Zenmate VPN Platform

Which Platforms are compatible with ZenMate VPN?

Planning to use Zenmate VPN but don’t know which platforms are compatible with Zenmate VPN then read this article to know if you device supports Zenmate VPN or not.

To secure your online information on any device Zenmate VPN is best for you. It offers you multiple device access on different OS. Users can use Zenmate VPN as a browser extension, mobile application, and desktop client. The multiple platforms are compatible with Zenmate VPN.

Zenmate Paid version is best for all the users. The ultimate version works on all devices, and you also get access to the OpenVPN setup. Get the best at a budget cost by Zenmate Coupon Code to secure and encrypt your details.

Zenmate Applications Different Platform

The Zenmate VPN Software is compatible with multiple platforms. This one is the best editing software that works according to the user’s need and is affordable too. So add this software to the following devices easily.

Zenmate Mobile Application

Zenmate VPN Mobile Application

The Zenmate VPN is compatible with smartphones. You can easily add this software on android and iPhone. The Zenmate VPN will keep your device traffic safe and encrypted.

Desktop Application of Zenmate

Zenmate Support Multiple desktop connectivity at a time. But it supports Windows and Mac.  CyberGhost is best from Zenmate.

You can add this software as a browser extension or download it easily & Buy with discount price use of Cyberghost VPN Coupon Code. This will guard your device and make your online browsing safe.

What is the system requirement for the Desktop VPN?

Zenmate Desktop

The VPN software is fully desktop and it supports Mac and Windows. To download this software easily log in to the dashboard of the Zenmate Version. The system requirements of the Zenmate VPN system are:-

Requires (minimum) OS version: 
Windows 7 or later*
Mac OSX 10.10 or later*

VPN protocol:
Windows client: IPSec (IKEv2) and L2TP/IPSec
Mac client: IPSec (IKEv2)

Browser Extension

Zenmate Browser Extension

Most of the users want to add any of the software as an extension. So Zenmate VPN extension is available for chrome, firefox, and opera. Just in a click, you can add this software. You can add Zenmate Extension free or for its premium features get a subscription to Zenmate Pro.

OpenVPN Zenmate

Zenmate provides OpenVPN compatibility to its users. It means you can use this Zenmate VPN software on different platforms like smart TVs, Gaming Consoles, other gaming OS, & more.

Can you get a refund on your Zenmate Subscription?

If you get Zenmate paid subscription and are not satisfied with it then you can refund it. Zenmate VPN provides you 30 days money-back guarantee. On the Zenmate you will get 7 days free trial.

How can you connect with the Zenmate VPN Team?

You can easily make a connection with the Zenmate Support team. Through a phone call, email, and live chat. This will easily solve your all queries.