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How many CorelDraw Versions are there? Latest Best CorelDraw Version 2021

We are discussing Best List CorelDraw’s latest Version 2021 and its benefits. Corel Corporation developed and marketed CorelDraw the best Vector Graphic Editor. The first version of CorelDraw was released in the year 1989. The first version is known as “CorelDraw 1.0”. Later on, after few years, version 3 and emerges with the milestone bundle of the CorelDraw. Overall 27 versions of the CorelDraw were released from 1989 to 2021.

From the first release to now the company make lots of changes and make its software more advance.

Which is the latest version of the CorelDraw?

Latest Version of CorelDRAW Graphic Suite

The latest version of the CorelDraw was released in March 2021. This one is the 23 version of CorelDraw. With lots of amazing changes and magnificent features. It includes different features that make your graphic editing more creative and mesmerizing for the viewers. Now the interface of the program is easy to manage whether you a beginner or professional user. The version is compatible with window 10. It includes:

How to install CorelDraw on Windows 10?

  • New Perspective Drawing
  • Multipage View
  • Pages Dockers/Inspector
  • Autofit Page
  • Adjustments Docker/Inspector
  • Replace Colors
  • Multi-Assets Export & Enhanced collaboration tools

CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2021 supports Windows, Mac, web, iPad, and other mobile devices according to today’s generation.

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List of Older CorelDraw Versions 2021

CorelDraw Release Date Version Windows Compatibility
January 1989 1 2.1
March 1989 1.01 2.1
April 1989 1.02 2.1
July 1989 1.10 2.1
Feb 1990 1.11 2.1
Sep 1991 2 3.0
15 May 1992 3 3.0, 3.1
20 May 1993 4 3.1
27 May 1994 5 3.1
24 Aug 1995 6 95
8 Oct 1997 7 95, NT 4
27 Oct 1997 8 95, NT 4
31 Aug 1999 9 95, 98, NT 4
13 Nov 2000 10 98, Me, NT 4, 2000
1 Aug 2002 11 98, Me, NT 4, 2000, XP
10 Feb 2004 12 2000, XP
17 Jan 2006 X3 (13) 2000, 2003, XP (32-bit, 64-bit), Vista (32-bit only) 7,8
22 Jan 2008 X4 (14) XP, Vista, 7.8
23 Feb 2010 X5 (15) XP, Vista, 7,8
20 Mar 2012 X6 (16) XP (32-bit only), Vista, 7,8
27 March 2014 X7 (17) 7, 8, 10*
15 March 2016 X8 (18) 7, 8, 10
11 April 2017 2017 (19) 7, 8, 10
10 April 2018 2018 (20) 7, 8, 10
12 March 2019 2019 (21) 7, 8, 10
12 March 2020 2020 (22) 1, 8.1, 10

Description Of CorelDraw Version

Older Version Of CorelDRAW

The Corel version is get innovated according to time and adds many new features according to the innovation.

Version 1.11 (1990)

The first version of the CorelDraw includes support to import/export AutoCAD DXF added for working 2D & 3D Designs. It includes many old version features like 102 new fonts, WFN Format, IBM PIF file Format Support, backup on save and draw a rectangle from their center.

Version 2 (1991)

The version of CorelDraw includes envelope tools for merging the text files with graphic files and printing the results.  It added more excellent features like a blend for morphing shapes, Extrusion, and perspectives tools for distorting and blending objects and shapes.

Version 3 (1992)

This one is the bundle version of the CorelDraw that includes different programs. Each program provides you a better quality feature that helps you to create a masterpiece. The CorelDRAW All-In-One Graphic Suite Includes:-

  • Corel Photo-Paint ASP (Bitmap editing)
  • CorelSHOW (Creating on-screen presentations)
  • CorelCHART (Graphic charts)
  • Mosaic and CorelTRACE (Vectorizing bitmaps)

Version 4 (1993)

In the previous bundle, the company add new software and make it a unique choice for the users. Because it includes different features. But in the version of 1993, it adds more new qualities and is loved by many graphic editors due to the new features like:-

  • CorelMOVE (For Animation)
  • Multi-Page Capabilities
  • Powerlines
  • Support For Graphic Tablets
  • Clone Tools
  • Elastic Node Editing
  • Envelope Tools

Version 5 (1994)

This one is the last version which was made for window 3.x. It includes the Corel Ventura in the suite. The software is designed for desktop publishing to page maker, Quark Xpress, or InDesign.

Version 6 (1995)

Version 6 of CorelDRAW is the first form designed for 32-Bit Windows. It includes many valuable features like-

  • customizable interface
  • Corel Memo
  • Corel Presents
  • Knife and Eraser tools
  • Corel Motion 3D
  • Corel Depth
  • Polygon, Spiral
  • Corel Multimedia Manager
  • Corel Font Master and Corel DREAM (for 3D modeling)

Version 7 (1996)

In each updated version of Coreldraw, it contains many amazing qualities. The qualities of CorelDraw version 7 are:-

  • Context-sensitive Property bar,
  • Print Preview with Zoom and Pan options
  • Scrapbook (for viewing drag-and-dropping graphic objects)
  • Publish to HTML
  • Draft and Enhanced display options
  • Interactive Fill and Blend tools
  • Transparency tools
  • Natural Pen tool
  • Find & Replace wizard
  • Convert Vector to Bitmap option (inside Draw)
  • Spell checker
  • Thesaurus, and Grammar checker

Version 8 (1997)

It includes all the features mentioned in the above-mentioned version with many more new features. The version 8 suite includes:-

  • Digger selection
  • Docker windows
  • Interactive Distortion
  • 3D Envelope and tools
  • Realistic Drop shadow tool
  • interactive color mixing
  • color palette editor
  • guidelines as objects
  • custom-sized pages
  • duotone support

Version 9 (1999)

The new piece of its version includes many more different features. Get the best function:-

  • Mesh fill tool (for complex color filling)
  • Artistic Media tool
  • Publish to PDF features
  • embedded ICC color profiles
  • Multiple On-screen Color Palettes
  • Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications 6 support

Version 10 (2000)

It provides you best collection of multiple graphic designing software

  • A.V.E. (for vector animation)
  • Perfect Shapes
  • Web graphics tools (for creating interactive elements such as buttons)
  • Page sorter
  • multilingual document support
  • navigator window
  • Open, save, import, and export in SVG format

Version 11 (2002)

In the CorelDraw Version 11, you will get to know about the many more new features-

  • Symbols library
  • image slicing (for web design)
  • pressure-sensitive vector brushes
  • 3-point drawing tools

Version 12 (2004)

  • Dynamic guides
  • Smart Drawing tools
  • Export to MS Office or Word option
  • Virtual Segment Delete tool
  • Unicode text support

Version X3 (2006)

This one is the first vector software in this you will get a new tracing called Corel PowerTRACE. It converts the bitmaps into vector graphics. It filled with the many more other qualities-

  • Double click the Crop tool
  • Smart fill tool
  • Chamfer/Fillet/Scallop/Emboss tool
  • Image Adjustment Lab

Version 4 Or X4 (2008)

The software is updated with the “Live Text Formatted”. You will get a live preview of the text before applying them. In this combination, you will get many other features like interactive Tables, Camera Raw,  Support 300 cameras, independent page layers, Conceptshare, etc.

CorelDRAW 2010 Version 5 Or X5

The software was released in 2010 February. In this, you will get the best graphic designing software with the trusted illustration and design software. The further additional features are:-

  • Built-in content organizer (CorelConnect)
  • CD, web graphics, and animation tools
  • multi-core performance improvement
  • digital content (professional fonts, clip arts, and photos)
  • object hinting
  • pixel view
  • enhanced Mesh tool with transparency options
  • added touch support
  • new supported file formats

X6 Version of CorelDraw

This one is the advanced OpenType Support and it includes four creative vector shaping and tools. With this, you will get the refining vector objects of Smear, Twirl, & attracts/repels.

CorelDRAW 2014 Version X7

The X7 version of the CorelDRAW provides you a combination of the best quality features. In this you will get quick customization, fountain fills, font Playground. It includes new features of aligning and distribute dockers. With this, you can place and position the object on the place. Now you can create QR Codes by adding text, colors, and images.

CorelDraw X8 Version 2016

The software provides you the best Ultra HD 4K Displays and real-time stylus support. It carries a bunch of photo-editing features. You can select adjacent nodes on curves by using the shape tool. Add the realistic effects and drop shadow with feathered edges.

CorelDRAW 2017 Version

The software is updated with new features like Customize curve preview, editing, live sketch tools, custom nodes shapes, & interactive sliders. It provides you with tablet support features that make it easy to sketch and adjust. This gives you the entire new features of vector designs of life with the AI Intelligence call neural networks.

CorelDRAW 2018 Version

The 2018 version is released with many new bunches of additional features. It provides many new features of symmetry drawing mode, block shadow tools, Impact Tools, Pointillizer Effect, PhotoCockTail Effects.

Conclusion- CorelDRAW Versions

With CorelDRAW, you can create logos, illustrations, templates, Print Industry, In this, you will get the best and easy-to-manage interface. The latest version CorelDRAW Graphic Suite is one of the fine choices for beginners and professional users.

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