Difference between TikTok and YouTube

Difference between TikTok And YouTube 2022 – Who Wins

If I would ask you the difference between TikTok and YouTube then your answer shall according to the platform that you use. TikTok has gained massive popularity since its launch where YouTube is the all-time best video platform among creators.

TikTok comes up with short viral videos with different edit features. It turned into a tough fight between YouTube and TikTok when YouTube Shorts was developed. Where YouTube has more than 2.5 billion users, the TikTok app has more than 315 million downloads from App Store & Play Store.

So, what’s the actual difference between YouTube & TikTok? Well, with this article we are going to see that which platform is beneficial for a video creator.

What Is TikTok?

TikTok is a type of social media platform that was launched in 2016. The Chinese app has more than 1 billion Play Store downloads & more than 35 million on App Store.

The app allows users to share and discover the short videos which users can create by dancing, singing, funny videos by adding special filters & effects for free. This is one of the best apps for getting fame on the internet by just creating some 2-3 minutes of video.

The TikTok app is available for both Android & iOS devices.

What Is YouTube?

I don’t think you must want to know what is YouTube which is the most popular & well-known video platform. YouTube was launched in 2005, in the US and is now owned by Google.

The platform allows the users to make video content by signing up for the channel creating a YouTube channel for free known as YouTubers. However, you can even watch the video content of other people, enjoy live streaming, and watch the latest songs, & videos online and valuable content. YouTube is the second-largest social media platform after Facebook.

YouTube is available for all the major operating devices.

how is tiktok different from youtube?

TikTok vs YouTube 2022
Basis YouTubeTikTok
Best ForEducation, Entertainment, Influencing Videos, MarketingEntertainment & Marketing
Video Length Limit
  • 15 minutes default
  • Up to 12 hrs. with registered accounts


Up to 3 minutes
ShareabilityDirect share link or downloadDownload & share on social media
Watch Live VideosYesNot available
Copyright ProtectionYesNo
Video Search OptionAvailableNot available
Video Editing SkillsRequires special video editing skills for music, video effects in videosNo need to have any video editing skills
Career OptionGood career optionJust for entertainment
Free AccountFreeTotally free
Monetization AvailableYesNo

YouTube has recently launched YouTube Shorts to give competition to TikTok & Instagram reels. However, it is currently under the beta version and is only for entertainment.

Like TikTok & have Instagram Reels you don’t need to have special editing skills as you inbuilt editing options.

tikTok vs youtube difference in Users – Which Has More Users?

Well, Youtube vs TikTok both of the highly popular video platforms have users from around the world.

TikTok has more than 689 million active users from across the globe as of June 2021 and is ranked 7th in the most used social network in the world.

Talking about YouTube then it has a massive fan following with more than 2.1 billion active worldwide users.

Good Video Platform difference between youtube and tikTok

TikTok is a great video platform that allows users to upload or record up to 3 minutes of video content. The app is made for fun, refreshment, enjoyment only.

YouTube is the biggest video search engine to watch and share knowledgeable, helpful entertainment videos. It allows up to 15 minutes of videos to be shared, however, by registering the account you can upload 128GB files or 12 hours of video.

Both are good video platforms and it all depends on the users and the type & motive of the video.

However, you have to use some video editing platforms for YouTube to edit your videos. Use Cyberlink Coupon Code 2022 to get a great discount on this video editing software.

How To Use TikTok and YouTube to Make Money?

TikTok is for only entertainment purposes and the app doesn’t offer any monetization option. However, there are different ways to earn money with Tik Tok.

If you have a big audience on TikTok you can promote some business or products even use TikTok for business. Another way is to sell your TikTok account and make money.

YouTube is a great source of income as the company offers monetization options to YouTubers. You just have to create your YouTube channel and start creating unique and good content that users should watch with at least 1000+ subscribers. Once you started gaining a good number of views and likes you will start earning from YouTube based on your videos watch time and other factors.

YouTube is also used for promoting businesses, products & services.

That means if you are looking for a source of income, you can go with YouTube because it has a monetization option. However, I don’t recommend you give your full energy on YouTube by not doing anything else for a living. YouTube or TikTok can be another way of an income if you succeed in gaining the attention of the viewers.

Best YouTube and TikTok Similarities

YouTube and TikTok have many dissimilarities, though both have some similarities also. YouTube & TikTok has some common that are mentioned below.

  • Both of the video platforms allow the user to watch the video content of another user.
  • You can create videos and share them on both of these video platforms.
  • Tiktok videos are for entertainment and YouTube videos can be made for entertainment purposes.
  • Both these platforms are free to use.
  • YouTube and TikTok have millions of users.

These are some of the YouTube and Tiktok similarities that you will get in both of these most popular video platforms.

Difference Between TikTok vs YouTube – Final Conclusion

To sum up, Tik and YouTube both are good in their video niche and the matter of fact is that YouTube is widely used platform than any other. TikTok is for enjoyment. YouTube is for all-rounded videos.

However, YouTube has developed a YouTube Shorts beta version that will be very similar to that of Tiktok and Instagram reels which is a setback to give direct competition to TikTok.

As of now by using TikTok many people have become famous and got fame with this app.

So, I hope you got to know everything about TikTok and YouTube and their similarities and dissimilarities.

TikTok and YouTube – FAQs

Is TikTok better than YouTube?

It’s clear, TikTok gains more popularity in a short period of time over YouTube. And become a leading video platform for creators.

Should I post on YouTube or TikTok?

You become popular fast, then it is advisable to publish your video on both YouTube and TikTok platform. Both have their own different audiences.

Is Tik Tok available on the Play Store?

TikTok is available for the users on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. However, in 2020 the Indian Government has banned the Chinese app Tik Tok after some border clashes providing the statement in regards to sovereignty and integrity. That is why TikTok is not available on the Play Store in India.

Which country uses Tik Tok the most?

Tik Tok is a widely used app in Indonesia, Brazil, the US, Russia, Japan with millions of active monthly users.

How many YouTube channels are there?

YouTube is one of the biggest Video search engines. With over 31 million YouTube channels, it is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google.

Who owns YouTube now?

YouTube was purchased by Google for some $1.65 billion in 2006. Google has purchased after the failure of the video service named Google Video that was unable to generate the traffic and does compete against YouTube.

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