  Which is more suitable for your pocket? And what functions are given by the CCleaner vs Advanced SystemCare

Difference Between CCleaner and Advanced SystemCare – Features

Now you can see Which is better CCleaner or Advanced SystemCare according to the Features.

Features of CCleaner

  • Boost up 300% Internet Speed

Due to unlimited storage, the internet speed gets decreased. But CCleaner helps you to clean the space and it leads to fast internet performance. 

  • Increase PC performance by 200%

If the storage of your device gets filled then its speed gets slow down. But CCleaner can easily boost up the speed after clean up or removing unnecessary things from your device.

  • Block Unnecessary things

Block unwanted Data means to Free up the device from the Functions which are not useful. Blocking helps you to protect yourself from things that are hard to identify and can harm your information.

  • Deep PC Cleaning

CCleaner Software is useful for Deep Cleaning. It means CCleaner helps you a lot to clean or remove even those files which are untouched for a long time.

  • Scan each Detail

This software scan all your data before clean the device. It is done to remove the temporary data which are not in use.

  • Release More RAM

When CCleaner removes or deletes some Pics, Audio, or Video. Then it makes more space in the Random Access Memory(RAM).

  • Clean Large Files

This software has the capacity even to Clean the Large files which are of MBs and GBs. 

  • Provide Automatic Hard Disk Space

CCleaner Scan and Delete the copied Files, Images, Videos, Songs, etc. Then it leads to making such spaces in the Hard Disk which can store new and much Data.

  • Anti-Tracking

As we have provided the feature that CCleaner can Block unnecessary things. This also helps to remove the unwanted data which can help the hackers to misuse your information. 

  • Firewall Protection

A Firewall helps you to block the external traffic of your device. Now you are getting secured from the effects of the outside sites which contain Malicious links. 

Features of Advanced SystemCare

  • Clean your Cache

Advanced SystemCare Software empties the space of your device and Cleans up space. After this, it redownloads the Videos and Songs while watching Online. 

  • Scan the Logs or History

This app has an advanced feature to Scan the Logs and Alerts you to the harmful things which your device contains. 

  • Remove Spyware

Advanced SystemCare App has one feature of Antivirus software. It can remove Malware, Spyware, and even Trojans from your Device and Data. If these Viruses get remove from your device, then your information becomes safe and secure from Hackers or Cyber Crimes. 

  • Free up Hard Disk Space

Use the Advanced SystemCare App and to Free up more space in your device. Now download new data new or fresh data on your device.

  • Remove Temporary Files

If files do not contain some useful data or information then it deletes or removes such files. 

  • Alert from Errors

Advanced SystemCare alerts you if it found any Error during Scanning. 

  • Remove Unused Files

Most of the unused or old files you forgot to delete from your File Manager or other storage App. It deletes those files by own because they are not in use for a long time. 

  • Two-Factor Authentication

Now gets protection from Cybercrimes as well as Space to fill more data on your PC. It provides double-layer protection by offering Two-Factor Verification. It means if your Family Member or any other third person incidentally access your device. Then it gives you the alert by sending an Email for verification or a Text msg for the OTP.

What are the Products of CCleaner and Advanced SystemCare?

CCleanerAdvanced SystemCare
CCleanerAdvanced Systemcare 14 Pro
DefragglerIObit Malware Fighter 8 Pro
RecuvaProtected Folder
SpeccyIObit Uninstaller 10 Pro
CCleaner CloudStart Menu 8
CCleaner BrowserIObit Software Updater 4
 IObit Undelete
 Driver Booster 8 Pro
 IObit Applock

CCleaner vs Advanced SystemCare – Platforms

Let’s have a look according at the difference between CCleaner and Advanced SystemCare Platforms.

Suitable Platforms or Devices for the CCleaner and Advanced SystemCare

Platforms of CCleaner
                                CCleaner                      Advanced SystemCare
                              Windows 10                                 Windows
                              Windows 8.7                                     Mac
                              Windows 8                                      iOS
                              Windows 7                                   Android

Platforms of Advanced SystemCare

Which is better CCleaner and Advanced SystemCare? – Performance

According to the performance, Advanced SystemCare has better performance than the CCleaner. It is because Advanced SystemCare App works as Antivirus also as this software is useful to remove Spywares. This App is helpful to provide security while offering Passwords that contain Two-Factor Verification. 

And the CCleaner is useful to scan and Free up Space. But these features can be easily seen in Advanced SystemCare.

CCleaner vs Advanced SystemCare – Speed

We have described how much Speed of the Device and Internet gets boost up. CCleaner helps you to increase the speed of the Internet. But Advanced SystemCare does not help to improve the Internet or Device Performance as compared to the CCleaner. The conclusion is this, CCleaner is best to use for fast internet and Device Speed. 

Difference between CCleaner and Advanced SystemCare – Support


While using CCleaner, you can take help from the Experts of any issue regarding the CCleaner. It also provides Video Tutorials that are easy to understand. It gives the updates of each and the latest version of CCleaner. You can also get the Technical support of the CCleaner Products with the help of the CCleaner company.

Advanced SystemCare

Advanced SystemCare helps the users to get the online solution to their problems. Advanced SystemCare helps you to Renew your Plan or Reinstall it on your Device.

Comparison of CCleaner and Advanced SystemCare Free Versions?

Yes, Both companies provide a Free version to all their users. But there is a difference in CCleaner vs Advanced SystemCare Free Trial or Version. 

These are two different Concepts – Free Trial and Free Version. A trial is simply meant free service for limited Days while Free Versions means you don’t have to pay money for a lifetime. 


CCleaner provides free service only for the 2 Months and can manage up to 3 Computers at a Time.

Advanced SystemCare 

Users of Advanced SystemCare can enjoy the Free version for a lifetime. You Don’t have to pay a single even a single amount against the Free Version which is offered by Advanced SystemCare. 

CCleaner vs Advanced SystemCare – Prices

Price comparison of CCleaner vs Advanced SystemCare Pro. So, order now and reduce the suffering while downloading or Streaming and storing Unlimited Data.

Price of CCleaner

  • Charges of CCleaner for Home users which can manage up to 10 Computers – $49.95/Year.
  • Cost of the CCleaner For the Business Purpose and which you can use it for Unlimited Computers – $20/Year.

Price of Advanced SystemCare

Price & Discount of Advanced SystemCare
  • The Price of Advanced SystemCare for 1 PC is $16.77/Year.
  • Amount charges for the 3PCs Advanced SystemCare with a single Subscription are $19.99/Year.

But Prices can’t describe which is better CCleaner or Advanced SystemCare

CCleaner vs Advanced SystemCare – Which Is More Pocket-Friendly?

According to the Plans comparison of  CCleaner and Advanced SystemCare. It is hard to decide which is Cheaper or the Costly one. 

When you differentiate them from the Plans then, Advanced SystemCare can come at a reasonable price. But on the other way, if you see the number of devices which they support at the same time. Then the answer becomes Simple and Clear. Now the answer in front of everyone is that CCleaner is more Pocket-Friendly. It can be used on lots of devices with one Subscription.

Does the free version of CCleaner and Advanced SystemCare is useful?

Free Version of CCleaner and Advanced SystemCare

The Versions of CCleaner vs Advanced SystemCare Free is useful to save lots of money. It is best to use because you have to pay the charges against the service which you are getting. But it has one drawback also. As you all know Free Software or service leads to less security and privacy in your work. 

Comparison of CCleaner and Advanced SystemCare – Discount

Price & Discount of CCleaner

Now it’s the time to grab the huge discount while purchasing the CCleaner vs Advanced SystemCare.

Discount on CCleaner

Grab an amazing discount of up to 50% with CCleaner redeem code for Home & Business users. 

Discount on Advanced SystemCare

Best opportunity to save a huge amount of saving up to 40% on the security of 1 PC. And when you order the Advanced SystemCare for the 3 PCs then it offers a discount of up to 77%. 

What are the Similarities between CCleaner and iObit Advanced SystemCare?

Lots of Functions of both CCleaner and Advanced SystemCare are similar. 

Both are useful to Clean up data, Free up Hard Disk Space and remove or delete unused Files. This is the basic difference and Features which are provided by both CCleaner and Advanced SystemCare App. 

Reasons to use CCleaner and Advanced SystemCare?

Clean Master is available in almost all devices to clear the Cache and free up Hard disk space. But Clean master does not provide such features which are offered by both CCleaner and IObit Advanced SystemCare Softwares. So, It contains many reasons to have a CCleaner or SystemCare in your device. One Product can be useful for many Platforms, no need to purchase different Subscriptions for each Device.

  • The use of these software’s is useful to boost up the Internet Speed
  • Your device speed gets slow down, it is because of the storage of unlimited files, images, browsing. So, it helps to clear the Cache which leads to improve your device.
  • This gives you the hard disk space while Cache the  files
  • CCleaner and IObit Advanced SystemCare remove data that are not being used for a long time and free up space.
  • Now you get storage space to store much more files, images, videos on your device.
  • It cleans up your logs also which can protect you from Cyber Threats. 
  • They do not allow unknown access to your device. It means this is useful for the people who track your Online Privacy.
  • They are not  Antivirus but scan your device and delete unnecessary files which contain Malware, Spyware, etc. 

Are Advanced SystemCare and CCleaner Antivirus?

No, Advanced SystemCare and CCleaner are not Antivirus software. They alert or scan the Malware or Spyware from affecting your device. This software is used to clean your device from unwanted or unnecessary files or storage. It helps you to provide space in your device to store other important files. 

FAQs – About CCleaner and Advanced SystemCare

Do you really need CCleaner?

Yes, it is important to have a CCleaner in your device. This software is pocket-friendly as it gives online privacy and alerts from Cybercrimes.

Is IObit Advanced SystemCare worth it?

In this article, you have seen that how many benefits you can get from the IObit Advanced SystemCare. It gives unlimited features and charges less amount for the service. If you don’t have money to enjoy the service then you can also take the Free Version. 

Is it worth paying for CCleaner?

Yes, it is worth paying against the CCleaner services. You can protect the information, Free up space, and Clean the Data. Installation of CCleaner software is useful to install because it protects many Computers with a single Subscription.

Does CCleaner really delete everything?

CCleaner removes unwanted Data or Temporary files. Yes, it deletes those files which are not in use and have multiple copies. 

Does IObit Advanced SystemCare offer Moneyback Guarantee?

CCleaner 60 Days MoneyBack Policy

Great deal for the IObit Advanced SystemCare users to enjoy Moneyback Scheme for up to 60 Days. Mostly company provides a moneyback policy only for 30 Days. But this is an amazing opportunity to grab the chance to get the benefits of using Advanced SystemCare.

CCleaner vs Advanced SystemCare– Which you should buy?

According to the comparison of CCleaner and Advanced SystemCare, Advanced SystemCare is the best to use. It is because this offers maximum Features as compared to the CCleaner. Advanced SystemCare also charges the less amount for their service. It provides an unlimited discount to its users. This brand also provides Free facilities to their users and up to 60 Days Moneyback Scheme.