Affinity Designer vs CorelDraw

Affinity Designer vs CorelDraw 2022 – Who Wins

CorelDraw and Affinity designer both are the top-rated software for designing. So whether you are a graphic designer or logo designer they both can be the one-stop solution for you. Both software has some similarities and as well as differentiation too. Let’s talk about it more and do a CorelDraw vs Affinity Designer comparison to find which one is better.

affinity designer vs CorelDRAW Features Comparison

Effinity Designer vs CorelDraw Features

As we have mentioned earlier, both CorelDraw and Affinity designer have similar and different features too. So here is the side-by-side comparison of CorelDraw and Affinity designer features to choose the best one.

CorelDrawAffinity designer
2D DrawingRendering
Drag And DropData/Import and Export
Templates ServiceDrag And Drop
Image & Editing2D Drawing
Data/Import and ExportTemplates Service
Multi-MonitorImage Tracing
Touch-Friendly GU InterfacePattern Layout
 Image Library

Price Difference between Affinity Designer vs CorelDraw 2022

There are many differences between the pricing of Affinity designer and CorelDraw. So here we do side by side comparison of CorelDraw and Affinity designer.

Affinity Designer Pricing

The pricing of Affinity Designer changes according to the price of your operating device. So if you are a Mac and Windows user then it will cost you $24.99.

Using an iPad to operate an Affinity designer can cost you cheaper because you will have to pay only $9.99.

These prices are part of its 50% deal and they can fluctuate according to the seasons. So to check affinity designer’s current price you can visit its official site that is

CorelDraw Pricing

The ultimate new version of CorelDraw 2022 will cost you $426.40 which might not a cheap deal. But don’t worry here is the key to getting a discount on CorelDraw 2022 services. Just apply CorelDraw Coupon Code and get an exclusive discount on the CorelDraw 2022 suit.

If you are not satisfied with Coreldraw pricing then you can also try its alternative called Clip Studio Paint. This company is well known and also includes a Clip Studio Paint coupon code to offer some discounts to its customers.

Free Trial service: Corel draw vs Affinity Designer

When it comes to providing free trial to users then in this Affinity designer vs Corel draw comparison Affinity designer is the clear winner. Corel Draw gives you only 15-days of free trial whereas affinity gives 90-days of a free trial.

So you can use affinity designer without having any problem for 90-days without paying a single penny. It will provide you full access to affinity designer by which you can do master-level graphic designing.

Ease of Use: Corel draw Vs Affinity

Comparing feature complexity between Affinity vs Corel makes it clear that CorelDraw has easy to understanding interface.  If you are a graphic designer so the software’s ease of use will matter to you.

Because if you have a complex use software for your graphic designing then it can take too much time to do with your projects. So it is always better to choose the software whose features are easy to use and understand.

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Affinity Designer Vs CorelDraw Support Services

Affinity Designer Vs CorelDraw Support Services

Having a good support service with your software really makes your work so easy and helpful to you. Affinity Designer and Corel both provide you with support services for any problem.

CorelDraw gives you a 24/7 email support service and a live chat option. So CorelDraw users can easily get help with any query. But if you look at the support services of affinity designer then you might get upset from it.

Affinity Designer does not provide you with any live chat service to get any kind of help. So you have to email everything and every question you want to ask about your software.

Language Support: CorelDraw Vs Affinity Designer

If you are not able to understand English properly or want your graphic designing software in another language then don’t worry. You can get affinity designer in the Dutch language too and English is its default language.

On the other hand Corel Draw avails you the option to get your software in language Dutch, Polish and English. So either you choose CorelDraw or Affinity designer, you can adjust them according to your preferred language.

Pricing Models Of Affinity Designer and CorelDraw 2022

Affinity Designer only allows you to buy its full version as a single-time payment option. When it comes to buying CorelDraw you will get various options to buy its services. You can buy CorelDraw 2022 on monthly basis, annual basis, and as a single-time purchase too.

Is Affinity Designer better than CorelDRAW?

According to SoftwareAdvice Affinity Designer has 347 reviews and a rating of 4.73 / 5 stars vs CorelDRAW which has 1176 reviews and a rating of 4.5 / 5 stars.

After doing this side-by-side comparison of Affinity Designer and CorelDraw 2022 we say Corel Designer is better than Affinity Designer. Price really plays the main role when it comes to buying any software for your work and use.

With the help of CorelDraw’s different plans, you can get its services on a monthly and annual basis too. So it means you can get it whenever you want to do your work in any three or four months.

Do professionals use Affinity Designer Or CorelDraw?

It completely depends on the user choice, but most designers love to use CorelDraw as compared to Affinity designer.

Is Affinity Designer Better Than CorelDraw?

Yes, in many aspects, Affinity Designer is much better than CorelDraw. But still, designers prefer to use CorelDraw when it comes to graphic designing.