Exitlag VS ExpressVPN 2022 – Which One You Should Buy

In the world of VPN, there is a war between Exitlag vs ExpressVPN. The comparison between these two is highly demanded. Both of them provide valuable features at such a low price. They both help us to provide advanced-level security & fast internet speed. In this Exitlag vs ExpressVPN article, you will know everything about them. This will help you to understand which is best for you to use. They both are counted as the best VPN for streaming & gaming.

Exitlag VS ExpressVPN – Comparison (Which One You Should Choose)?

Exitlag VPNExpressVPN
This VPN is only meant for gaming. It helps to avoid the game from lagging when there is sudden network issue.It is the most secure & fast VPN. It helps in various aspects of internet activities & provides us extra security.
Mutipath Connections160 server locations
FPS Boost IP Address Masking
Worldwide Servers Content from anywhere
Clean User InterfaceAnonymous Browsing
Multi Internet ConnectionPrivate DNS

Exitlag VPN (Secure & Anonymous VPN)

Exitlag is the best VPN for torrenting & gaming. Exitlag ensures that you will not get lagged while gaming. It has servers that are specialized in routing game packets. You can have the best lag-free & fast gaming experience. The Exitlag unique features can easily boost your game speed. It has a specialized network of servers that helps in unlocking geo-restrictions.

Features of Exitlag VPN

  • Multipath Connection: Your internet connection packets are transferred through different routes to ensure data delivery.
  • FPS Boost: Best android VPN for generating the highest FPS possible while gaming.
  • Worldwide Servers: It has servers located throughout the world with high efficiency.
  • Clean User Interface: The VPN provides a clean user interface that is easy to use & learn.
  • Multi-Internet Connection: It provides the 2 internet connections in case 1 connection is not working properly so that you don’t face any problems while gaming. This Windows VPN can enhance your gaming experience at least 3 times.

ExpressVPN (Best Reliable & Fast VPN)

ExpressVPN is the best VPN in the market that provides the fastest internet speed for any task you want to perform. We have done some research and read about this topic on Exitlag vs ExpressVPN Reddit article. ExpressVPN is the market’s leading brand which is known for its high-speed internet. It also provides its ExpressVPN coupon code to make its deals affordable for its users.

The biggest advantage of ExpressVPN is that it supports multiple platforms which means it is the best VPN for iPhone, windows, android, etc. The features are unique & come at a very low price.

Features Of ExpressVPN 

  • Kill Switch: ExpressVPN comes with the kill switch feature which helps in killing the internet connection when you suddenly got disconnected from the server.
  • Servers: it has 3500+ servers in 60 countries which are known for their high internet speed.
  • Geo-Unlocking: You can easily able to watch your favorite content from anywhere in the world.
  • Best Encryption: ExpressVPN has military-grade with AES 256-bit encryption.
  • IP Masking: ExpressVPN is best at hiding your IP address & provides you with the best DNS hiding also.

Exitlag VS ExpressVPN –  Pricing

Exitlag VPNExpressVPN
6-months plan for $5.836-months plan for $9.99
3-months plan for $6.1715-months plan for $6.67

Which VPN Has The Best Alternatives – Exitlag VS ExpressVPN

Like Exitlag there are various other VPN that is the same. Their function is also similar to that of Exitlag & ExpressVPN. The VPN we are providing as an alternative to Exitlag & ExpressVPN has similar features. These are mentioned below with their features:

NoPing Tunnel

It is an alternative for Exitlag VPN. It is software that provides you with the lowest ping while playing. It helps in providing a continuous internet connection with its multi-connection technology.


It has the best internet connectivity with the help of WAN optimization techniques which provides the lowest ping possible.


NordVPN is the best alternative for ExpressVPN & Exitlag VPN. It costs much lower than ExpressVPN & provides similar features as ExpressVPN. You can also check the Exitlag vs NordVPN comparison for more clarity.


It is the best alternative for ExpressVPN in terms of security. It is a Sweden-based company that follows the strict no-log policy.

Conclusion – Which Is Better Exitlag VS ExpressVPN?

Both the VPN services are best in the

Based on your choice you have to decide for yourself which is best suitable for you. One of these VPN is best for gaming & another is an all-rounder. The fight between Exitlag vs ExpressVPN provides us an idea about which is better for you according to the tasks you perform. 

Exitlag VPN is a budget-friendly VPN that easily fits into someone’s budget. But ExpressVPN costs high but it is an all-rounder VPN that has all the aspects of a VPN. ExpressVPN is best for those who perform all the tasks by using the VPN like Gaming, torrenting, and streaming & for Windows. But Exitlag VPN is best for only gaming & streaming. It has a high-speed internet connection to its servers mainly meant for gaming which provides low ping. 

Is Exitlag the Same As VPN?

Yes, Exitlag is a VPN that acts as security between you & your gaming server & provides security plus low ping while gaming.

Is Exitlag Worth It For Gaming?

Yes, Exitlag is a completely worthy VPN service for gaming. Its super fast server and amazing streaming capability make it number 1 in the race.