Kaspersky Total Security vs Internet Security

Kaspersky Total Security Vs Internet Security 2021

Kaspersky is a popular company that protects your device from Virus attacks or Cyber Threats. This company brings amazing Products or software which helps to provide security. So, when you decide to purchase a subscription to any device of the Kaspersky brand. Before this, see the comparison list of Kaspersky Total Security vs Internet Security. After reading, its clear all your doubt and you can easily decide which is suitable for you.

Kaspersky Total Security vs Internet Security – Which is Better?

Both this software have many similar features. But few functions make a valid difference between Kaspersky Total Security and Internet Security. Do these differences describe that which is better? Let’s have a look at this table which shows the differences easily.

Suitable Platforms

                     Kaspersky Total Security                     Kaspersky Internet Security
As the name shows, it is best for all-purpose to protect your every type of device details As the name describe, it is useful for internet users.
It provides strong Password benefits to apply to useful documents Kaspersky Total Security does not provide a Password facility
Kaspersky Total Security offers a Parental Control function to stay away from their Children from unnecessary sites It does provide any kind of Parental Control feature
This software secures all your important files This software does not helpful to offer privacy to your Files
The most suitable Devices are: Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS The most preferred Platforms: Windows, macOS, and Android users.
It charges high prices as compared to the Internet Security This software has a low cost as compared to the Kaspersky Total Security

Difference between Kaspersky Total Security vs Internet Security– Prices

It is a little bit hard to make the Price comparison of Kaspersky Total Security vs Internet Security 2021. According to this, Prices depend on the number of devices you want to protect.


Cost of the Kaspersky Total Security

  • It charges up to $49.99/Year for the 5 Device at a Time
  • Kaspersky Total Security users have to pay up to $74.99/Year and secure up to 10 Devices.

Cost of the Kaspersky Internet Security

  • Kaspersky Internet Security charges amount up to $34.99/Year up to 3 Devices
  • Now, pay the money up to $44.99/Year to secure up to 5 Devices.

You can see that, if you want to secure more Devices then you have to pay more money. It charges charges high amount for the rich-quality Additional features. So, Prices are charged according to the Product, or the Number of devices you chose.

Do you need a VPN with the Kaspersky Total Security and Internet Security?

VPN is required with the software Total Security and the Internet Security Software. It is because Antivirus is only useful to protect the device from Virus and Phishing attacks. While Virtual Private Network software gives online privacy from cyber threats and access to Geo-Restricted sites.

Now it’s the best time to get the VPN with both Kaspersky Internet Security vs Total Security 2021. So, order now and get the double benefit of privacy in a budget of one software.

Benefits of VPN with Total Security and Internet Security

  • 300MB Traffic per day.
  • Secure Online Transaction and Money.
  • Protect from Cybercrimes.
  • Virtual Private Network software provides access to Geo-Blocking Sites.
  • It does not keep logs to store browsing history.
  • Hides your Internet Protocol(IP) Address.
  • Encrypts your details while sending any files through the internet.
  • Connect with any Server and can switch at any time.
  • VPN helps to Stream and Torrent.
  • It is useful to connect the Remote Server.

Does Total Security include Internet Security?

Yes, Kaspersky Total Security Software has all the features which are offered by Internet Security. But Total Security contains some more Privacy features which are not available in Internet Security Product. Almost all functions of Both Kaspersky Total Security and Kaspersky Internet Security are the same. But some Additional qualities of Total Security make the huge difference between Kaspersky Total Security and Internet Security.

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About Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky Total Security provides a high level of protection to your details. This works on both online or offline modes. This company also offers a Free VPN facility with the Kaspersky Total Security 2021. It scans, Kill and does not allow Viruses to enter your device. Safe to use from Phishing while sending E-mails. This is like double-layer protection on your information but VPN works only on Online mode. It offers Additional Features like Secure Files, provides Password Security and Parental Control to restricted sites.

About Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security offers features that are helpful to give security to your information. It can easily block Malware and any type of virus that is bad for your device or the details. It blocks the Firewall and hackers and detects or removes the existing Ransomware or Viruses. Kaspersky Internet Security 2021 protects your internal details of the device from the Virus Attack.

Common features of both Total Security and Internet Security

Common Features of both Total Security and Internet Security


The role of antivirus software is to protect the device from Malware. They both are useful to scan the existing Malware and Malicious sites.


Both Total Security and Internet Security can secure your information from Hackers or Prying eyes.


Antivirus of Kaspersky brand is useful to protect data from every type of Virus.

Scan Malware

These devices scan the existing Malware, Ransomware, etc which is affecting your device. After scanning or detecting the Malware or any virus, they kill them.

How to identify the Malware or Virus?

These are the simple tricks that can help you to analyze that there is any Malware attack on your device or not. Basic changes can easily describe and alert you to the Virus attack.

  • If some changes arise in your information, then it is hacked or affected by Malware.
  • It can be identified if any online transaction happens without your permission.
  • If you are unable to log in to any account, it means someone has changed your Password.

Is Kaspersky Internet Security worth it?

Kaspersky is a popular company that provides amazing Products with full security. As it charges the price, it gives full protection to your information against the price which you pay. Yes, it is worth having Internet Security of Kaspersky Brand.


Can Kaspersky be trusted?

Yes, Kaspersky company is safe and secure to use. As you know that it is in the market for 2007 which shows that it is satisfying their users. It is a pocket-friendly company so, grab the features to protect your information from viruses or Hackers.

Can Kaspersky remove Malware?

Yes, the main role of Kaspersky company is to remove the scan and the Malware. It does not only remove or kill the Malware but also alerts from the Spyware, Trojans, and Hacking chances.

Can I get a refund from Kaspersky?

Kaspersky company offers 30 Days Moneyback Guarantee as Free Trial for 30 Days. It shows the safety before purchasing any product of the Kaspersky Brand. If you do not get satisfaction and still your information gets effects by Ransomware and Malware. Then, it will refund the money which you have paid against the Phishing attack service.

30 Days Moneyback Scheme

Kaspersky Total Security and Internet Security – Scheme Get Discount Upto 50% on Both

Chase the best deal to grab up to 50% on Kaspersky Total Security and Internet Security 2021. But this scheme is available only on purchase of First Year. After this, you have to pay the difference amount. Offers come every year so, you can chase the best deal next year also.

50% on First Year

 Which One is the best  Kaspersky to buy from Both?

Kaspersky often brings up-gradation with the new Versions. Nowadays “Kaspersky Total Security” is the latest version that is suitable for more Devices and support maximum Platforms. When you make the comparison between Kaspersky Total Security vs Internet Security – Which is better?. Then, Kaspersky Total Security software is the up-gradation level of Internet Security. It means this software is better as it provides unlimited features.

Difference between Kaspersky Total Security vs Internet Security – Which should you buy?

As we have discussed above the all differences between Total Security and Internet Security. If you make a comparison between Features then, Kaspersky Total Security software is best. It offers more features and provides more functions to protect your work from Viruses or Hackers. This offers high-level privacy and encrypts your E-mails or files sent through the internet connection. But if you are conscious of your savings. Then, Kaspersky Internet Security is suitable for your pocket. But there is not much difference between the Kaspersky total Security vs Internet Security Price. So, the best conclusion is this, Purchase the Kaspersky Total Security Product. Enjoy one license for multiple devices and get extra benefits to keep an extra layer of security to your work.