Clip Studio Paint VS Photoshop

Clip Studio Paint VS Photoshop 2022 – Comparisons Which One better?

Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop both are amazing software to explore your creativity. Use this software to create a unique masterpiece. This helps you a lot to do something bigger in the Digital Art field. Regular practice through this software can be useful to improve your creativity rapidly. However, both perform their functions differently. That’s why Clip Studio Paint vs Photoshop 2022 plays a different role. Comparison Both this software are used in the field of Art but have different-different strengths.

Difference Between Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop 2022

Now, read the full article and understand the concept of Clip Studio Paint vs Photoshop 2022. Definition of Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop helps you to identify how both these are different from each other.

Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint specializes in making Drawings and Painting with the help of Unlimited Painting Brushes and Tools.


Photoshop is best to use to Edit Photos, add creativity, and convert simple Pics into imaginary Pics. 

Features Of Adobe Photoshop Vs Clip Studio Paint 2022

Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop both have different features. The function of this software is useful according to the requirement of the users. The features and functions describe the difference between Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop.

Clip Studio Paint VS Photoshop

Features of Clip Studio Paint vs Photoshop

Clip Studio Paint provides different types of Brushes and colors. You can create your masterpiece with your extraordinary imaginary and talented mind. While Photoshop is helpful to make an amazing piece that is not taken by our real camera. The main purpose of this software is to Edit the real photo with the help of Photoshop. You can fully change and give a different look which is provided by the company. It offers:

                          Clip Studio Paint                           Adobe Photoshop
Concept Art & PaintingEasy masking To Edit Simple Pics
Character ArtUnlimited Layers
AnimationCan select multiple Images to combine 
IllustrationUseful for composition
Comic & Manga 

Is Clip Studio Better than Photoshop?

As we have provided the list of features in the above paragraph. You can see that how Clip Studio Paint both are providing different functions to their users. In this para, you can understand that how these features are utilized while using the Clip Studio Paint vs Photoshop Software or App.

Functions of using Clip Studio Paint

  • Painting

The main purpose of choosing the Clip Studio Paint is to draw a masterpiece and apply colors to it. This software is best to use for Drawing and Painting.

  • Character Art

You can draw Character art and create some amazing pieces with the help of your imaginary mind.

  • Animation

Now make Animated videos while using unlimited brushes which are provided by the company of CSP Software. 

  • Illustration

This feature helps you a lot to be popular in the field of Digital Art. An Illustration is like showing double creativity in one piece.

  • Comic & Manga

If you are a Digital Artist or Professional in the world of Digital Art. Then, using CSP is the best option to help in your Professional life or to become famous and earn lots of money.

  • Pocket friendly

The Version of Clip Studio Paint Pro is pocket-friendly and it charges less amount. It is because you have to pay the amount at once. 

  • Unlimited Tools & Brushes

Clip Studio Paint provides multiple Tools and Brushes to give a unique masterpiece. Try these tools to create something new and innovative.

Pros And Cons Of Clip Studio Paint

Functions of using Photoshop

  • Edit Images

Photoshop is useful to Edit your original pics or images. It can be useful to convert your normal pics into attractive one.

  • Use Unlimited Layers

This app provides unlimited layers to form the unique Drawing. Unlimited layers help you to create something new in the world of Digital Art. 

  • Select Multiple Images

Now choose multiple images and fix them into one collage. This feature is useful to make a collage and put unlimited Pics into one Frame.

  • Composition

Select the multiple Digital Elements to do and do creativity Editing. 

Difference Between Prices of Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop 2022

Order now the best software and read the Price comparison of Clip Studio Paint vs Photoshop. See what amount they charge and which Plan they offer to their users. Clip Studio Paint has Two Versions and each Version has different Prices.

Prices of Clip Studio Paint Pro and Ex

Price of Clip Studio Paint

  • Company charge for Clip Studio Paint Ex up to $219 once a time
  • You have to pay the amount up to $49 for the Clip Studio Paint Pro at once

How to update Clip Studio Paint Pro to Ex

The Prices can be costly because they charge a huge amount at a single time. So, order now and grab the best opportunity to apply for the Clip Studio Paint Coupon Code

Price of Photoshop

Prices of Photoshop

Photoshop has Two Plans Monthly and Yearly. This company charges a different amount for both Plans. 

  • On the Monthly Plan of Photoshop, the charges you have to pay up to $31.49/Month
  • While on the order of Yearly Plan of Photoshop, you should pay up to $20.99/Month or prepaid the once a year $239.88.

Clip Studio Paint vs Photoshop – Suitable Platforms

                          Clip Studio Paint                                  Photoshop
                                  Windows                                        iOS
                                    Galaxy                                     Android
                                  macOS                                     Windows
                                  Android                                     Desktop
                              Chromebook                                     iPad
                                    iPad                                     macOS

Pros  and Cons of  Clip Studio Paint

                                  Pros                                      Cons
Easy to useEdit and Crop the images
CSP is Pocket –friendlyThe huge Price difference in


Clip Studio Paint Ex and Pro Version

Enjoy unlimited FunctionsNot support the Audio Feature
Useful for 3D Not useful for the Text-Writing


on the Drawing

Create unique Animations  

Pros and Cons of Photoshop

                                  Pros                                      Cons

Edit the Images

Photoshop is costly in Price
Useful to crop the PicsDifficult to use by the Beginner
Beneficial for the Vector GraphicVector-Graphic are not of high-quality
Perfect for editing and share on Social MediaCan see Performance issue in different device
Support almost all DevicesNo lifetime Subscription available
Photoshop save your lots of timeTools can’t describe their functions
It helps to Edit the Gifs 
Best to use for the Professional Digital Artists 

Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop – Trial Days

Clip Studio Paint Vs Photoshop Trial Days

The company offers a minimum of 3 Months of Free Trial to CSP users. But it provides different schemes according to the device users. While Photoshop offers the same free day Trial to each user. This is also the difference between Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop for providing free service.

Clip Studio Paint

Users of Windows, Android, Chromebook, macOS, and iPad can grab the chance to get Clip Studio Paint Free for 3 Months. Galaxy users can enjoy the best deals to save huge money by using CSP Free for 6 Months. The main advantage is the iPhone users, do not have to pay any amount. This is a full-time free facility if you have the iPhone.


The company of Photoshop does not discriminate between their users. They offer 30 days Free Trial whether you are an iOS, Android, or Windows user.

FAQs – Clip Studio Paint vs Photoshop

Can you get Clip Studio Paint for Free?

Clip Studio Paint is free for a lifetime only for iPhone users. While for other users, it offers free service for a maximum of up to 6 months.

Is Clip Studio Paint Cheaper than Photoshop?

Clip Studio Paint is a one-time Purchase while Photoshop has provided a Monthly or Yearly Plan. When you see Prices of Clip Studio Paint vs Photoshop 2022. According to this, Clip Studio Paint is cheaper than Photoshop. 

Is Clip Studio Paint good for Photo Editing?

No, CSP is not good to use for Photo Editing. This software is best for Drawing and Painting. But Photoshop is best t use for Editing Images.

Which is better Clip Studio Paint or Photoshop?

Clip Studio Paint software is suitable for making Drawings and colors them. While Photoshop is best to edit the simple pics into a unique one. With the help of Clip Studio Paint, you can also edit the pics but there are limited features of editing in this software. While Photoshop has also the feature to draw digitally but it lacks this function of Drawing.

Now you can see that both CSP and Photoshop can play each other roles. But Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop have their Strength and Weakness. If you make a comparison as you can identify that CSP is more beneficial as compared to Photoshop.