Ahrefs Pricing Plan

Ahrefs Pricing Plan 2022 – Buy Ahrefs With Best Plan

Ahrefs is an SEO software suite that contains many tools for keyword research, link-building, competitive analysis, rank-tracking, etc. It is a popular tool that people use to get a higher Google ranking. Most of the features of Ahrefs are designed for marketing professionals. It is giving some prime Ahrefs price plans to their users and professionals. So we are going to tell you all the important features and Ahrefs pricing plans for 2022 deeply.

How Much Does Ahrefs Cost? – All Ahrefs Pricing Plans

Basically, there are three main plans which are offered by Ahrefs. These plans are lite plan costs 99$ per month, standard plan costs 179$ per month, advance plan costs 399$ per month. Now let’s get to know about these plans in detail:

Ahrefs Lite Plans

This is the cheapest and beginning plan offered by Ahrefs. This plan is best for starters or you can say that people who are new in the digital market. This plan is suitable for a single website. In this beginning plan, you can get hundreds of great features, with the help of this plan you can improve the SEO efforts of your project. 

Top Features Of Ahrefs Lite Plan

All the significant features of Ahrefs lite plan are given below.

Users seat 1
Crawl credit per month10,000
Tracked keywords500
Update frequency7 days 
Domains per week175
Url per week 700
Rows per report10,000
Rows per month3 million
Historical data6 months
Reports per week350
Keyword list5
SERP per month100
Batch analysis25,000
Integration rows 50,000

Ahrefs Pricing Of Lite Plan

If you see other companies which are competitors of Ahrefs so they are charging huge amounts of these plans but on the other hand Ahrefs pricing plan is giving these plans at a cheap rate. They are giving a subscription per month. $99 per month.

Ahrefs Standard Plan 

This is the second plan which is offered by Aherfs. This plan is appropriate for brands, businesses, and marketing agencies. In the standard plan, there are millions of features such as recent index, historical index, broken pages, weekly alerts, etc.

Top Features Of Ahrefs Standard Plan

All the important features of Ahrefs standard plan are given below.

Users seats1
Crawl credit per month500,000
Tracking keywords 1500
Update frequency5 days
Domain per week 700
URL per week3500
Rows per report 30,000
Rows per month6 million
Historical data24 months
Reports per week 700
Keyword list50
SERP update per month1000
Batch analysis100,000
Integration rows300,000

Aherfs Standard Plan Pricing

In the market, Ahrefs is the only company that is giving Ahrefs pricing plan at a negotiable price and its users are taking benefit of this Ahrefs standard plan only on just $ 179 per month. So don’t be late and grab it as soon as possible.

Ahrefs Advance Plan

This is the third and last plan offered by Ahrefs. This plan is best for specialists and postmasters in digital marketing. In this advance plan, you will get unlimited features of advance Ahrefs and that too with standard plans features.

Top Features Of Ahrefs Advance Plan

All the prime features of Ahrefs advance plan are given below.

Users seat3
Crawl credit per month1.25 million
Tracked keywords5,000
Update frequency3 days 
Domain per week 1750
Url per week14,000
Rows per report 50,000
Rows per month20 million
Historical dataFull history
Reports per week 3500
Keyword list100
SERP updates per month5000
Batch analysis 400,000
Integration rows 1 million

Aherfs Advance Plan Pricing

The Ahrefs pricing plan is giving an advance plan of Ahrefs at a reasonable price of $ 399 per month.

Ahrefs Agency Plan

This plan is the latest and only for agencies, big organizations, and many big companies because they need to work at a high level and with millions of workers.

Top Features Of Ahrefs Agency Plan 

All the dominant features of Ahrefs agency plan are given below.

Users seat5
Crawl credit per month 2.5 million
Tracked keywords10,000
Update frequency3 days 
Domain per week7000
Url per week 35,000
Rows per report 100,000
Reports per month60 million
Historical data Full history
Reports per week 17,500
Keyword list 250
SERP updates per month20,000
Batch analysis1 million
Integration rows5 million

Ahrefs Pricing Plan For Agency Plan

Ahrefs is providing an agency plan for business organizations, and for agencies so that they can also have the benefit of the newly released  Ahrefs pricing plan of agency at $ 399 per month.

Is There Any Ahrefs Free Trial?

You can also have a trial account that will lead you to the standard plans or lite plans. If you are applying for a voucher code then you would not get this 7-day free trial.

All the important features of Ahrefs pricing plans have been mentioned above and categorized completely for newbies, specialists, or professionals and agencies and organizations. It has been made very easy for all users so that they can easily choose their plans on the basis of their requirements.

What are all Ahrefs pricing plans In 2022?

Ahrefs plans are divided into 4 major pricing plans: Lite, Standard, Advanced & Agency.

Which ahrefs plan is best for beginners?

Beginners can choose the 7 days Ahrefs trial at $7.