Exitlag VS NordVPN 2022 – Features, Pricing & Comparison

The most awaited comparison between Exilag vs NordVPN is here. Both of them are the best VPN services in their field of work. You should check Exitlag vs NordVPN Reddit article for the hype we get on this topic. Both of them come with amazing features at a very cheap rate. But the thing is that Exitlag is best only for gaming.

Exitlag provides multiple connections due to its help in the uninterrupted connection while gaming. NordVPN is an all-rounder VPN that can perform various tasks online like torrenting, streaming & Android. It is best for security reasons whereas Exitlag ensures lag-free & highly consistent gameplay.

Exitlag VS NordVPN – Comparison Which One is Better for what reason?

Exitlag VPNNordVPN
It is the best low-ping VPN for gaming as it has specialized servers only for gaming.It is the most reliable & affordable VPN which is best for performing any task on the internet.
It has the worldwide servers It has 5400+ servers
FPS Boost IP Address Masking
Clear User InterfaceAnonymous Browsing
Multipath ConnectionPrivate IP & DNS 

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Exitlag VPN ( Superfast & Low Ping VPN For Gaming )

Exitlag is an amazing VPN for torrenting & one of the best outcomes of the fight between Exitlag vs NordVPN. This VPN has servers worldwide which ensures that you will not get lagged while playing the game. It also has specialized servers which help in unlocking the geo-restriction. The Exitlag also can easily provide a boost to your game’s FPS. Some of the features of the Exitlag are mentioned below;

  • Fast Internet: Exitlag has unique servers which provide a fast internet connection by using its ISP the user.
  • Multiple Connection: The Exitlag has another unique feature that helps in providing multiple server connections which ensures that the game can be continuously played without any internet lag.
  • FPS Boost: This is the best windows VPN for gaming only that’s why it has the ability or technology to boost your game FPS.
  • Worldwide Servers: The Exitlag has servers located worldwide which makes it the best VPN for low ping.
  • Clean User Interface: It has a clean user interface & its application is easy to use & can be learned by anyone.

NordVPN ( Best Reliable & Secure VPN For Anything ) 

The most reliable & affordable VPN in the world of VPN is NordVPN. This VPN got popularity for its highly secure servers that provide security against cyber attacks. NordVPN is the best android VPN & helps in completing various online tasks. It offers many features like a kill switch and 5400 + servers. You can also use the NordVPN coupon code to minimize your purchase amount. NordVPN vs Exitlag helped us to understand this topic very much. And also helped in deciding which is best for us. Some of the best features of the NordVPN are mentioned below:

  • Kill Switch: It is the coolest feature of NordVPN which helps us to save our data from cyber attacks. Kill switch helps to kill the internet connection when we suddenly get disconnected from the server.
  • No-Log Policy: NordVPN follows the strict no-log policy which ensures that the data of the users remain safe & cannot be shared with anyone.
  • Supports Multiple Connections: NordVPN allows you to connect up to 6 devices at a time. This simply means it is the best VPN for iPhone, Windows, Android, etc.
  • Servers: NordVPN has 5400+ servers to choose from. These so many servers make it easy for it to unblock the geo-restriction.
  • Encryption: It has military-grade encryption that is it has AES 256-bit encryption for your security.

Exitlag VS NordVPN – Pricing (Which one is affordable)?

Exitlag VPNNordVPN
6-month plan for $5.831 year plan for $4.99/month
3-month plan for $6.672 year plan for $3.29/month

Which Is Better Exitlag VS NordVPN?

The article about Exitlag vs NordVPN teaches us a lot about their differences & similarities. Both VPN are budget-friendly. But one of them is meant for gaming and another is an all-rounder. The All-Rounder VPN is not available at low prices but they have all the features that one can think of. Based on the choice of task you want to perform you should find yourself which VPN is best for you.

NordVPN offers you all-rounder services at a very low price. And Exitlag VPN offers the best gaming experience by using multi-connection technology that provides you with a continuous internet connection without any connection cut-off. Both of them are powerful in terms of features & services. If you are only here for gaming then you should go after the Exitlag VPN. But if you are after the all-rounder & cheap VPN then you should opt for NordVPN.

Best Alternatives – Exitlag vs NordVPN

The context of Exitlag vs NordVPN provides us with the best information about them. But there are many other VPN available which have the same specs & price. We can say that the VPN that we are comparing in this article may have alternatives. Some of them are mentioned below with their features.


ProtonVPN is the best VPN in terms of security & it is also an all-rounder VPN whose parent company is swiss-based. It can be the best alternative for NordVPN.


This is also a good alternative to NordVPN because of its all-rounder use. It is available in a desktop application.


It is the best alternative for the Exitlag VPN because it is also meant for gaming only. It also has the feature of a multipath connection.

Is NordVPN Safe?

Yes, we are talking about the best security provider in the world of VPN. NordVPN provides various features for security.

Is Exitlag Worth It For Gaming?

Yes, if you are only here for using the VPN for gaming then Exitlag could be the best choice for you.