merits and demerits of mobile phone

Merits And Demerits Of Mobile Phone

In the present technological world, every single person is using mobile phones but they are not aware of the merits and demerits of mobile phone.

People use mobile phones for day-to-day activities but they are not aware of the advantages or disadvantages of mobile phones.

A mobile phone is a multimedia electronic device. It can be operated over a wide area without a physical connection to a network. It can be used for millions of the purposes such as connecting, entertaining, working, trading, earning, communicating, etc.

All Merits And Demerits Of Mobile Phone In 2022

Below we will talk about each and every advantage and disadvantage of mobile phones that you get with every mobile.

Merits of Mobile Phone 

Here is the list of merits of mobile phone 

  • Communication
  • Education 
  • Social media 
  • Helpful in emergency situations 
  • Entertainment 
  • Useful in bussiness


communication by phone

With the help of mobile phones, you can connect with anybody in this world. It is an easy way to communicate with your family members, friends, well-wishers, colleagues, business partners, and many more people around the globe. Even within seconds, you can talk to anyone in every corner of this world.


online education - best merit of mobile phone

During the pandemic, it has been proved that mobile phone has played a crucial role in the life of a student. All the students (especially school and college) are totally dependent on the online education platform. They are taking all their classes on their mobile phones and giving exams as well. This is not the only thing, there are other hundreds of things that can be done on mobile such as online courses, online tests, taking classes, connecting to teachers, learning concepts, etc. You can also learn new concepts with the fun with the help of mobile phones.

Social Media

social media - top advanatge of cell phone

In today’s era, mobile phones are a gift to social media lovers. Most people are fond of using social media applications on their mobile phones. There are thousands of social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, and many more which are used for creating personal accounts, making friends, connecting to people getting entertainment, expressing their opinions, posting posts, uploading photos, and videos and countless things by mobile phone.

Helpful For Safety In Emergency Situations

It has been seen that in emergency situations, cell phones can be useful. 

 For example- If your car is stuck or the broke down on a deserted road and you need help so the mobile phone is the first thing which you will use to call somebody so that you can easily get rid of that problem. This is not only one emergency situation but other situations too. So it is important for safety in difficult situations.


entertainment with mobile phone

Mobile phones are also used for entertainment as well. People love watching movies, videos, web- series, shows, drama, speeches, comedies, and countless things on mobile phones. Even you can also make videos and post them on your social media so that people can enjoy them. Therefore, It is also useful to get entertainment anywhere or anytime.

Useful In Business

promote your business with mobile phone

You must have seen that people are promoting their business on the online platform with the help of mobile phones. So that they can connect more people and promote their business among large numbers of people. They are also expanding their business on social media platforms like – Instagram marketing, E-mail marketing, website marketing, Facebook marketing, etc. Hence, you can say that mobile phones are playing a significant role in promoting and expanding business.

Demerits of Mobile phone

A list of demerits of mobile phone is given below:

  • Distraction 
  • Waste of money
  • Road accidents 
  • Health problems 
  • Cyberbullying 
  • Security Issue 

Distraction & Wastage Of time

Mobile phones are the biggest source of distraction and time-wasting. People are bent on wasting their time on a cell phone. Most of the students do not study the cause of mobile phones and keep on spending their valuable time playing games, using social media, watching videos consequently this is one of the top distractions in the life of a student.

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Waste Of Money

In the market, countless mobile phones are available which are extremely expensive and people spend a huge amount for buying them. In my opinion, they can save their amount and use it on other assets which will be useful for any alternative.

Road Accidents

Road accidents while using phone

By the National Road Authority, the report was released that due to mobile phones, millions of road accidents take place. People listen to songs with high sounds while walking, riding, driving on a road and they forget that they are on the road. Automatically lost in conversation, and unfortunately occur with any mishap.

Health problems

The statement was given by the International Health Organization is using a mobile phone can affect your eyes, skin hands, etc. It can also become a cause of cancer and a lot of other diseases that can affect your body and you will be facing many health problems.

Cyber Bullying And Security Issue

biggest demerit of mobile phone

Recently, The National Security Agency told that the personal information of users is leaked and hacked easily. This is the worst demerit of mobile phone. Your personal data like images, contact numbers, videos, documents, important files can be stolen from your handset. Subsequently, it is proved that this is the disadvantage of mobile phones. People are also threatened, intimated, extorted, black-mailed which is a kind of cyberbullying.


It totally depends on the user that how they are using mobile phones because it can be used to promote your business, entertainment, connecting to people, waste of money, road accidents, health problems, cyberbullying, etc.

Is mobile phone is beneficial in student Life?

The mobile phone can be useful in the life of a student for attending classes, giving exams, etc.

Is buying an expensive mobile phone is waste of money?

If you don’t have any quite strong reason to purchase an expensive mobile phone, then Yes, purchasing an expensive mobile phone is a totally waste of money.

How a mobile phone can be utilized in business?

You can use smart mobile phone for online marketing or promoting business.

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