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How To Delete Facebook Dating Profile 2024?

Did you have created your dating profile on Facebook and now want to delete it due to your current relationship? If yes then here is the easiest way to delete Facebook dating profiles in 2024. We have included the simple and easy-to-follow steps by which anyone will be able to delete dating profile on Facebook instantly. So without any time here let’s get to the point now.

How To Delete Facebook Dating Profile?

There are some steps that you have to follow one by one to delete dating profile on Facebook.

  1. First, open Facebook application on your device
  2. Open the main menu 
  3. Tap the three horizontal bars in the right corner
  4. Choose the option of dating
  5. Open the setting menu 
  6. Press the General tab
  7. Select delete profile from the account menu 
  8. Give a reason for deleting your profile permanently after that press next 
  9. Select delete profile with all the data connected with it.
  10. Select the last option to delete the profile, and confirm it.

This is the general way by which you can delete a dating profile on Facebook permanently. So if you have any problem following or understanding these steps then you can also read the guidelines provided by Facebook to deactivate Facebook dating account.

How To Disable Facebook Dating Profile On Android?

Disable Facebook Dating Profile On Android

To delete Facebook dating profile on Android devices you can follow the steps we are providing here.

  • Go to Facebook page 
  • Tap on 3 horizontal bar in the bottom right corner of your screen. 
  • Tap setting in the top right 
  • Go to the general option and scroll down
  • Tap delete profile 
  • Tap delete 

By following these stages you can effortlessly delete your Facebook dating profile. If you delete dating profile once you will not be able to see your conversations, likes, matches, and data related to your profile.

Note:- Once you delete dating profile on Facebook you will not be able to create a new profile for seven days.

Disable Facebook Dating Account Permanently 

If you disable dating profile Facebook permanently then you will not able be to use this account in the future.  You will also lose all the data and not be able to see any activity on your profile. So if you are thinking to delete Facebook dating profile then you must think about it first clearly.

Can I Delete My Facebook Dating Account Without Using Password?

Unfortunately, there is no option on Facebook to delete your dating profile without password. You will need the password to delete dating profile on Facebook otherwise you will not be able to deactivate your Facebook dating profile easily. However, if you have forgotten your Facebook account password then you have to set a new password through an OTP you will receive on the registered mobile number or Email address.

How Much Time Will It Take To Delete A Facebook Dating Profile?

It will not take more than two minutes to delete Facebook dating account. You just have to open your Facebook account on your device and follow the necessary above steps to deactivate your dating profile on Facebook.

What Happens If I Remove My Profile From Facebook Dating?

If you remove your profile then you lose your profile data such as your dating answers, matches, likes, conversations, and unlucky these are all your personal data. You also will not be able to recover any of these data files because it is not recoverable according to the Facebook community guidelines.

How To Get Facebook Dating Back After Deleting?

Yes, you can recover your deleted Facebook dating account with the help of the cache of your account. So if you want to get your deactivated FB account then here are the steps here.

  •  Go to the Facebook main page 
  •  Tap the same horizontal bar, where the Fb used to be
  •  Select view your profile option
  •  In the top right corner, there is a half-shaded heart
  •  Now you are back with your Fb dating
How Long Can You Be Banned From Facebook Dating?

According to the guidelines of Facebook, you can be banned from the Facebook dating minimum for a couple of hours to a maximum of upto 21 days. If you have delete Facebook dating profile once then you can not create a new dating profile for at least one week after that you can make a new dating profile.

How Do I Enable Facebook Dating?
  • Open the Facebook app
  • Go to the main menu 
  • Tap dating 
  • Click get started
  • By following this, you can enable your Facebook dating.

All the ways and steps have been mentioned in the above article and now I hope you are familiar with how to delete dating profile on Facebook and how you can reactivate your dating profile too. So whether you have an Android device or an iPhone you can easily remove Facebook dating profile from your account in 2024.

Can You Change Your Name On Facebook Dating?

Unlucky you cannot change your name, age, and some details on Facebook dating profile.

What Does It Mean When It Says This Person’s Dating Profile Is No Longer Available?

This person’s dating profile is no longer available. It means that there can an error or the profile is being upgraded thus it is being shown.

Why Does My Facebook Not Have Dating Feature?

There can be two reasons behind it either you are not using the official Facebook application or you must be under 18.