Pros and Cons Of Bing

Pros and Cons of Bing Ads – Is Bing Ads Worth It?

Online advertising has become the most vital part of every business these days. When it comes to online marketing Google is the first name that comes to your mind. People ignore Bing, the second largest search engine after Google with almost 500m monthly search volume from the US only.

If you haven’t used Bing ads then you are at the right place.Here we have come up with some of the pros and cons of Bing Ads.
But before that let’s shed some light on Bing Ads, so let’s move on…

What Is Bing Marketing & is Bing Ads Worth it?

Microsoft Advertising formerly known as Bing Ads is a way to promote business on the Bing search engine. It is very similar to Google Ads and works on a PPC model that lets the users bid for specific keywords.

Ads with the highest bids and relevant content will be shown up on the top of the SERPs when someone searches with those keywords.

Pros and Cons Of Bing Ads marketing

Below we have mentioned all the advantages & disadvantages, i.e, pros and cons of bing marketing. Make clearly your doubt is it better to choose bing over google or not.

Pros of Bing MarketingCons of Bing Marketing
Ads on multiple search enginesLower CTR
Less competitionFewer visitors
More control on AdsLimited Ad extensions
Cost-effectiveCheck the negative keywords
Daily and monthly budget
Import Google Ad Campaign
Better ROI

Advantages Of Bing Marketing

Here are some of the Advantages Of Bing Ads Marketing in detail.

  • Ads On Multiple Search Engines
  • Less Competition
  • More Control On Ads
  • Cost Affordability
  • Daily and Monthly Budget
  • Import Google Ads Campaign
  • Better ROI
  • Transparency
Advantages Of Bing Ads

Ads On Multiple Search Engines

After Microsoft rebranded Bing in 2009, Yahoo becomes part of Bing. By only advertising on Microsoft Bing, the ads will be shown on Bing, Yahoo, & AOL search engines.

Less Competition

On average there are more than 5.5 million searches per day when Bing attracts 900 million daily searches. Advertisers target the audience on Google and it can happen that your competitors might not be on Bing.

In a study, there is 56% higher competition on Google than on Bing.

More Control On Ads

Microsoft Advertising offers granular control on the ads at the Ad group level. You can easily make changes in the existing campaign without creating the new one, unlike Google Ads.

Cost Affordability

Search Engine Journal says the average CPC is somewhere from 10 to 24% cheaper if we opt for Bing Ads instead of Google Ads. The keywords on Bing Ads are cheaper as compared to Google Ads. With the Microsoft Bing Ads promo code you get free Bing credits for your marketing campaign.

Daily and Monthly Budget

Unlike Google Ads, Bing Ads lets you set both daily and monthly ad budgets enabling you to analyze your campaigns better.

With the liberty to estimate your monthly advertisement budget with free credit $100 bing ads coupon, you can plan for other things without any stress.

Import Google Ads Campaign

If you already using Google Ad campaigns, then you can easily import them into your Microsoft Advertising account with just a few clicks. This helps to use the successful campaign on multiple search engines.

Better ROI

With lower competition, Bing has a better click-through rate (CTR) that results in a better return on investment (ROI).

Here are the factors contributing to your ROI,

  1. The keywords are cheaper compared to what other players ask.
  2. The availability of keywords is much more.
  3. Three search engines fueling your campaign by featuring your ads on their platforms.


Another great advantage of using Microsoft Advertising is that it discloses the details to the advertisers to better know about their ads. It provides in-depth details about the traffic, metrics, impressions, and conversions to their search partner.

Cons or Disadvantages Of Bing in Detail

Weaknesses and disadvantages Of Bing Ads

Below are some of the weaknesses of Bing’s search engine.

  • Lower CTR
  • Fewer Visitors
  • Limited Ad Extensions
  • Check The Negative Keywords
  • Check The Negative Keywords

Lower CTR

Microsoft Bing has a fewer number of visitors that result in lower CTR on your Ads results in less conversion rates. The main reason is that people like to use Google more than any other search engine platform. This is one of the main disadvantages of Bing marketing over Google ads.

Fewer Visitors

Evident from the above point, visitors propel the CTR, and the CTR in Bing is low. Being a less preferred search engine in the market, Bing still has a long way to go before it matches up with Google. The reason is the enormous presence of Google all over the world. Bing doesn’t have such market share to rise at the same pace.

Limited Ad Extensions

Bing offers Ad extensions, but it is not the best one out there to do so. Google offers much more extensions, facilitating the potential users to prefer it over Bing.

Check The Negative Keywords

For negative keywords, Bing won’t treat them as a broad match. Moreover, it will treat them as the exact match. So it’s better to add the different kinds associated with the negative keywords and their synonyms.

So, these were the pros & cons of Bing Ads for an advertiser in 2022.

Which Is Better Google Ads or Bing Ads?

Both Google Ads and Microsoft Bing Ads are one of the top search engines in the industry.

Here is the glimpse of Google Ads VS Bing Ads:

Google AdsMicrosoft Advertising
High competitionLess competition
Difficult to rankEasy to rank
Better CTRLow CTR
Huge audience to targetLess audience to target
ExpensiveCheaper than Google Ads

We can’t say one of the best or worst without using any of these. However, we can’t judge one the best or worst only by words of the mouth.

Pros and Cons Of Bing – Final Thought

With the help of Microsoft Advertising, the ads are reaching millions of users. There are many disadvantages and advantages of marketing on bing, which you have seen above.

Being an advertiser you must use the possible opportunities that help to grow. By looking at the disadvantages of Bing it doesn’t mean to ignore it as Google has also many disadvantages.

Bing helps in better ranking, with less competition and lower CPC it’s a strong reason to use advertising on Microsoft Bing also.