Quick Heal Total Security vs Internet Security

Quick Heal Total Security VS Internet Security – Which Antivirus Is Best?

The world is transforming in digital and today there are more than 4.8 billion internet users. It’s very important that you must secure your internet from online threats, malicious codes, phishing attacks, and even hackers. Thus there is a need for an antivirus that secures you & provides full online security. With dozens of security software in antiviruses today we are going to compare Quick Heal Total Security VS Internet Security.

Quick Heal is one of the best and most well-known antivirus software companies securing more than 7 million worldwide users. The deals in 3 types of antivirus software namely Quick Heal Antivirus, Internet Security, and Total Security.

Both Internet security and Today’s security offer robust features that protect you from viruses and keeps your system secure. But if so then which is better Quick Heal Total Security or Quick Heal Internet Security?

To find out let’s deep dive right into this article…

What Is The Difference Between Total Security VS Internet Security Of Quick Heal?

We have compared both the software of Quick Heal on some of the most important points that will help to choose the one that best suits you.

Security & Privacy – Is Quick Heal Safe?

This is one of the primary points of consideration every user looks at while buying an antivirus.

Total security is a featured pack antivirus with almost all the advanced features one may need for protection against online threats. This version of Quick Heal blocks online trackers, file vault feature, webcam protection, and data theft protection feature. All these advanced features provide next-level of security and are only available in Total security.

Quick Heal Internet Security also provides great security features but is not as advanced as Total security. The antivirus software protects you from internet threats, malicious files, and phishing attacks. Internet security offers safe banking, a Wi-Fi scanner, an anti-keylogger, and some other security features to help you protect yourself on the internet.

Performance & Speed

Talking about speed & performance then let me tell you one thing antivirus software slows down your system speed and that’s normal.

Both the versions of antivirus are good in performance and catch viruses and malicious files and codes from anywhere on the computer.

Total security scans the online & offline files with the almost same speed as the internet security. However, the performance of total security is much faster because it has some advanced features.


Quick Heal Total Security has more features

While comparing the two antivirus software features play a crucial role.

To be honest Quick Heal Total Security has some of the advanced & robust features as any other antivirus software of Quick Heal. You get a PC tuner, game booster, and scan mobile via PC.

Quick Heal Internet Security is also packed with some great features fewer than the Total security. However, all the features are good and are effective for protecting you against internet threats.

Quick Heal Total Security VS Internet Security Features Comparison


Total SecurityInternet Security


Total Ransomware Protection





Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Prevention

Advanced DNAScan

Browsing Protection

Ransomeware Protection

Browser Sandbox

Safe Banking

Phishing Protection

Spam Protection

Vulnerability Scan

Virtual Keyboard

Parental Control

Wi-Fi Scanner

Data Theft Protection


PC2Mobile Scan

Webcam Protection

File Vault

Game Booster


Price – How Much Does Quick Heal Cost In 2022?

Quick Heal Internet Security is cheaper

If we talk about which one is cheaper between Quick Heal Internet Security versus Total Security then obviously the internet is inexpensive. The reason is that Total security is advanced antivirus software with many unique features.

Quick Heal Total Security Price

For Windows

3 Devices, 1 Year


1 User, 1 Year


For Mac

1 User, 1 Year


For Android

1 User, 1 Year


Quick Heal Internet Security Price

For Windows

1 User, 1 Year


Devices Compatibility – Quick Heal Total Security VS Internet Security

One of the best think about Quick Heal Total Security is that the software is available for Windows & Mac operating devices. Also, the software is available for Android devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. to protect these devices.

Quick Heal Internet Security is available only for Windows PC and protects laptops and desktops.

Ease Of Use

Quick Heal Antivirus software can be downloadable from the official website. With a user-friendly interface, both Internet Security & Total Security antivirus software are super easy to use.

You get a simple interface with some available options on the left side panel. With that, you can select Scan, Protection, Privacy, Performance & settings. It shows you secure status if your system has no issues.

So, that means both Quick Heal Total Security & Internet Security are very easy to use.

Quick Heal Internet Security VS Total Security – Final Verdict

We have seen the differences between the two antivirus software. Now, it may be easy for you to get the one that best suits you. Quick Heal Total Security is best for the users who want to use the advanced features by paying some extra.

Internet Security is also great, however, limited to some unique features available in Total Security.

I hope by reading this comparison now you have got to know everything about it.

Quick Heal Total Security VS Internet Security – FAQs

Is Quick Heal an antivirus software?

Quick Heal is a well-known security software company that deals in different types of antivirus. It helps to protect the users from viruses & malware codes, internet threats, and other types of infected files that can harm your system.

Can we buy Quick Heal Online?

Users can buy the antivirus software of Quick Heal easily online. Just visit the official website of Quick Heal, select the product & start downloading it.

Is Quick Heal free?

Quick Heal Mobile Security is a free antivirus software to use. However, you will free 30-days trial with the different products of Quick Heal.

Does Quick Heal slow down the computer?

There is no doubt that Quick Heal is one of the best antivirus software though it slows the computer while scanning. It uses almost 100% up-time of Hardrive which results in slow performance of the system. But the matter of the fact is that it secures you from harmful threats.

Is Quick Heal a good antivirus?

By offering good security features, Quick Heal is decent antivirus software that protects your PC, laptop, smartphone & tablet. With easy to use interface and 24/7 live chat support it is a good antivirus in 2022.